It's been a week since that heart-stopping, momentous victory and it's still awe-inspiring how a mere avid, gung ho follower like me ended up being a Sole Sister. One thing is certain though, it wouldn't have been possible if not for the people - family, friends and even strangers - who believed in my intense desire to realize this dream.

I am deeply grateful.


It's as if it was only recently that I had a serendipitous discovery about Sole Sisters in Cebu Pacific Smile magazine on my flight home from my Calaguas Island trip. You know how in every trip, ending it always leaves a burning hole in the heart? Reading that article felt like a time bomb exploded inside of me! I admired their courage and the kind of life they live. They were going for what gave meaning to their lives, making things happen for them – chasing their passion!

Amazing how a seemingly ordinary incident can lead to a milestone! Reading their story flared up my hope which turned into courage to quit my post in a multi-national advertising agency and go after my dreams of doing the things I love - makeup artistry and traveling. I had no idea how I could make the latter a major part of my lifestyle – until the search happened.

Lois & Newest Sole Sister Madz

After much anticipation, I finally got to meet one of the women who I look up to, Sole Sister Lois. Boy, did I get nervous! But the moment she flashed her big, warm smile, I knew I was in for great things ahead. I'm not just talking about the upcoming travels but also about the things I will soak up being around a remarkable person. I am thrilled to be having a mentor, a travel buddy and a friend all in one petite package that is Lois.

As for me, I hope not only to share crazy, fun, meaningful adventures and practical travel tips but also to fulfill my self-pledge to be a "Waker".


Watch this awesome video made with love from Hari ng Lakbay of our first meeting:

Excited for things to come,
Sole Sister Madz

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26 Responses so far.

  1. markyramonego says:

    Looks like you two have great chemistry together as Sole Sisters. Well deserving of Madz and congrats. Yey, I smell another sole sisters loooong backpacking trip coming soon again.

  2. BB of Calaguas says:

    Way to go Madz! More adventure trips, more fun!

  3. Congratulations, Madz! Looking forward to reading about your adventures.:)

  4. Joann says:

    congratulations Madz! We'll be looking forward for more inspiring posts =)

  5. Woot, congratulations! :D

  6. the food dude says:

    Way to go Madz! Can't wait to read your new travel adventures! Congratulations!

  7. Nurse-issistic Travels says:

    congratulations madz! can't wait to see that chemistry going...

  8. madz rausa says:

    Thanks! :D We are cooking up something, maybe not a looooooong backpacking trip but something REALLY exciting.

  9. Thanks! :D We are cooking up something, maybe not a looooooong backpacking trip but something REALLY exciting.

  10. Thank you, guys! :) I wonder which BB is this. Tere? Angel? Haha!

  11. madzrausa says:

    Thanks! :D We are cooking up something, maybe not a loooong backpacking trip but something REALLY exciting.

  12. madzrausa says:

    Thank you! :) I wonder which BB is this, Tere? Angel? Haha!

  13. madzrausa says:

    Thank you!

  14. madzrausa says:

    Thanks! Glad to know that I stirred something in your heart. :)

  15. madzrausa says:

    Thanks, Gerry!

  16. madzrausa says:


  17. madzrausa says:

    Thanks! Likewise, I'm as excited as you!

  18. Justin Queyquep says:

    It was nice meeting you Madz. Hope to see you soon. Again, congratulations!

  19. madzrausa says:

    Thanks! It was fun hanging out with you guys.
    Thanks for the video! Really nice!

  20. Sky Summer says:

    Well deserve Madz! Hope we meet you and Lois in the future. :)

  21. weRsolesisters says:

    Look forward to meeting you as well!!!

  22. weRsolesisters says:

    Awesome vid Justin! Grabe we want to hire you na. Can we pay first in free trips? haha

  23. weRsolesisters says:

    Haha how can you tell Marky? Hope we bump into you on the road soon!

  24. Congratulations Madz!
    I'm a big fan of Sole Sisters. Meeting you girls is on my bucket list. I hope i'll be able to attend your Travel Talk someday! =)

  25. madzrausa says:

    Thanks! :) Why don't you join us at Passion Play workshop in November?
    We'd love to meet you, too. Just holler if you see us around!

  26. That wasnt me deary! I think I know who made that comment... Im 75% sure its Mike. Congrats Madz! Cant wait to travel with you again!

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