Vote for Your Favorite Sole Sister Finalist!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Last week you got to know all 3 Sole Sister finalists: Madz, Jen and Lauren. You've commented who's your favorite. Now you will get to cast your vote!


1 Read the finalists' profiles on the website here.

Search for the Next Sole Sister

2 View the finalists' videos on the Sole Sisters facebook page: I asked the ladies to create a creative video to answer the question: "How do I make travel possible for myself and for others?" Click on the photo to see videos.

Madz Video
Click image to view Madz's video 

Jen Video
Click image to view Jen's video

Lauren Video
Click image to view Lauren's video 

3 Vote for your favorite by going to our facebook page or clicking the image below:

Vote for the Next Sole Sister

Voting is open from Sept 4-25, 2012.

It's as simple as that. Thanks for helping us pick the next Sole Sister! You're not just helping us choose another fun, fearless female traveler but you're helping improve the Sole Sisters community.
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3 sole trails

  1. Some people are finding it difficult to vote, myself included & I am pretty computer literate.
    It seems when you do vote - it does not let you know that you actually have voted & link you back to your site... Is this something that can be looked into?
    Hopefully it's not just me...!

  2. voted! good luck to you gals and congrats in advance to the one who'll be picked =)


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