What to Wear at the Airport: Chic

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shorts or pants? Comfy shoes or heels? Dress or skirt?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right outfit while traveling. How do I dress for the weather? How do I make sure I stay warm on the plane ride? 

Can I still feel comfy and look great at the same time? 

I usually opt for more practical, comfy clothes like pants and a shirt. But I couldn't help but stare at the glamorous looking women who look so travel ready in their most chic outfit. So I've asked a group of  female traveler friends about how to look your best while at the airport.

Comfy or Chic?

I've posed this question to these women and this is part 2 of their responses. You can check out the first article on Comfy Airport Style. This time, we hear from 5 girls who prefer to look chic while traveling:

Chic Airport Wear: Catherine Iblan

I love wearing dresses that make me look very feminine and amazing on pictures! It's literally cooler that way. I always bring a versatile item which is my sarong. You can wear it as a dress. And when you're at the beach, you can use it as a blanket to lie on or a towel to dry you off!

Catherine Iblan of Seeking Felicity

Chic Airport Wear: Astrid Zoe Reburiano

I love dressing up for a flight! I used to work at an events company that held conferences in Southeast Asia. My boss gave one important tip: Always look presentable when riding a plane. It doesn't necessarily mean wearing the latest fashion trend. It should just make you look like you're a trustworthy person. He believes it helps while you go through immigration. So, on our event trips I usually go for:

a) Comfortable closed shoes:  whether it's a pair of ankle boots or soft ballet flats, the footwear must be easy to remove during the scans but still matches your outfit.

b) Black jacket: the airport is a cold place. I have low tolerance to cold weather so I make sure I wear a jacket. Make it a black one to achieve the smart casual look.

c) Jeans: I don't like bringing jeans in my luggage since they're heavy so I wear them while my skirts are packed for the trip.

d) Comfy top: be it lace, sleeveless or whatever style that matches my mood.

For vacation trips around the Philippines, I make it more casual and basic but still have my boss's advice in mind:

Chic Airport Wear: Astrid Zoe Reburiano2

a) Denim shorts: comfy and definitely versatile. This is what I usually wear for the majority of my trips around the country.

b) Plain tee: Basic colored or white tee to match the shorts. I prefer V-necks over round ones.

c) Sandals or ballet flats: I still go for a good and functional pair of shoes to match the whole outfit. I try to avoid flipflops.

d) Scarf: scarves are a great alternative to jackets. They can brighten any outfit and accentuate my basic tee. That's my way of looking presentable!

Astrid Zoe Reburiano of Starfish Travels

Chic Airport Wear: MJ Madriano

There’s a perfect balance between looking chic yet comfy- and that is the style principle I adhere to when traveling. Basically, I dress in layers that are easy to take off or wear. And here’s the airport uniform that has served me well:

Chic Airport Wear: MJ Madriano2

Maxi-dresses are the easiest – you instantly look polished with a carefree, stylish “vacation” vibe but it still provides the right amount of coverage and flexibility. If I need to bring jeans, I bring one in a dark shade with stretch material and wear them in transit. It has to fit well so I don't need to wear a belt. For footwear, I go for easy slip on sandals or boots so I could wear socks and not go barefoot while going through airport security. I also bring a jacket to ward off the arctic chill in the airport and on the plane. Finally, a scarf and oversized shades add style to my outfit!

Mj Maranion of Lakwatserong Bayong 

Chic Airport Wear: Brenna Bustamante

My style at the airport greatly depends on the destination. I like looking prepared for the specific destination. When I'm traveling to domestic destinations, I dress more casually, but still chic. I'll dress beach style - shorts, slippers, tube tops, dresses when flying locally. However, when traveling to international destinations, I find I'm like most other people - out to impress. After all, I have to make sure I look at least half my age when I'm at the airport. 

Brenna Bustamante of Philippine Travelogue 

Chic Airport Wear: Izah Morales

Whenever I travel abroad, I make it a point to wear my best. I make an effort to dress up like wearing a trench coat and boots. I want to look my best whenever I face the immigration at the airport so they would be kind enough to let me go through quickly.

Izah Morales of Tripadora

It's great to learn more about dressing up and having a ball while at the airport from these 5 stylish women! If you want more travel fashion tips, check out Brenna's guide on How to Dress Like  A Local While Traveling.

What's YOUR airport style? Comfy or chic? 

Facing those fashion challenges head on,
Sole Sister Lois
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  1. As a Canadian living in Australia, when I travel, it's long haul flights so comfort is the key. When I was younger, it was all about the black slim yoga pants, tshirt and hoodie. Now that I'm older (and no longer a student!), I want to look a bit more stylish. Last year I perfected my travelling outfit....comfy cotton dress, leggings, boots, long cardigan and a scarf/pashmina. Leggings keep me covered but allow me to curl up in airplane seats and stay modest; the boots I can slip on and off for security or on the plane and the scarf/pashmina/cardigan to keep me warm on the plane. The first time I wore this I happened to get upgraded so it's become my outfit of choice....just in case!

  2. Wow! What a great tip Sarah! I'll be sure to try that on my next flight. Fingers crossed that I'll also get upgraded like you did. Thanks for leaving a thougthful comment!

  3. Cool! I'm a Filipina Style + Travel blogger based in the States and I recently stumbled upon your blog! This post is soo similar to the kind of blogging that I do.. I got excited! Great job, girls! ;P

    ♥, Jo
    {style + travel}


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