How To Save Money and Avoid Scams While Traveling- ANC On the Money Interview

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Would you like to know how to save money for trips? Avoid scams and unexpected costs? Stretch your travel budget? And how to access your funds while traveling? Watch Lois Yasay's comprehensive  interview with Edric Mendoza of ANC On the Money!

More travel questions covered:

How do I prepare my budget for a 1-month trip?
What's the real deal with airline tickets advertised for only 1 peso?
Do I need to get travel insurance?
How do I avoid bad airline deals and hidden fees?

Watch the full interview on Youtube:

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2 sole trails

  1. Even the most palatable affordable travel deals can go awry.The biggest scams perpetrated on any hapless traveler are the exorbitant terminal fees imposed by the airports but nobody gets a free cup of coffee, porters to take one's heavy baggage to the check-in counters or even just clean and functioning toilets. Another well plugged ad is the P1 fare --- stupidity at its worst when you're made to actually pay 1,000 times more. If that is not a hoax, don't know what is.

  2. Thanks for sharing this as a warning to other travelers out there Mythjen!


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