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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hong Kong is a dream destination when you’re after good food, amazing shopping discounts, hot events, and cool places. Everyone’s excited for the Hong Kong Summer Spectacular, the city’s annual summer celebration. This time, summer sizzles even more with the Hong Kong Summer Showreels Contest!

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong Summer Showreels lets you strut your summer style online by generating a video of your dream Hong Kong summer getaway! Make it simple, glamorous, or wacky by selecting photos from your Facebook albums and choosing various Hong Kong hot spots courtesy of Hong Kong’s Instagram group InstaYay! Just add a background music of your choice and give your showreel a name before submitting it through Weibo, Facebook, or PC Direct Download. The video entry with the highest votes wins!

HK Summer Showreels

The winner will fly to Hong Kong for free with his or her chosen partner to be the Philippine representative to Hong Kong’s biggest annual contest: the Visa go Hong Kong Super Shopper!

Now on its third year, the Visa go Hong Kong Super Shopper 2012 is bringing nine Asian countries together to compete for HK$200,000. How? Via an interactive and exhilarating challenge of taking Hong Kong Snapshots in 24 hours while enjoying their shopping courtesy of Visa.

Harbour View

What are you waiting for? Visit now to join the Hong Kong Summer Showreels and get a chance to be the Philippine representative to the Visa go Hong Kong Super Shopper 2012 on August 29-31!

Hurry! Contest is ending on 24 July. Eleven days left to the end of Hong Kong Summer Showreel!

Want to know more about the Visa go Super Shopper? Watch last year's event here or visit Hong Kong Summer Spectacular. This is a featured post from the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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