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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Once upon a time, there were 2 girls, Chichi and Lois, who were stranded in the high tower of their corporate jobs. They were somewhat comfortable and satisfied. They liked what they did. But something was still missing. They both felt that there was more to life than sitting in a tower, doing the same thing everyday and wanting to be elsewhere.

So they hatched a plan.

To save money, quit their cushy jobs and explore as much of the world as they can. It took them almost a year to get everything ready. And finally, the big day came. They sold most of their things, stuffed everything they owned into a backpack and went away for 6 months across 9 countries until their escape fund ran out.

They experienced the energy and vibrancy of India and Vietnam. Traveled through desolate lands of Myanmar and Laos. Marveled at the temples of Cambodia and Thailand. Met people from all over the world in countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. As the months passed, they fell deeper and deeper in love with the world.

But just like any beautiful adventure, it had to end.

The Sole Sisters, as they now called themselves, returned to their home country, Philippines. They felt lost. After their trip, they realized that the world was the only place where they truly felt at home. They both decided that their journey will not end here. Chichi chose to move to Singapore and was given the coolest job by a fairy godmother at Roomorama. She had to give up her Sole Sister duties but continues to do travel projects. Lois chose the road less traveled and is creating a location independent lifestyle focused on her love for travel, speaking and surfing.

And so the story continues and the Sole Sisterhood grows.

We want YOU to join a community of women travelers who are passionate about making travel possible for themselves and for others.

From Glampacker to Poorpacker

The Sole Sisters needs an INTERN (read: Big Sister) who:
  • is crazy about travel and documenting her adventures through words and photos
  • has some blogging background (or at least knows what HTML and SEO stands for)
  • is organized and can stick to an editorial schedule
  • knows how to have fun and has a unique take on travel
  • drinks loads of coffee and is bouncing off walls with enthusiasm and creativity
  • have basic Photoshop, video editing and graphic design skills
  • already have an existing blog and want to grow it
  • can travel at a moment's notice with just a toothbrush and a pair of undies
  • can dance the Americano
What a Big Sole Sis (BSS) will be doing:

Lois is currently juggling multiple projects, but mainly: the blog, Passion workshops and retreats, consulting for a travel firm and collaborating with a travel brand. So ideally, the BSS will be helping out by:
  • writing travel articles and reviews
  • coordinating interviews and photo shoots for Sole Sister Spotlight
  • maintaining online communities and marketing activities
  • assisting in organizing events
  • attending meetings and networking events
Story of Sole Sisters12

Other important deets:
  • Must be willing to travel
  • Is currently based in the Philippines
  • Is comfortable with doing most coordination online
  • Is willing to commit to a minimum 3 month period
The Big Sole Sis role is a perfect fit if:
  • You are positively addicted to travel and the location independent lifestyle
  • You need someone to mentor you to create a lifestyle of your own design
  • You want to learn the ropes in travel writing and are seeking to improve your writing abilities
  • You want to know more about starting online businesses and projects
  • You want to meet a lot of new people and grow your network
Travel Lessons7

So if you've gone through that lengthy description and still want to be part of the sisterhood, send an email to solesisters.weare(at) with the subject: I want to be the next Sole Sister and the info:
  1. Name
  2. Blog (optional)
  3. Few paragraphs about you and your travels
  4. Why you want to be a Sole Sister
  5. How you make travel possible for yourself and others
You may send some photos or a video to get us all excited. The initial selection will be made by Lois but readers and other travel bloggers will also get to pick their favorites.

Wait, there's more!

We only need 1 BSS but we invite other women bloggers to contribute and share their own stories of wanderlust. You can be one of our regular contributors like Brenna of This Battered Suitcase. We require that you already have an existing blog that we can link to. If you're interested in writing for us, please send an email to solesisters.weare(at) with some details about you, your blog and the topics who want to write about.

Update: You may send in your applications until August 20, 2012. I will announce the new Sole Sister(s) before Sept 5, 2012. Sign up for the sisterhood or help us spread the word!

Looking forward to your emails,
Sole Sister Lois

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23 sole trails

  1.  Sana makahanap na kayo ng BSS! :)

  2. Wow good luck to the BSS nominees! thats exciting! I would join only if I write well. haha! This is so so so awesome :)

  3. interesting.when is the deadline for the entries? :)

  4. if only i dont have to go to school 

  5. Dami na applicants! Thanks Aileen!

  6. Join ka din Shugah! Never try.. never know.. sabi nga ng mga taga Indonesia ;-)

  7. Thanks fr that sarah! Updated the article na: You may send in your applications until August 20, 2012. I will announce the new Sole Sister(s) before Sept 5, 2012. 

  8. The hours are limited lang Carm and no need for us to meet regularly. Everything will be done online. But you have to gauge also, because school should come first :)

  9. Great opportunity, I would have applied but... I'm not in the Philippines :-( Good luck to those entering :-)

  10. You can still contribute :)

  11. OH Very tempting! Would really love to apply but apparently I have full-time job,though mas lalong akong na-encourage sa reply mo kay Carm about everything will be done online hehe :D Will think about it woot.

  12. You'd be a great candidate Ada. Sure, think about it ;-)

  13. WOW. if only im not committed to a World Festival happening on 2013(January).. i Would apply!!! VERY TEMPTING indeed! :) 

  14. Gosh! Can dance the americano lang ang qualification ko! Tsk!

    Goodluck future BSS!

  15. Thanks for your interest tina and please share to your friends who may fit the bill!

  16. Philippines TravelAugust 18, 2012 at 10:45 AM

    Sounds like a job for two beauties/best friends I love and adore so dearly. I'll pass the word. Thanks for sharing!

  17. just sent mine! hope it beats the deadline! :D

  18. Can I still send mine? It's already the 24th and I just found out about it now. :c

  19. Good luck in choosing! I just found out about this and instantly wanted to join. Wrong timing nga lang since I just had a myomectomy and will be out for 2 months to recuperate. Love your blog!

  20. Please consider Lauren Metzler. She is amazing. She loves traveling and i always enjoy her stories blogs and photos!

  21. I'm sure there will be other opportunities in the coming months Regina! Get better soon! Thanks for following our adventures!

  22. Sorry Christine but I've already chosen the finalists. There will be other opportunities soon!


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