My Hong Kong Summer Showreel

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Harbour View

Hong Kong has always been on my travel list. The vibrant culture, the bright city lights, the night markets, the great trail hikes—almost everything you could wish for.

The One (2)

When it’s summer in Hong Kong, the city vibe becomes more exciting with all the promos and discounts from restaurants, malls, and various shops; hot events such as the 14th Ani-Com & Games and the Food Expo; and cool places with always something new to share such as Madame Tussauds, The Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Hong Kong Ocean Park. 

Cheung Cahu Island - beach

Summer in Hong Kong also ushers in the biggest annual contest that lets you explore Hong Kong with Visa spending credit—the Visa go Hong Kong Super Shopper! Aside from being named the Hong Kong Super Shopper of the year, the winner of the contest will take home a bigger Visa spending credit alongside all the purchases and memories he or she made during the contest!

Sai Kung 7

So, if you were given the chance to fly to Hong Kong for free, what places in this vibrant city will you explore? Make your own video now and get a chance to win a free trip to Hong Kong for two! Join the hottest and biggest contest in Asia’s world city—the Visa go Hong Kong Super Shopper 2012. Go to now, follow the instructions to create your summer showreel and click the “submit” button after your entry creation and share via Weibo, Facebook, or Email to invite your friends and family to vote for you! The winner with the highest votes wins!

This is a featured post from the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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