What Travels With You: Smart Wifi Plug-It

Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome to a brand new series on Sole Sisters! What Travels With You (WTWY) will feature all the things we can't leave home without when we travel. Over a year ago, we've featured some travel gear:

And we want to keep spreading the travel know-how by featuring items that are the travel gods' gifts to wanderlusters like us. So this travel gear series is making a comeback!

As a travel blogger, it's always a must to get a decent internet connection when I'm on the go. It's my pet peeve when I stay at a hostel or have cake at a cafe and they tell me " Sorry ma'am, we don't have wifi". Or worse, you can get free wifi but only after spending an exorbitant amount on food and drinks.

I've been in a situation where I urgently needed to send some photos to a travel magazine editor. The wifi was not working at the hotel where I stayed at in Ilocos. It was 10 in the evening and there was no internet cafe in the vicinity. What a loss of a great opportunity! 

That's why I was more than relieved when Smart Broadband approached me to try the WiFi Plug-It.It’s a WiFi + Dongle device. The WiFi Plug-It is similar to current USB plug-it devices but it emits a WiFi signal that allows additional 5 devices to connect to it. So you can share it with friends and connect to all your gadgets.


It's also the perfect mobile device for my weekend road trips! That's because it can stand alone as a portable WiFi device if plugged into a USB power source like a car charger through a USB adapter. As a promo, the Smart Bro WiFi Plug-It will be bundled with a car cigarette charger adapter to allow usage of the device without need of charging and without a USB port!

And boy, it's fast! It has the speed of up to 7.2 Mbps. It will be pre-loaded with 240 hours of surfing and 400 SMS to Smart and Sun valid for 10 days. Check out the Smart Flexisurf Plans to get the fastest internet for the most minimal cost.

I've tried a few wifi devices in the past but I'm sticking with Smart Broadband. Here's why:

• Most advanced 3G/4G technology for faster connection.
• Most area coverage so you I can surf in spots that are not covered by other networks.
• Most number of subscribers so I'm assured I'm with the best.

Going from one exotic location to the next is definitely exciting. But I need a fast internet connection that can keep up with me wherever I go. I love to blog about places in the Philippines and share travel tips and I always need to get connected. I'm taking taking this wherever I go!

The Smart Wifi Plug-It device retails for P3,495.

What gear travels with YOU?
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5 sole trails

  1. Wifi can be such a frustrating experience, this sounds fantastic.

  2. Before you make a thing like this.
    Try to fix first your Smartbro Plug-It Kit's speed.

  3. Those kits give poor speed, the said speed of up to 7.2Mbps makes the trick, up to means its maximum speed that it could possibly reach would be 7.2Mbps but it could also drop to Kbps which is it's usual speed, also if you try to test its latency with ipconfig it would give you an average of 360ms+ a very poor packet travel, what good in this device is that its portable and of some of its promos, prepaid, but with regards to speed, very poor

  4. i agree!!! poor service! poor customer service. tried calling you for a complaint but it was mistakenly noted in another person's account? i gave my account number and my plug-it's number how come your rep put the note on another person's account? i called but back and talked to another rep that's why i found out. and no one ever bothered to follow up on my case.

  5. This is "useless" if the BASE STATION (CELL CITE)
    in the place you are traveling is not updated...


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