What To Wear at the Airport: Comfy

Monday, June 18, 2012

I never know what to wear when I head out to the airport. I always have to rummage through my wall cabinets! Should I wear a sleeveless top or a long-sleeved shirt? Should I wear jeans or tights? Easy to slip on flip flops or fashionable boots? How does a Sole Sister decide?

I'm grateful I have a lot of female traveler friends who can give me advice on what to wear during those long haul flights and countless security pat downs.

Comfy or Chic?

I've posed this question to these women and this is part 1 of their responses. Here are 8 women who prefer to wear comfortable clothing while traveling:

What To Wear at the Airport: Comfy with Rica de Ramos

For Philippine based trips, I usually go for comfort over anything else. It usually means going to be beach so I'm in a comfy shirt/tank and pants/shorts or a maxi dress. For international trips , I aim to wear 1 Filipino declaring item.

Rica de Ramos of Ang Kaladkarin

What To Wear at the Airport: Comfy with Melody Co

I dress depending on where I am going. If the weather at my destination is hot, I will definitely wear washable slippers in the airport to breeze through the scanners. To avoid plane discomfort, I prefer to wear dresses, gaucho pants, leggings or shorts which are acceptable enough for immigration and pretty enough for pictures. I also bring light jackets in my carry on for the rain or cold weather.

If the weather at my destination is cold, then I go for a jacket or a long-sleeved top, loose pants, thermal socks and rubber shoes. Although I do want to appear chic, comfort always comes first.

Melody Co of Guiltless Getaways

What To Wear at the Airport: Comfy with Cris Reyes

When it comes to clothes, I have one rule: choose comfy. I follow this rule everyday and the airport is not an exception. The way I dress at the airport depends on my itinerary because I always go straight to my first destination upon arrival. Wearing the right clothes for my first activity helps me save time so I stick to my usual jam-packed itinerary. This is also a significant part of my pack light attempt.

I always wear a jacket or something to keep me warm while on flight and closed, comfortable shoes. Otherwise, If I am headed straight to the beach, I wear a shirt, shorts and flip-flops, with my swimsuit underneath. As long as I still look decent, I am fine.

Cris Reyes of Pinay Thrill Seeker

What To Wear at the Airport: Comfy with Rain Amantiad

My airport fashion etiquette is a well-practiced skill borne out of 1 having to walk more than 20 gates in between connecting flights in the humongous Hongkong Airport and 2 sporting blue lips in a tank top-shorts-havaianas ensemble from a tropical holiday and into the waiting arms of New Zealand winter.

I've learned my lessons since. Ergo, no heels. I usually wear hi-cuts as they have the sophistication of boots and the comfortability of flats. I also see to it that I am armed for weather changes. So I always have a cardigan or jacket over a basic tank top. For bottoms, I wear leggings a lot, simply because it goes well with anything. For blings, I always carry sunnies for instant class when panda eyes won't let me and a hair scrunchie on my arm in case i need to put my hair up.

For singles, here is a fool-proof boy-magnet: branded headphones and a good book. It attracts the cool kids and the geeks, believe me.

Rain Amantiad of Rainamantiad.com

What To Wear at the Airport: Comfy with Kara Santos

For flights, I prefer to wear really comfy clothes - a basic black shirt t-shirt, cargo pants or jeans, a comfy jacket or trench coat and shades. Socks are a must for the times you have to take your shoes off at the airport. I usually wear rubber shoes to minimize the weight of my luggage. Headware is also great for that pop of color, keeping hair neat during the flight, and doubling as an eyemask for naps on the plane.

Kara Santos of Travel Up

What To Wear at the Airport: Comfy with Kim Lim

Comfort and practicality wins whenever I travel by air. Nice comfortable pieces like tees and pants work well for me. I try to stay away from pieces that could easily 'malfunction', especially when I travel with a child in tow. Even so, I still try to add personality to my overall look - like adding a funky pair of earrings or a colorful scarf- something lightweight but eye-catching.

Airport security checks can be a hurdle, so I wear shoes that can easily be taken off. Ballet flats and flip flops are my best bets. However, when baggage weight is an issue, I wear the heaviest things I can, such as a jacket, jeans and trek shoes.

Kim Lim of Indie Escape

What To Wear at the Airport: Comfy with Mhe-Anne Ojeda

I used to travel in business attire when I was still connected with the company for representation purposes! Now, I always dress comfortably (but try to keep it nice) when at the airport. I go for a pair of jeans without belts, destination shirt, a jacket (because it can be cold inside the plane) and comfy shoes with easy remove strap to avoid the airport X-ray hassles.

Mhe-anne Ojeda  of My Comings and Goings

What To Wear at the Airport: Comfy with Pauline Mangilog Saltarin

If it were up to me, I’d travel in my bush shirts, shorts and Keen sandals all the time. This is what I call my travel uniform. Around South East Asia, this ensemble is just perfect as it is comfy and just right for the weather.

But travelling to European, Middle Eastern and some Asian countries is another story altogether. Pinay travellers are sometimes singled out for being, well… Filipinas. It is an unfortunate fact that we need to consider when we travel. That’s why I spend more time putting together my airport outfit when I go to these countries. Comfy chic is what I prefer. A good fitted jacket will give anyone instant style. I’ve invested in one four years ago and I’m happy to say that it’s been my fashion security blanket in several countries including France and Japan.

I wear jeans and a light sweater for comfort, a scarf in case it gets cold, and ballet flats that I can easily slip in and out of when going through airport security. If it’s winter where I’m going, I wear my leather boots but bring the flats in my carry-on just in case my feet hurt.

Pauline Mangilog Saltarin of Pinay Traveller

So that's a preview of what women wear to feel comfortable at the airport. We'll hear from the other Sole Sisters who prefer airport chic on the next post so stay tuned for that!

What's YOUR airport style? Comfy or chic? 
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15 sole trails

  1. Who says you have to choose? :)

  2. I don't think I have any pic of me in the airport. Hmm...LOL I'd choose comfy any day!

  3. I go for comfort all the way but lately I have tried to make choices that are a bit for stylish.

  4. i'd always go for comfort and that means wearing comfy clothes plus flip flops or flats

  5. Jen, send your contribution for the next installment! I want to know what YOUR wear at the airport!

  6. Same here Aleah,. I probably only have 2. But they were both taken when I missed my flight so not flattering... 

  7. I'd love for you to contribute Ayngelina! I still have a 2nd installment coming up for the stylish ones!

  8. I agree Doi! Traveling should not be painful! Especially on the feet!

  9. For Domestic travels, I also go for comfort but cute enough for photo ops. :)
    I usually wear a simple top, shorts and Havaianas flip flops. I carry on a light cardigan just in case it gets cold in the plane. :)

  10. Hahaha I just meant that chic can be comfortable too, but I'm not exactly the chic-est person. Nagsusuot ako ng pambahay sa labas e haha. But sige pag sinipag ako I shall take a picture of myself in "airport attire".

  11. Ugggh. I always look haggard at the airport because I'm always puyat before the flight (cramming sa pagpack) =)

  12. share share share! :-)

  13. Thanks for your tips Morena! haha I'm the same! I always think about the photo ops..

  14. Same here Tin, I pack on the day of the flight! Crammerz!

  15. Now I do not qualify under the 'woman' category nor am I particularly young (I,m  53, and young at heart, but I don't think that counts!), so if you can tolerate an 'old boy' dropping into the conversation, I'd say go for comfy.
    At any rate, think not only of the airport, think also of the arrival at destination and your trip as a whole. After all,  you do not carry clothes only for the airport, but plan your clothing for the entire trip, the airport is but a small portion of your trip.  I'd personally not recommend tank tops, sleeveless or overly short pants or skirt for two reasons: one, the a.c. is cranked up pretty high in airports and inside the aircraft, so you end up feeling bloody cold. This also means frequent trips to the CR (washroom), which is a pain at airports and more so in the aircraft. Also, as young gals, you will attract unnecessary attention and stares from others, esp. co-passengers. In some countries, even the immigration and customs officials can hassle you, either in fun, or more seriously by asking you all sorts of embarrassing questions. Things like tank tops and sleeveless blouses may also deny you entry into temples or other places of worship in places like Thailand, Burma and India. Even the Grand Palace in Thailand does not allow tank tops, sleeveless or shorts. No what has all this got to do with the airport? Well, I did mention think of the trip on the whole as well, didn't I?
    Visa or arrival: as an Indian, and for you as filipinos, many destinations allow us visa or arrival. (lucky us). For this, appearance does matter, so for this, it's better to err on the side of caution, and tend more towards conservative. Normal blouse or t-shirt and long pants or jeans are good enough for this.
    As for me, on any trip, starting from the airport and even beyond, I generally avoid sandals: somehow air travel and sandals do not go well for me. But when you use shoes, opt for slip ons. Shoes with lace are a pain to take off at the various security checks, and of course when you think beyond, at the monuments like temples and stuff. Closed shoes also protect your feet from cracked heels, dirt, muck or water on the streets etc. You can walk longer distances without aching feet with shoes rather than with sandals. I speak from bitter experience.
    And opt for cotton socks. Nylon socks make your feet burn.
    At the airport, I'd generally recommend a regular short sleeved t-shirt of blouse, and jeans or trousers, with slip on shoes. The clothing should also have enough pockets to keep your passport and boarding card, as you do not want to dig into your handbag all the time to access these. (Do I sound outdated or 'old generation' already?)
    Also opt for loose fitting clothing, for sitting through a long flight with tight jeans can be a pain. Also, sorry I even mention it, it is embarrassing, but also choose your underwear with care. Once you get past the airport, sitting through a long flight with underwear that cuts, (especially deadly when combined with tight jeans) makes travel no fun at all. (yes, this is beyond the airport, but only just!)


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