Vayama Will Fly Me To Spain

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

I have to admit, when I was first invited by Jeannie of Nomadic Chick to join the Girls Running with Bulls Challenge, I had no idea how in the world I could pull it off. At that time, I could barely keep myself afloat after coming back from a big trip all over Southeast Asia. How could I get the visa, book tickets and find accommodations all in less than 2 months?

But as a Filipino traveler, I've always prided myself as lacking in resources but rich in ingenuity and assertiveness. I had to ask myself only one question:

"Is it possible?"

And as well all know, the answer will always be YES. So I threw myself completely into this plan, this challenge within a challenge. I remembered when Chichi and I planned our 6 month backpacking trip and the universe conspired with us, along with so many generous and supportive individuals and organizations!

I knew this trip wouldn't be any different. I knew that as long as you wanted something so badly, people will want you to succeed. That as long as you commit to an idea and work to achieve it, Providence will move with you.

And so with that decision, the support and assistance came together like pieces of a puzzle. Roomorama stepped up as our main accommodation provider in Pamplona and will be housing us at this gorgeous flat overlooking the bridge over river Arga. Eurail will provide us Global Passes so we can explore Europe as we journey to Pamplona and beyond. HostelBookers will provide our hostel accommodations from various points in Europe as we train it to San Fermin.

Only one major piece of the Spain puzzle was missing: the piece that would get me from Manila to Madrid.

And that's how Vayama entered the picture. I first heard about Vayama when I was at the Surf Yoga Samba retreat and met a woman who had been traveling extensively. I mentioned I was looking for cheap flights to Europe. "Have you checked with Vayama?", she asked.

Via mama? Don't think I've heard of them yet.

So I googled Vayama reviews online. I was wary of any Vayama scam, but the company sounded very legit that they could save me a ton of money on international flights. I found out that is a first-of-its kind travel web site that gives travelers a whole new world of choice in international air travel. Using the latest in web technologies, Vayama offers a massive selection of airlines, flights and fares, many never previously available online, so we can find the lowest prices and best schedule options for all our international travel. 

Simply put - if you buy your international travel from Vayama, you will find more flight options and save money!

Vayama is an online travel agency uniquely focused on international travel. The company offers travelers a vast selection of flights through its online booking engine that taps into inventory not available on other online travel websites. Launched in 2007, Vayama has continued to expand its online international travel services to include features such as 24/7 customer service, premium economy airfare, hotels, activities and car rentals.

I had to check for myself how reliable this company was. So I emailed them. In our almost 1 month of email exchanges, I got a pretty good impression of Vayama. They were very straightforward, worked impeccably fast and knew exactly what I needed. They were the real deal.

travel solved-

With that, I'm crowning Vayama to be the official airline booking site partner of Sole Sisters. 

I know I'll be in good hands when I fly to Madrid in early July and I can't wait to share the ultimate Vayama experience with you! I have a feeling, Vayama and I will go a long way!

Have you had a Vayama experience? How was it? Please share it in the comments below.

Excited for another great partnership,
The Sole Sisters

Main Photo Credit: matt.hintsa
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21 sole trails

  1. Lois! Will you be coming over to Switzerland? We have to meet up!
    Thomas R.

  2. You think i could go with them for the bookings I need for August before I show up at the French embassy! -sanch

  3. woow, lapit na ng trip mo :) Will watch out for your updates. Congrats with your new partnership and take care. :) 

  4. Wow!!! Looking forward of reading your next update!! :) Happy Travels!

  5. I haven't used them yet but I keep hearing about them, really looking forward to hearing your experiences with all of it.

  6. Congrats Lois! That will be one memorable Euro trip indeed, especially since you have so many good sponsors! Haven't used Vayama. I use

  7. Congratulations! :) Lois, you are really one of "Lost Girls" idols ("lost girl" in the traveling sense of course!) and I'm happy to see how everything is again falling into place for you. I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to leave everything behind to pursue my travel dreams but you and this site are definitely one of my inspirations :)

    I discovered Vayama when I was scouring the net for the cheapest tickets to the States and I found that Vayama has the easiest interface to use (especially for itineraries with multi-city destinations).

  8. Go for it Sanch! They're very reliable.

  9. Yes the days are going by so fast! Kaka lurkey haha. Thanks so much and happy travels to you!

  10. Thanks Riz! Many happy adventures to you too and thanks for following!

  11. I'll definitely be writing about the whole Vayama experience very soon. Counting the days!

  12. Thanks Aleah! Still reading some tips on Europe on a budget on your blog. I have a lot to learn :)

  13. Oh thanks Goddess! I don't mind being called lost myself ;-) So happy that you are inspired to travel some more! And thanks for sharing that great Vayama experience! Keep on wandering!

  14. Ive heard of this from a certain blog.. yay for cheaper travels! Good luck you guys!!

  15. Yes it makes this a bit easier for us wanderlusters! Keep on traveling Shugah!

  16. I tried booking with them , but they have San fermin option? Please help. Thanks!

  17. Solesisters WeareJune 11, 2012 at 4:02 PM

    Thanks Tasyo!

  18. I'm not sure about San Fermin. But what I'm doing is flying from Manila to Madrid through vayama then training it to Pamplona. 

  19. AngelicalaurillaJune 19, 2012 at 3:56 PM

    How about the visa thing solesisters?

  20. Post photos of Spain at once okay! :-)


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