Hole in the Wall Meets Sunday Brunch at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"We're having fluffy pancakes topped with mixed berries, bacon, eggs benedict.. "

I was already salivating before my friend Pam finished her sentence. So I asked her, "Where? Where is this delectable brunch spot?" Her reply:

"Diyan lang sa kanto!" (Just at the corner)

I answered: "Kanto? Which Kanto? Corner of what?"

She just smiled that secretive smile of hers, pushed me into a cab and told me to stop asking questions. When we got to our destination, I was surprised. First of all, the spot she referred to was not at a corner of any street. Second of all, the place looked more like a stall than a restaurant.

Such is the deceiving charm of Kanto.

We were warmly welcomed by Vince, the owner and we sat at the tables by the side of the street. At this point, I was still wondering how all those gorgeous food would come out of a small place. But I had an open mind and this Sunday I was eager to explore corners in my neighborhood I've never been.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast1
Fluffy pancakes topped with mixed berries
What came out of that kitchen next was nothing short of magical.

Plate after plate filled with beautifully prepared and delicious food! The best part was that everything looked as good as  it tasted! You heard me right. I didn't mean that the other way around. No offense to the typical Filipino cuisine, but most of the time we just don't make an effort for the food to look delicious.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast1
Batangas beef and eggs
But Kanto made breakfast look gorgeous!

And I'm a big fan of breakfast! This place offers fancy breakfast options for the regular Joe. I had a nice chat with Vince about how he came up with the concept for Kanto. He told me that he started a restaurant called Chef Arch's Lime first. It was a place that served fancy street food. You could have isaw (chicken intestines) and salt and peppered crispy tenga (pig's ears) in a fancy plate and a fancy atmosphere.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast1
Bacon, eggs and toast
Now he thought about a reverse concept. Why not bring gourmet food to the masses? He wanted the kanto boy to taste pancakes, eggs benedict and bacon! He's a breakfast lover himself and he wants to share the love to everyone.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast1
Deep fried Oreos
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast1
Eggs Benedict topped with cheese and fries on the side
I think Kanto is the perfect place if you're hungry for a big delicious breakfast at any time of the day. They're open 24/7 and they deliver. And since it's streetside gourmet, the price is something to smile about and keep coming back for. Ask Pam, she has breakfast there almost every week! 

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast1
Warm staff at Kanto
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast1
Friendly restaurant owner Vince Juanta
My compliments to Vince, the chef and very warm staff at Kanto. I will definitely be back! Kanto is located at 549 San Joaquin St. Brgy. Plainview, 0550 Mandaluyong, Philippines. Please check them out on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kantofreestylebreakfast.

Hungry for more Kanto food,
Sole Sister Lois
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  1. ang lapit sa bahay!! the food looks so yummy, will definitely go later today.. you make me want eat eggs benedict now. huhu.

  2. Plating pa lang, winner na! I love the concept of the store. If I lived nearby, I'd gladly frequent the place everyday too.

  3. mouth watering..thanks lois for this post!!now..all i have to do is find some time to go kanto..:)

  4. So glad you were able to check it out and you loved it too apol! I want to go back there soon!

  5. Hah yes, the plating was really excellent, E for effort and staff! 

  6. Let's go find time Jen!

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