Saved by Roomorama in Pamplona Spain

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pamplona by Eric Nathan

Let's face it, the toughest part about traveling to a place during festival season is scoring accommodations.

Whether it's the Songkran Festival in Thailand, or Carnival in Brazil or the Bull Run in San Fermin, Spain! You need any of the following:

-Friends or relatives who can host you in those places
-The foresight to book waaaayy in advance. Like more than 6 months lead time.
-A lot of money to spend because this is a time when every place is booked. All hotels and hostels can get very unforgiving.
And since the girls and I had none of the above, we pretty much thought we were screwed when we started planning the Girls Run with Bulls challenge. Until we remembered a very strong partnership with Roomorama. It was great timing when they stepped in to be crowned our main accommodation provider for San Fermin.

Pamplona Uruñea Navarra by Joan Grifols
Photo Credit: Joan Grifols

I've had a couple of Roomorama experiences in the past in New York and Manila. And I have nothing but praise for this company that provides quality accommodations for the discerning traveler. Sure, it won't be the most affordable option if you're on a budget and traveling by yourself. But if you're traveling with friends and want to live like locals anywhere in the world- it's great value for your money!


The benefits of renting an apartment for a short duration outweigh the cons during San Fermin:

1 We don’t have to compete with aggressive party-goers with a penchant for vomiting.
2 We have a kitchen which means we can cut back on restaurant costs.
3 Having a cozy place to ourselves far from the maddening crowds is essential to rest for the next party.
4 We feel secure that we have the place to ourselves. No need to obsess about our stuff and personal safety.
5 Having our own place can be so relaxing. We can let our guards down and just chill.

In our research, we found places that were filling up quickly and a campground that we heard can turn into a debaucherous party. We’re okay with parties, but as female travellers, many other factors come into play.


In Pamplona, we’ll be housed in a 2nd floor flat very near to the famous Cafe Iruna where we’ll have full view of the runs through our windows and a panorama of the bridge over the river Arga. We are excited to live like locals in Pamplona with Roomorama and share the experience with you!

You can reach Roomorama through their website, blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Can't wait to spend summer in Spain,
Sole Sister Lois
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8 sole trails

  1. awesome! so excited to see snapshots of the bull run. be safe sole sisters! :D

  2. We'll wait for your epic bull run adventure Lois. I hope meron ka videographer pra masaya. :-)


  3. Heard about your website from Alessa's blog. And now I'm hooked on backreading your all your posts. :) Can't wait to read about your adventure in Spain!

  4. I love and share your enthusiasm Maria! A month to go!

  5. You guessed it Sky! A videographer blogger will be joining us and she's a girl too! This will be a super fun all-female challenge!

  6. Yay for Alessa and life after breakfast! Thanks for landing on our website and for following the adventures Rose!

  7. Whee!  I know, it's awesome that Roomorama is our saviour and I just love their service in general. :) 

  8. Couldn't agree with you more Jeannie!


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