Summer is a Verb

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I never truly appreciated summer until I experienced the harsh winters of New York.

That's when I counted the days when I would feel the warmth of the sun again. I started to appreciate the different shades of light that played on the sky. I took every opportunity to get out in the park or the beach for every day of summer.

In the Philippines, we are very fortunate to have long summer months. Instead of cursing the sweltering heat, we should get out there. Watch that red glaring ball of light sink slowly on the horizon at the end of the day. Jump into the water and play. Run around like a 5 year old and kick a ball. Put on those running shoes and go for a jog. Grab that yoga mat and meditate on the beach.

Finally go on that road trip you've been planning for months!

There are so many activities to choose from this summer. So stop living vicariously and just start living. I hope these photos inspire you to do exactly that.

Summer is a VERB Football
Photo Credit: Joan Paras
Football has come a long way in the Philippines in the past year and will only continue to grow! With girls starting their own clubs such as Sikat FC, it's time for the girls to step into the spotlight! Pinay Futbol is another organization aimed at promoting women's football in the Philippines, spreading football knowledge to ALL communities and inspiring Pinays to get active. Their aim is for Pinays to feel empowered by sport and not only spend your summers playing football, but sharing it as well.  Pinay Futbol conducts football clinic at Smokey Mountain.

Summer is a VERB KiteSurfing
Photo Credit: Romain Friedli
Whether on air or on water, it's more fun in the Philippines! 

Bulabog Beach on the east side of Boracay Island offers the perfect place for kitesurfing and windsurfing. The conditions are perfect from December to April for these sports! That spells kite mayhem!

Summer is a VERB Surfing

Summer is a VERB Surfing

Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels believes that the Philippines is a fast growing surf destination with its numerous islands and waves around the country. Travelers coming to the Philippines should never miss out on surfing our powerful beach breaks. From Baler, Aurora in the north, to Siargao island, Surigao in the south, this country has so much to offer beginner as well as advance surfers. Surfing, not just as a sport but a lifestyle, is also starting to pick up within people who live in Manila and incoming visitors.

Summer is a VERB Samba
Photo Credit: Diego Jose
And if you're into surfing, you might as well groove to some samba music and stretch into your favorite yoga position. You can do all 3 with FLOW, a surf, yoga & samba weekend retreat that combines these leisurely activities. FLOW is having its 7th FLOW Surf Yoga Samba Weekend Retreat on April 28-30 at the Aliya Surf Camp in Baler, Aurora, Philippines.

Summer is a VERB Swimming
Photo Credit: Kat Marfori
And what's summer without jumping into the water? Whether it's swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob, diving in Anilao or snorkeling in Coron, it's time to get your feet wet! Fellow water baby Beth Gingoyon of did exactly that on her recent vacation in Davao City.

Summer is a VERB Sandboarding
Photo Credit: Juan Manila Express
Sandboarding in the Paoay sand dunes is a recent discovery for me. The first time I tried it was on a PHILTOA exploratory tour of Ilocos Norte. Riding huge 4x4 trucks and racing at full speed is heart pumping enough! But getting on small piece of wood and throwing yourself down a sandy hill can be nerve-wracking! And 100% fun!

If these photos aren't enough to get you outdoors, here's a fun surf video my friend Tanya Hotchkiss and I made.

Summer is a VERB Contest!

I hope you can share your Summer is a VERB photos with us. Just pick a photo of you doing your favorite summer activity, write Summer is a VERB on the image and post it on our facebook wall. 

The top 3 photos selected by some outdoor enthusiasts will win gift certificates from Primer Group.

You can post as many different photos as you want until May 15, 2012. Each photo counts as an entry and winners will be judged based on photos submitted. By submitting a photo, you are allowing Sole Sisters the right to publish them on the blog with proper attribution.

Get out there- because Summer is a VERB!

Let there be forever summer,
Sole Sister Lois

Main photo credit: Diego Jose
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  1. nice vid, lois ann! :-) pangako ko sa sarili ko yan, na makapag-surf ako within the year. hehehe.

  2. Thanks for featuring me! Yes summer IS a verb and a state of mind - it can last the whole year! :) xoxo

  3. oh yes! I love summer! mas masarap maglakwatsa, di bale na'ng mainit... :)

  4. raaaawr!! cant wait to ride the waves again. 

  5. I also fell inlove with Paoay Sand Dunes! :) Dune bashing was awesome! :) Although I had a few bumps and bruises after that wild ride, I would still come back and do it again. :) We also enjoyed sand boarding while the sun was setting! :) Best trip I had this year! :) I love ILOCOS! :)

  6. posted a photo on your wall! summer IS a verb! :D

  7. @lois : glad that you featured sandboarding in Paoay! when was your trip up north? i somehow missed it :(

  8. Great! I love the underwater shot and the sand surfing.

  9. hi lois, nice video! did you use a goPro? 

  10. At sana kasama mo ako pag nag surf ka Paulie! Let's go to Baler!

  11. I know you are absolutely enjoying summer in Siargao right now Elaine! Inggit!

  12. I agree mervin! Lakwatsa na!

  13. Yay, glad you liked the amateur video. You have to surf again chacha! It's addictive! I was using a fun board, something between short and long. Kaya I was still trying to balance. I'm more of a shortboarder kasi..

  14. I love your sunset Paoay san dunes shots! We went there at noon so the light was not as perfect as yours. More reason to come back!

  15. Thanks for your entry! Loved it!

  16. Thanks Emily, it was my first attempt with the gopro. Need to make some more. Next time, let's make surf videos together!

  17. I want there about a month ago pa Shawi. Quick weekend exploratory tour lang with PHILTOA group. I need to do an independent trip back there, I want to surf in Pagudpud!

  18. Yay! Thanks Justin! Let's do some collab videos with Carl soon!

  19. Thanks apol! Tried my best hihi

  20. Yes Ed, that was my first attempt with the gopro. And saya!

  21. aaw. sama ako surfing! :) buzz me ha.


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