Sole Sisters featured on GMA 7 News to Go with Howie Severino

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Summer seems to be the season for travel.

And for a Sole Sister, summer is the season for TV show interviews! Last month, they have been featured on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Today Sole Sister Lois was interviewed by Howie Severino on GMA 7 News to Go.

The plan was to talk about budget travel. But Howie, being the awesome journalist that he is, managed to sneak a cheeky question or 2. He asked about how women can stay safe while traveling and the possibilities of finding romance on the road. Read the article here.

Watch the full interview:

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4 sole trails

  1. hahaha, saw this Lois and it was really sneaky of Howie. despite being caught off-guard, you handled it well. congrats!

  2. Thanks Ed! I was so surprised with the "showbiz" question ;-)

  3. wowwww! this is a very nice and lively interview. i enjoyed it so much. sayang i didn't get to watch it live but oh well. congrats on another media exposure!! 

  4. Thanks so much Mhe-anne for your nice words. Hope to meet you soon!


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