5 Tips to Stay Healthy While on the Road

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Many fellow travelers I meet out there are generally healthy individuals with a true concern for staying fit and in shape in their everyday lives at home. But we all know that straying from our normal routines to go backpacking and adventuring can put a fair amount of stress on the body. It normally presents itself as that nasty sickness that comes along right after you've arrived in a far off place, that achy neck from too many sleepless head-bobs on the flight, or maybe that scratchy throat after a long night out.

Most travelers I meet on the road all have their own methods for taking care of themselves. These are a few that I've learned in my years that keep my body running smoothly while out and about!

Yoga and Stretching prevent the trekkers back pains
Photo Credit: Eric Lon
1 Stretch

Wake up in the mornings and spend a few extra seconds in the room warming your body up for the day. Doing some basic stretches before you put your bag on can do great things in the long run. I personally practice a few simple yoga moves to relieve the tension out of my back and legs.

Angkor Bike 1

2 Take the longer or harder route

Consider taking alternate modes of transportation to get places. Instead of making an effort to find the cheapest car hire in Italy or get on a taxi in Thailand, perhaps you should consider walking part of the distance. Or you could even incorporate activity and exercise into your transit plans. Spend a day on a foot-tour through the town or hire a bicycle to tour the city.

Time Out at airport
Photo Credit: Devil's Shadow
3 Sleep

This one shouldn't be too hard! When travel calls, it can be at strange hours and even through multiple climates. When we're constantly on the move, we often forget to sleep. Your body will thank you when you listen to it every now by sleeping in that extra couple hours and not taking the 4am bus to get to that next awesome city. Let your body regenerate with some much deserved pillow time.

Indian Food

4 Eat right 

I know it's not always the most affordable option for us budget travelers, but eating healthy goes a long way, especially down the road. You can look at it as an investment in your health down the road! Forgo that second night of greasy-delicious street food and make a quick run to the local market for some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bangkok Boat Food

5 Stay hydrated 

I'm always amazed at how little I find myself drinking, especially on long flights for some reason. Drinking adequate amounts of water keeps that body running smoothly. And when you get caught running across that city with all your bags on your back to make that train, you'll be prepared!

Chris JohnsThese small tips will no doubt help you stay healthy while traveling, but of course it should be said that health starts at home. Start before you leave on your trip by practicing these few tips in your everyday life. It will make them easier to follow while you are out there experiencing the world!

What are YOUR travel tips while traveling?

This is a guest post by Chris Johns who wrote us this lovely letter a few weeks back. Chris is a young FilAm traveler who likes to spend his time surfing, taking pictures, and meeting interesting people around the world. He's currently exploring the Philippine jungles, doing research in environmental conservation for grad school and hopes to make his mark on the world by spreading the word about environmental preservation and promoting adventure/sustainable travel in the Philippines. Follow his awesome adventures on  http://johnschrisa.tumblr.com/.

If all else fails, try Easyslim 10 weight loss capsules so you can lose the pounds easily without exercise. You can take it before travelling and just in time before you hit the beach this summer!

Main photo credit: healthandfitnessfirst
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  1. everything you said is true. nice post!


  2. this is nice. traveling for me is indulging and somehow this also serve as a wake up call to go easy on hoarding and eating a lot. thanks and good luck on your future trips :D 

  3. Staying healthy while on a long term backpacking trip is such an ordeal! Even the easy task of staying hydrated could be difficult sometimes, at least for me who accidentally leaves water bottles everywhere I go :( Nice list Chris, definitely the ABCs of keeping fit while on the road.

  4. More importantly, I think one has to consult a doctor first and foremost before hitting the road. :) And yeah, MODERATION in everything (from eating to drinking to smoking--or as much as possible, don't smoke while on the road).

  5. I also need to be constantly reminded of this karly. Especially since my last US trip... Sarap ng American food and portions are def bigger!

  6. Especially when you have been traveling as long as your family Gay! Must be a daily challenge. 

  7. We never really consulted a doc before the big trip rica. Just the yearly check up. But absolutely agree with the moderation bit. It's a big effort to stay healthy esp when traveling!

  8. Great energetic post! I myself sleep a lot while travelling and most of the time get down in the next station. Happens once in a while. thanks for the tips!@ Lisa Women Health

  9. I needed to read this. Thank you. :) I will be going to Taiwan, so these are good, practical reminders. :)

  10. I don't agree with your second point, how can we stay healthy while traveling if we take Take the longer or harder route... 


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