Travelers Are Sexy

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sexy travelling

One of my favorite scenes from the movie "Up in the Air" is when Vera Farmiga's character looks at one of  Clooney's  many Frequent Flier Rewards cards and goes:

This is pretty f*cking sexy.

Admit it, the idea of someone who goes around the world, discovers exotic places and meets other travelers from all over is pretty darn tempting! Here are 5 reasons why travelers are as hot as that spicy curry dish you had from the Indian deli.

Travelers are confident. Most travelers are people who have lost and rediscovered themselves through exploration. They know who they are and are cool with that. Sometimes it gets to an extreme level where they become know-it-alls and impose on the people they are traveling with. But to meet someone who knows exactly what he wants and is not afraid to go where wanderlust takes him, that is sexy!

Kuching 56 - Chilling at Tracks Hostel
Photo Credit: Ben Beiske
Travelers are great conversationalists. Have you ever wondered why well-traveled people can often  strike up a conversation with just about anyone and anything? That's because traveling forces you out of your little bubble. It makes you sociable or you wouldn't survive the ravages of the road. Imagine yourself in a strange city where no one speaks your language. You have to start getting creative, make fast friends and enjoy the ride!

Travelers are problem solvers. One thing is certain when you are on the road- things will go WRONG! Preying priests, hellishly cramped transportation, getting a flat tire while biking in Angkor Wat- these are only a few hiccups that you may encounter while traveling. Not only are travelers usually level headed people, they have also trained themselves to look for solutions instead of throwing a b*tch fit.

Travelers Are Sexy

Travelers are (mostly) physically attractive. Have you ever seen an overweight traveler? Okay don't answer that. But generally speaking, travelers are people constantly on the move. They surf, ride bikes, climb mountains and swim like fish (and can sometimes drink like one too). Living healthy, balanced lives where they can continue to explore at high speed is a top priority.


Travelers know how to have some serious fun. Because travelers are not bogged down by expectations or convention, they are deemed fearless. They like being themselves in places where hardly anyone knows them. They can go crazy partying one night and cliff diving the next.

calaguas 17

For all the travelers out there, whether your arm is covered with monogrammed cufflinks or beaded bracelets. Whether you stay at crappy backpacker hostels or book luxury tours.

I'd like to tell you that you are sexy.

And that the more you travel, the sexier you’ll get. Because you’ll be going to more interesting places, doing more unconventional things and growing that sexy confidence you have.

Not convinced? Who among you has dated a traveler? Raise your hands! Who among you has ALWAYS dated a traveler? Both my hands are raised.

I rest my case.

Loving the sexy traveler life,
Sole Sister Lois

This post is an entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for February 2012. The theme for this month’s carnival is: Why You Should Date a Traveler. This month’s blog carnival is hosted by Lauren of EpicPotato.

Main photo credit: marcooooo

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11 sole trails

  1. Yes so sexy! :-)


  2. note to self: "I am sexy" 

    ...and I raise my hand!

  3. i so damn sexy... in every way... wahahaha!!! ^_^

  4. Nice entry!!
    Though I can't imagine myself being sexy, 
    I can say I'm fit.. hahahha! kiddin!
    I'd date a traveler forever, probably. :)

  5. I would have to say travelers in general are sexy :)  Not only in physical appearance but in mind.

  6. sexy and smart rolled into 1 =)

  7. I'm sexy and I know it tgsh tgsh tgsh tgsh

  8. Up in the Air's a great movie. Awesome points you raised here, Lois! 
    We're all sexy. :D

  9. love ur article..and are sexy..because i am one :P

  10. Totally agree with you Lois. I'll share this. ^_^


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