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Another reason why you should start blogging NOW: Get noticed by publications who can give you writing assignments or publish your travel photos.

Ever since we've read the cover article of the incredible Fliptravels duo on the pages of Southeast Asia Backpacker's Magazine, we've been wanting the same for ourselves. So I got a big Valentine's Day surprise when I found a corrugated box waiting for me at the breakfast table:

It contained 2 copies of the magazine with our I love Pai article inside!

SEA Backpacker Pai Article1

Pai was the cutest jewel box of a town that we have stumbled upon in Thailand. And we love that more travelers will get to discover it for themslves. If you're looking for a place to relax, take long walks around a picturesque town and enjoy a cappuccino while you read your free copy of Southeast Asia Backpacker's Magazine, then Pai is the perfect place in Thailand for that.

SEA Backpacker Pai Article2

I was lucky enough to meet their Editor in Chief, Nikki Scott, when she was in Manila last month and she is a well traveled, fabulous backpacker! (Who seems to enjoy glampacker trips every once in a while). Thanks Southeast Asia Backpacker's Team for publishing our piece! Copies are now out on news stands! You can also order the current issue or subscribe online at

If you want to win a copy of the Jan-Feb issue of the Southeast Asia Backpacker's magazine, just answer this question: What is the most romantic place in Southeast Asia that you want to visit this year? Post your answers on the comments section below. You may answer as many times with different answers as you want. Every comment counts as an entry. I'll randomize the entries on Sunday, Feb 19, 2012 and choose a winner. Good luck backpackers!

Dearly missing Pai,
Sole Sister Lois

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42 Responses so far.

  1. Regin says:

    I wan to visit Koh Phi phi. Maya bay in phi phi leh in particular.

  2. siCath says:

    PAI Thailand!!!!... <3 ... now how can i get my copy? hahaha

  3. patricia gonzales says:

    angkor wat in cambodia ^_^

  4. Mheanne Ojeda says:

    Christmas Island in December default7200 {"method":"validate","params":[],"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}

  5. Mheanne Ojeda says:

    Bali Indonesia default7200 {"method":"validate","params":[],"id":3,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}

  6. Mheanne L. Ojeda says:

    Burma (Myanmar) default7200 {"method":"validate","params":[],"id":6,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}

  7. Mheanne Ojeda says:

    Laos default7200 {"method":"validate","params":[],"id":8,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}

  8. Ephraim Arriesgado says:

    What is the most romantic place in Southeast Asia that you want to visit this year?

    Answer: Hongkong

  9. Ephraim Arriesgado says:

    What is the most romantic place in Southeast Asia that you want to visit this year?

    Answer: Singapore

  10. Ephraim Arriesgado says:

    What is the most romantic place in Southeast Asia that you want to visit this year?

    Answer: Thailand

  11. Dave (Trails & Lifestyle) says:

    As I ponder, my heart whispers...M Y A N M A R.

    because YOU sole sisters "influenced me"

    And I thank you for planting that dream trail in my heart.

  12. echoseranglakwatsera says:

    Luang Prabang, Laos. :)) And by the way, a big congratulations! :))

  13. Marshi says:

    BATANES, opkors!

  14. archijeca says:

    Ha Long Bay, Vietnam... to see the Kissing Rocks ;)

  15. Sky-Summer | Boundfortwo says:

    Phuket, Thailand

  16. Sky-Summer | Boundfortwo says:

    Chiang Mai, Thailand

  17. Sky-Summer | Boundfortwo says:

    Siem Reap, Cambodia

  18. Sky-Summer | Boundfortwo says:

    Another accomplishment for Lois and Chi-Chi! Good Job! 

  19. isay says:

    its not romantic but i am going there next week jiufen, taiwan!

  20. Yeye says:

    Siem Reap, Cambodia

  21. Palaui Island in Cagayan :)

  22. Donsol River in Sorsogon :)

  23. simple: Surigao del Sur, because I left my heart there decades ago. of Mindanao of being independent economically will remain an elusive dream if present Mindanao leaders will always forget to empower the poorest of ...

  24. Rubs Escalona says:

    Seoul, South Korea

  25. Congrats Lois & ChiChi! 

    I was in Bali for a week in 2010 but I didn't really see it's full potential as I had food poisoning for the whole duration of the trip. I want to go back again hopefully sometime this year to feel the LOVE! Wapaaak! 

  26. taiwan has lots of romantic places like the green island... the keelung area in the south... 

  27. Agatha says:

    Batanes, Philippines

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