My New York Apartment Dreams Came True!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Roomorama New York8

Back when I was still living in New York, I always dreamed of having my very own apartment in Manhattan. Even just a shoe box of a place that would allow me to explore the city until sunrise without the hassle of stumbling into a train in the middle of the night just to take the last ride home.

So when Roomorama offered to be our official short term accommodations partner, I couldn't resist booking a place in the swanky neighborhood of East Village! I wanted to be close to the eclectic restaurants, vibrant night scene and quaint boutiques.

My New York apartment dreams came true!

For a couple of days at least. For those have not yet heard of Roomorama (shame on you!), it's the best way to explore a city! You can choose to stay at a local's place, usually for less than the price of a hotel, and soak in the authentic experience. Their website is safe and so easy to use. Just type in where you want to go and it will list all the properties they have in that area. It even refines your search by price range, neighborhood and amenities!

Roomorama New York11

Location, Location, Location!

I chose the East Village which was away from the tourist traps and also because it was just a few blocks away from a place I frequented in my past life: Rockwood Music Hall. I enjoyed listening to some of the most talented independent artists that changed every hour. And only for the price of a glass of wine!

Roomorama New York9

When I met my host Bruce, he was very helpful. He told me there are about 100 restaurants, bars and shops all within 3 blocks in any direction from the apartment! That got me really excited because after all, this is the city that never sleeps and neither should I! True enough, the neighborhood got very lively after the sundown. There was a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars. I could choose from Indian, Russian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vegetarian and American restaurants- you name it.

All these options of global cuisine were within a 5 block radius!

Roomorama New York10

Beautiful Surprise

And just when I thought I was the luckiest traveler in the world, Bruce told me: "Go up to the rooftop, a surprise awaits you. Bring your camera." Like a 5 year old, I rushed to the elevator and up the 14 floors of the modern residential building. I climbed a flight of stairs that lead to the balcony. A shriek of delight escaped my lips.

I was looking at a spectacular panoramic view of New York City on the roof deck! 

Roomorama New York3

From there I could look out to the Brooklyn Bridge, the east and west village sprawled in front of me and midtown, as marked by the Empire State building, glistening in the winter sunlight.

The Perfect Host

I went back down to thank my host Bruce for a beautiful welcome back to my favorite city in the world. He showed me around the place, gave me a key, a few resto recommendations and asked for my breakfast preference. At first, I wondered if he would be staying in the 2nd bedroom while I was there. 

As a solo female traveler, I always have to look out for myself. 

Roomorama New York5

Roomorama New York1

But after leaving my breakfast choices later that day along with some brochures and a map, he was gone. I never saw him again for the duration of my stay. He gave me his cell number and told me to inform the doorman (yes, the building had it's own doorman) if I needed help on anything.

He was very respectful of my privacy. 

Roomorama New York7

The Apartment

I had the master's bedroom to myself. The bed had freshly laundered sheets and I had blankets and comforters to keep me warm in the height of winter. The room was spacious enough for Manhattan standards and it came with a breakfast area that doubled as my work space. The place was tastefully decorated and very clean, especially the bathroom, which was important to me. It didn't have a full kitchen though. Only a fold-able table, fridge, coffee maker and an assortment of utensils. But I hardly ate there since I had a hundred restaurants to choose from.

Roomorama New York4

Roomorama New York2

Juicy Perks

Waking up to brewed coffee, fresh bagels, milk and orange juice was one of the perks of staying at this Roomarama rental. The perfect location and the spectacular view really jazzed up the experience. Add a thoughtful and respectful host to this picture and I got what any traveler in this part of the world could only hope for: an exciting, fabulous weekend where you feel like a New Yorker!

Roomorama New York12

Officially a Roomorama fan,
Sole Sister Lois

Roomorama is the official short term rentals partner of Sole Sisters. This New York apartment was provided by the awesome team at Roomorama who has properties all over the world. If you would like to stay at the apartment mentioned in this story you can find it online here: West Inn2- East Village

Next time, I'll be checking out Roomorama rentals in Australia and Spain. Watch out for more reviews in the coming months!
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5 sole trails

  1. Nice one, Lois! I would love to go to New York din soon. My Roomorama experience in Chiang Mai made me want to buy my very own studio type condo unit. :D

  2. Thanks for the tip I'll visit Rockwood Music Hall on the coming weeks. I was supposed to stay in NY but i decided to to settle here in Jersey City ang mahal ng tax sa NY eh:)

  3. Thanks for putting flesh and blood to Roomorama. I'm a fullblooded CS-er, and while I'm trying to persuade my sister to try it out, she loves her privacy. 

    I guess that's where they differ. This would be perfect for her! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Whoa! I think that's the best way to blend in with the culture.  Live in your own apartment temporarily =p

  5. Lois this seems like the perfect place to stay in New York City, so cozy and more personal than a hotel.


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