2012 Forecast : Sunny with a Chance of Whalesharks

Monday, January 09, 2012

Whalesharks Morefuninthephilippines

We've just shared with you a roundup of what last year looked like. Seems like 2011 is a tough act to follow. But we have upcoming trips, stories and revelations to share with you this year that may just rival that. Here are 10 things we look forward to in 2012:

1 DOT's new slogan - It's More Fun in the Philippines!

Lois was at the  Department of Tourism's presscon when they revealed the new campaign. Regardless of what the haters and the negatrons say, the simple truth remains: It really is more fun in the Philippines. We are so optimistic that this crowd sourced campaign will spread the word about our travel-worthy country. Here are some memes that our sole-dier friend Carl made:

2012 Forecast

2012 Forecast

2012 Forecast

More fun on Carl's website.

2 Our upcoming 21 day Pilipinas Challenge
21 Day Pilipinas Challenge - March

We've had to move the challenge 2 months later only to make it bigger and create more buzz for Philippine tourism. The mechanics remain the same: Going from Luzon to Mindanao in 21 days without taking flights. We're in the process of forming a 5 man team to go around the country and create the travel documentary. Stay tuned on how you can be part of this team. This will be our way of finding amazing things worth telling the world: It's more fun in the Philippines! 

Don't forget to promote your hometown!

Word has started spreading and the challenge has found its way to the S.E.A. Backpackers Magazine feature. Incidentally, their editor in chief Nikki Scott and their team are in the Philippines right now to experience our world-class diving, rich culture and fun locals.

2012 Forecast

3 Search for the next Sole Sisters

Sole Sisters is moving from the traditional travelogue format to a community of women travelers who are passionate about discovering themselves in the places they explore. That's why we need contributors who want to write about topics close to their heart and share stories of wanderlust. If you know someone who fits the Sole Sisters bill, email us at solesisters(dot)weare(at)gmail(dot)com.

4 We are partnering with Roomorama

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Roomorama, a peer-to-peer rental website that connects travelers with hosts who provide short-term, furnished apartments and rooms in urban cities. Roomorama is for the discerning and sophisticated traveller who wants to live local and savour the things that make a city special. We'll tell you about Roomorama and our partnership with them in another post.

Roomorama New York

6 Blog sessions and talks

Lois has been hosting some sessions where newbie bloggers and blogger wannabes can share their ideas and talk about their passions. To get updates on the next bloggers event, check out our facebook page. If you're in need of a speaker who can talk about travel, social media, empowerment and the things in between, you know who to call!

e-book banner
5 More e-books and e-zines

We thoroughly enjoyed putting together the Sole Sister Guide to Planning an Epic Trip. Have you downloaded your free copy yet? So we're thinking of making even more guides and travel e-zines in the future. If you want to collaborate with us, feel free to send us a note!

7 Upcoming Posts

This year, we want to focus on female travel, tourism and environmental issues. We still haven't finished our Southeast Asian series so expect a comprehensive guide on Myanmar and some fun photos and videos from Malaysia and Indonesia.

8  The Next Series

We're starting series called Inspired Travels. It's a feature on the things that inspired us to travel like a string of lyrics or a work of art. We're counting on you to contribute, so send us a note!


It's no secret that we're turning the big 3-0 this year. So we need your help to reach our deadline. Go through our list and see which items you can help us with. Items #13 (swim with the gentle whalesharks in Sorsogon) #11 (get an article published in a magazine) will be ticked off soon enough. If you can't find anything, help us tick off item #30. We've almost reached 500,000 views on this blog! That sounds like a bit of a milestone doesn't it? Help us get it to 1 million hits this year by sharing our blog to your friends through social media. Send us some link loves!

10 New Year, New Travels

Besides the 21 Day Challenge, Lois is planning to travel to the US later month. She's also booked some flights to Sri Lanka and is contemplating another trip to India. Chichi just moved to Singapore, scored a job there and will be exploring more of the region.

So those are our updates and forecast for the new year. What are you looking forward to in 2012?

Excited for things to come,
The Sole Sisters

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Main image credit: George Tapan

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22 sole trails

  1. wow! A great year ahead for the solesisters. Buti pa kayo most of your plans will be achieve.,my SG plan won't push thru this year. Anyhoo san sa US punta si Lois and what month?:)

  2. Lois and Chichi, when you heads down here south, give me a PM, il see you ladies. Il host you for a night in Pagadian. 

  3. Woohoo, more projects, you just continue to surprise me gals! :D
    Cute ng volleyball! hehe

  4. I hope to be one of the next sole sister! :)

    More Power to you guys! :) 

  5. Seems like the solesisters are blowing up BIGGER this year. Congrats! Keep on moving forward! Didn't realize, too, that I had a cameo. Ayan ah... 499,999 na lang ang kailangan ;-)

  6. Wow a lot of exciting things to watch out for from the Sole Sisters...

  7. pls give me more info bout roomaroom i luv traveling think its great if i can still feel at home while im traveling :}

  8. Really cool Sole Sisters! Specially #3 this is really cool and exciting. I'm hoping more Little Sole Sisters will

  9. Really cool Sole Sisters! Specially #3 this is really cool and exciting. I'm hoping more Little Sole Sisters will grow-up soon! :-)

  10. Making a quick trip to FL and NY end of this month :-)

  11. Thanks so much for the generous offer Doc Wends, we'll def let you know!

  12. Thanks Ed and goodluck on your big step this year! We'll be following your adventures!

  13. woohoo! Let's start a sisterhood Lecky!

  14. Thanks Saul, BIGGER is the only way to go! Yes, you are covered by the splash of water haha!

  15. Just check them out at roomorama.com or you can even book through their widget on the right. I'll have my first Roomorama experience later this month so stay tuned for that :-)

  16. Yes Paula, we want to form a community of fearless fun female travelers!

  17. Hi Sole Sisters!
    if this can help, you can also swim with the whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu.
    while you're at it, you can go a little further south and visit kawasan falls.
    you can feed them to. haven't experienced it yet, but i hope i will, one day.

    more power! :)

  18. Thanks for the tip Carlo, yeah I've heard you can do this in Cebu. I think this will be a highlight on our trip. 

  19. Nice post!! Would love to be your" Ate" sole sisters! More Power!

  20. Hi!

    Why dont you try coming to cebu to see the whalesharks at Oslob?

  21. Btw, I discovered your blog from Cebu Pacific'a smile magazine. You guys are amazing! :)

  22. Cool blog! Just stumbled on to your site through Langyaw. I'm actually in Singapore too if you girls would like to meet up. :)


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