How Was 2011?

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sole Sisters 2011 review

It was a Sole Sister year!

From quitting our jobs to finding opportunities. From India to Vietnam to Burma to Indonesia and all around SE Asia for 6 months. From meeting locals to countless people from all over the world. From starting a blog to bagging the best travel blog category. It was a crazy roller coaster ride of a year and we're telling the story from beginning to end!
Sole Sisters 2011 review Jan

We couldn't keep our big secret to ourselves anymore. We had to shout to the world: WE QUIT OUR JOBS TO GO ON A BIG TRIP! We did the unimaginable. We turned our backs on a cushy job, steady paychecks and great colleagues. We have given up the comfort and stability of our 'normal' lives to go on a Great Adventure.

Best Post: Can You Keep A Secret?

Sole Sisters 2011 review Feb

Lois started the journey in India by flying to New Delhi. She finally set eyes on what is arguably the most romantic structure in the world - the Taj Mahal. She made her way from North to South India, dodging pushy priests in Pushkar, surviving a meltdown in Jodhpur and riding camels in Jaisalmer.

Best Post: Lies from Sex and the City 2 or There's No Such Thing As Desert Glam

We reunited in Vietnam. There were a lot of hits and misses in this country. Halong Bay was a bit of a disappointment. We didn't expect Hoi An to be a beauty queen of a city. And who would have thought that Chichi would have a blast watching a Backstreet Boys concert in Hanoi?

Best Post: How to Rock A Boat - Halong Bay Style

Sole Sisters 2011 review AprAPRIL
We arrived in Laos via bus ride from hell and found heaven in the sleepy riverside village of Muoang Ngoi. What's a trip to Laos without some buckets of Lao Lao whiskey and a tubing ride down the river? The finale was a laid back retreat at the magical islands of Si Phan Don.

Best Post: Laos By The Numbers

In Thailand, so many wild, crazy things happened. We got dropped off at the backpackers purgatory on Khao San Road. Shopped ourselves bonkers in Chatuchack Market. And met the craziest, rowdiest couchsurfing bunch in Chiang Mai who convinced us to join them all the way to the golden stupas of Myanmar.

Best Post: 10 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Pai Thailand

Sole Sisters 2011 review June
Myanmar got us all sorts of awed and excited. We got on a 23 hour rickety train ride, a 2 day suicidal boat ride and a 3 day near death trek through Tuscan-looking hillsides. But our Myanmar experience was well-earned. Seeing the sun rise over the red and golden temples of Bagan, sailing through the peacefulness of Inlay Lake and meeting a 103 year old shaman (medicine doctor) in a small village in Kalaw were life-changing travel moments.

Best Post: We haven't even begun to post this stuff on the blog yet!

Our 2 weeks in Indonesia were the final moments of our epic Southeast Asian jaunt. We spent all the time swimming in the Gilis in Lombok and taking surf lessons in Bali.

Sole Sisters 2011 review SepOur 6-month backpacking trip ended where it begun, at the KL airport waiting for the flight to go home. We broke down on the flight back.

For our anniversary, we organized a series of Travel Talks and a photo exhibit to share our travel experiences. It was our first time to meet a lot of readers and we were thrilled that more than 400 people attended these events.

Best Post: From Glampackers to Poorpackers, It's A Wrap!


We kept ourselves from getting Telecomm Specialist Jobs and tried to stay afloat without employment. To get over our post travel depression, we busied ourselves with more travel talks and small trips. Lois shared everything she wished she knew before she traveled at the Belle de Jour Fair. Chichi made Lacawon island her playground and rocked the masskara festival.

Best Post: 6 Life Lessons I've Learned from 6 Months of Travel

Sole Sisters 2011 review Dec
We got the biggest surprise of the year when we bagged the Best Travel Blog Award at the Philippine Blog Awards. It was the icing on an already delicious and colorful cake! To say thank you, we gave everyone something that came from our hearts: The Sole Sisters Guide to Planning an Epic Trip. Make sure you download your copy!

Best Post: Philippine Blog Awards and the Next Big Challenge

That pretty much sums up our 2011! How's this year starting to look? All sorts of beautiful! Watch out for some exciting Sole Sister forecast and updates for 2012. That's next.

How was YOUR 2011?

Excited for new travels,
The Sole Sister

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24 sole trails

  1. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us. More travels!

  2. Definitely a year to tell and inspire many people, but I got a feeling that you will trump 2011 with a more awesome 2012. Which is expected because, the Sole Sisters are born that way (I'm not singing the Lady Gaga song). Sama naman sa isang trip jan this year :) 

    More power Lois and ChiChi and kisses from this nomadic-wannabe :P

  3. cheers to an awesome 2011 for you guys! and a lot more cheers for the best that are yet to come!!

  4. awesome 2011 for the solesisters..cheers to more travels and inspiring stories.

  5. haha the Philippine Blog Awards, that's sick!

  6. it sure is a great year for the sole sisters that is capped in so fun, witty, colorful post..i always love to read your blog! more power for 2012!

  7. Yeah! Thanks for providing inspiration. :) Looking forward to more. 

  8. Congratulations! :- ) Now I am inspired to travel more! In fact, I included it in my 12 (to do's) for 2012 :-)

  9. the inspiration I get from you ladies are one of the best I ever have had in the past year and will be in 2012. Salamat sa inspiration po. 

  10. an awesome year indeed! glad to have met Chichi in Dumaguete last year... hope to meet Lois naman this year! hehehe!!! Cheers for more blessings and travels this 2012! Happy New Year!!!

  11. This year was indeed awesome for you girls! And for me too, as it was this year that I stumbled upon your blog, which fueled my love for travel even more. :) Hope to meet you girls this year! :)

  12. congrats for such a great year! more travel adventures for 2012 :)

  13. what a year that was for the two of you. it looked like it went so quick because of the surprises  and fun posts. that secret of lois of going to india is so cool.   

    like i predicted your win in the blog awards. i believe there's bigger things coming in 2012.

    cheers to great years in travel. nice meeting Lois. si Chichi na lang.

  14. 2011 was the steepest trek you took, i must say!
    keep the momentum girls! Love you both!


  15. You are simply inspiring. Cheers!

  16. I just returned from Myanmar.  When will you post your blog and photos of Myanmar?

  17. Thanks Marky! Now I got Born that Way in my head! LSS :-P

  18. Thanks Doc Wends and Congrats on the new and awesome looking blog!

  19. Yes I also want to meet you soon Mervz!

  20. Look forward to that Nathelle!

  21. Thanks for your optimism Dong! I love running into you because of your positive vibe. Hope I can tag along on one of your trips this year!

  22. Yes it was pretty steep! Thanks for the love Ron- Lovin you back!

  23. Hey Jody, I see you've been commenting on the site a lot. Would you be interested in writing for Sole Sisters sometime? Message me at solesisters(dot)weare@gmail

  24. you guys have the coolest adventures ever. Lois as a former officemate is so fun to be with and always cracks a joke. I wonder how exciting it would be whenever you guys travel. More travel adventures to come!


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