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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trippin' by Sole Sisters

One of our resolutions this year is to stop being a tourist and get more involved in the local experience. No more unhealthy fast food. We want authentic local cuisine. No more sticking to guidebooks and well-worn paths. We're leaving the guidebook behind and creating our own routes. No more impersonal hotels.

We're choosing Roomorama.

Roomorama Hanoi
Instead of always staying at hotels and hostels that look the same the world over, we'll be staying at Roomorama- locally owned properties to get a more authentic travel experience. Roomorama is for the discerning and sophisticated traveler who wants to live local and savour the things that make a city special. Here's why we're choosing Roomorama as our official short-term vacation rentals partner:

Roomorama Madrid
We want to live more like a local.
Staying in a home or apartment is one way to soak in the travel experience. Instead of relying on concierge services, we can use the local phone book, take our host’s recommendations, or ask the neighbors.

Roomorama New York
New York
We want a fresh  perspective .
Staying in a residential area will allow us to see a different side of the city, usually away from the main tourist traps. We can choose to stay in a quieter, suburban area and take local transportation in to see the sights, or find flats closer to the city center with pedestrian access. We'll be surrounded by locals who can give us advice on places to eat and things to do that may not be mentioned in the guidebook.

Roomorama Sydney
We want more flexibility.
Since we'll be dealing one-on-one with the host, it’s easier to make arrangements. We may opt to check in early, check out late, or have a basket of goodies ready for a late-night arrival. If we click with some travelers we meet at the park, we can invite them over for dinner. We can have home made meals whenever we want and that makes us save a lot on the escape fund.

Roomorama Shanghai
Lois will get her first Roomorama experience firsthand when she flies to the US later this month. She'll report back and tell you how it goes. 

Have you had a Roomorama or short term rental experience? How was it? Please share it in the comments below. 

Excited for a new partnership this new year,
The Sole Sisters
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  1. had a great time staying on a Roomorama partner guesthouses in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap last month. The one in Phnom Penh is run by an NGO teaching kids with arts subjects and music. It's cool learning bout their projects, something I wouldn't known had I not use Roomorama to look for accommodations.

  2. Five-star hotel-like and cozy properties with minimal rental fees! :)

    The staff who assisted me during my first Roomorama rental was so helpful. Shoot them an email and you will get a reply whatever time it is. Will definitely use their services on my next trips.

  3. Me too! Firsthand experience soon and my family's sooo excited!

  4. Hahaha! Pardon me for attaching a photo, pretty curious with that 'attach image' button. Cool.

  5. how much yung sa New York na room?:)

  6. I will be offering up my place soon in Roomerama.  So, if anyone of you is planning to travel through Southern California (on the PCH near Malibu), stay tuned...

  7. i agree. it has always been the same four-cournered room wherever we go. (except backpacking of course where we usually pitch our own tents), so this roomerama is truly a welcome choice .

  8. Wow, that IS a cool experience Marky! I love meeting new and interesting people while traveling and Roomorama is one way to get exposed to that experience.

  9. Oh yeah! Love your feature! One of the deciding factors yun coz I have yet to experience them myself ;-)

  10. Wow! Good to know you had a great experience with them Kaiz! I can't wait for my first Roomorama experience!

  11. Woohoo! Tell us how it goes Mica!

  12. Don't forget to share it on our FB wall din gaye! 

  13. Kaka curious ba? Loved your CS vid btw. You are so confident and fabulous. I want to meet you na! hehe

  14. Haven't booked one yet. But looking forward. They have so many properties in NY so a lot of options and price range to choose from yay!

  15. Cool! That's another way to add to the travel fund! Hey Jody do you have your own blog yet? and can you email me in case you want to write for Sole Sisters? Would love that!

  16. Oh yes it's a great idea to rent out your place for travelers. I think it work for the host and the traveler. Really excited to try it out soon. Thanks for dropping by Atty Oman ;-)

  17. Huwawww.. I wanna experience ROOMORAMA this year!! <3

  18. How does this stack up against AirBnB?  I wish they'll launch mobile apps soon.

  19. Hope so too Earl! That would make it even easier.

  20. I haven't tried it yet but I've heard nothing but great things about if from fellow travelers.  One of my go-to travel sites for meeting local people (Tripping.com) started featuring Roomorama listings, so I took it as a sign that I totally need to try it for myself.  Can't wait!


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