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Now that the Sole Sister audience is more than our family, friends, former colleagues and a handful of lurkers, we thought we should share our blogging journey with you all. So how did Sole Sisters evolve from a travel diary for sharing our trip photos to a full blown travelogue that aspires to build an online travelers' community? Here's our story:

Our Beginnings

starbucks-handJune 2010 I had a Starbucks conversation with colleague Chichi and realized we shared a mutual passion: TRAVEL! We were in love with travel big time and even had long lists of places to visit before we turned the big 3-0. But the question was, how do we fund our travels?

July 2010 I had coffee with great college friend Paulie of Ekstranghero's Trip. He had been blogging for quite some time and told me I should start my own blog. He had been earning some passive income online and thought it could help us earn some money even while we were on road.

Story of Sole Sisters1August 2010 Chichi's good friend Claire helped us come up with the all important decision. The domain name. She came up with: With a lot of help from Paulie, we bought the domain name, created a blog on blogger and had a ready made template to jumpstart our blogging adventure! As a joke at work, I started calling Chichi my 'Sole Sister'. The name stuck and we decided to change our blog to Our very first post was a photo essay from our Calaguas trip.

November 2010 While we were scheming and planning our BIG Southeast Asian adventure, our inner writers started to show. We poured our heart our into the whole blogging process. We took Sole Sisters so seriously that we created posting schedules in excel file (courtesy of Chichi) and stuck to it. This month we wrote 24 blog posts! That means we posted almost everyday!

Story of Sole Sisters7February 2011 I quit my job, furiously wrote a few trip planning posts and haphazardly dumped some clothes into a backpack. I was off to India! Chichi had to take care of the blog for a few weeks. Just because finding decent internet connection in India was a challenge.

March 2011 Chichi and I reunited in Singapore and started redesigning the blog. Because we had just started our adventure, we knew a redesign was necessary. We wanted a more uncluttered, minimalist template. We even asked awesome artist and fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger friend Robbie of Creative Dork to create a kickass header for us. We loved the knew look!

Tough Stuff

Story of Sole Sisters3April 2011 The challenges of traveling and blogging started to take its toll on us. It was fun writing while we were still dreaming of our trip and had so much spare time. But having to move from one place to another, find decent wifi and push ourselves to write was really hard. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, do I experience this moment? Or do I document it?

June 2011 And just when we thought the whole blogging while travelling thing was tough, we made a whirlwind decision to ditch our Malaysia plans and travel to Myanmar instead with a bunch of crazy couchsurfers. Myanmar is the land of golden pagodas, ancient ruins and slow, almost nonexistent internet connection! We had to cram write 8 scheduled posts to last us our 30 days of no internet in Myanmar.

Story of Sole Sisters5We thought it would kill our blog and we would lose our readers, Thank god you guys are still here. And we're still in love with what we do. We will continue to give you content that has value.

August 2011 Upon our homecoming, Chichi decided to go home to Cebu and I returned to Manila. The difference in location proved to be a challenge in terms of coordinating with each other. Before, we could push each other to write and constantly fed off each other's ideas and wanderlust. Then we had to transition back to our old lives and still get the blog going. Plus, we were terribly backlogged on our posts. Even until now, we are still 3 countries behind- stay tuned for our Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia posts!

Pay Dirt

July 2011 More people started to send us emails and messages because they were inspired by our travels. A lot of them asked us travel questions and planned similar trips.

Story of Sole Sisters6September 2011 We decided to run an exhibit and series of travel talks in Manila. These were well-attended and successful homecoming events. A lot of people and sponsors helped put it together. We were able to accomplish our goal of inspiring more Filipinos to get out of their comfort zone and start traveling.

Story of Sole Sisters8
October 2011 Belle de Jour invited us to do a talk during their launch on Travel Planning. More schools and groups have invited us to do a talk on travel, inspiration and blogging. In November, I gave a talk for students of St Paul's Pasig on Life Lessons I've Learned from Traveling. On Dec 8, I'll be doing a talk on Blogging as a Way to Promote Tourism for the Tourism students of Miriam college. We love every opportunity of sharing everything we've learned to others!

Story of Sole Sisters9December 2011 We got an advance Christmas gift by getting selected to be a finalist for Best Travel Blog - National Level. And as if that wasn't enough, we're also finalists for Best Blog Design. Thank you blogging gods of the Philippine Blog Awards! We're grateful even just to be finalists! The list includes a lot of awesome Pinoy Travel Blogger friends. Our passion for travel and blogging is starting to pay off!

What's in the Future of Sole Sisters?

Dec 2011 Chichi flies off to Singapore to start a new life. She has no clue what the future holds. But she's going anyway. I scored a consultancy gig with a leadership events company. We've both been have been busy going around small trips in the country upon coming back.

January 2012
I'll be going around the Philippines in one of the toughest travel challenge we've ever done - yet! I'll make the announcement in the next few days.

Story of Sole Sisters11

So what's going to happen to Sole Sisters in the coming months? We're focused on making this blog more of an online travel community than just a travelogue. And for that, we need your help! We welcome all your feedback, questions, comments on how we can get started on this. If you also want to write for us or contribute articles from your travels, feel free to email us at solesisters(dot)weare(at) We look forward to hearing from you!

Still in love,
Sole Sister Lois

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  1. this is it! just shows that WEARESOLESISTERS are alive, its evolving! 
    as i said in the previous post chichi and lois, "kung saan kayo masaya, suportahan taka."
    will continue to be a fan! 

  2. Aaaaaw. Chichi already left the country. :(

    Wish I can force myself to write almost everyday! The Sisters are such an inspiration.

    Kudos on the success of the blog! <3

  3. This is so inspiring!!!

  4. Jovial Wanderer says:

    congrats for winning Best Travel Blog! :)  Lately, I started dropping by your blog a lot kasi it gives out a refreshing vibe :) More power. 

  5. docgelo says:

    congratulations for being 2011 pba's best travel blog!
    you gained a new fan in me. :)

  6. Flipnomad says:

    congratulations Lois and Chichi for everything that you have done in just 1 year... wishing you all the best and of course im excited to your new projects... :-) 

  7. continue to inspire us girls! great job on the projects! keep rockin'!

  8. popazrael says:


    sharing my photo coverage of 2011 Philippine Blog Awards -

    Awards Night -

    bloggers photos -

  9. PossiblyPinay says:

    Congratulations, girls on everything! Truly deserved! And you and Robbie's layouts din were my inspiration to get into a cleaner, neater *more white space* design. :P 

    Best travel blog talaga on a lot of different levels! Such inspirations! :) 

  10. congrats for getting the Best Travel Blog!:)

  11. Wawan says:

    OMG Sole Sisters! You did it! I've been a silent lurker.

  12. happykoko says:

    The design plays a part in you success IMHO as it gives a perfect UX for us blog addicts. Just the right amount of pics and texts. Keep it up!

  13. I Dongho says:

    another great post. kakatuwa may third pa pala na si Paulie. would love to see a post of you and Paulie. too bad i missed the exhibit.

  14. Lois says:

    Maraming salamat sa suporta James! You have been part of our journey! Let us know how we can also supporting your upcoming 100 Days!

  15. Lois says:

    So glad to know we've inspired you Kaiz! We know how you feel, sometimes it's hard to write. Just a tip, read other blogs when you feel uninspired. You'll feel creative in no time!

  16. Lois says:

    Salamat Renz!

  17. Lois says:

    Thanks for taking time to let us know! More power to your blog as well! Keep on traveling and blogging!

  18. Lois says:

    Thanks docgelo! We will keep doing our best to create fresh posts! We love doing this.

  19. Lois says:

    Salamat ng marami Flip! Wish you success in all your future plans and projects as well. We hope to personally thank you in the future :-)

  20. Lois says:

    Thanks so much Ed! You inspire us din! So glad to have met you in person. Keep inspiring!

  21. Lois says:

    Thanks for sharing these Azrael! You take awesome photos!

  22. popazrael says:

    awwwwww thank you!

  23. Lois says:

    Wow! Love the blog makeover! So easy on the eyes! Thanks for believing in us Eileen! More female travel power!

  24. Lois says:

    Thanks so much!

  25. Lois says:

    Thanks so much Wawan for your enthusiam! Woohoo! Wish you more travels in the future!

  26. Lois says:

    Thanks for the design advice koko. Share some tips with us din! We just do the usual trial and error :-)

  27. Lois says:

    Si Paulie talaga ang may pakana ng lahat. Thanks Dong for being a good friend!

  28. happykoko says:

    My point actually was your blog has a very balanced feel to it, it has the right amount of pics and text that encourages us, your readers, to read through the whole post. I only do boring intranet sites so I really appreciate how you built this site from scratch on your own.

    One amusing thing though, the "Americano" song would stream/play when I read your posts from Google Reader. It comes and goes. Weird but funny at the same time. 

  29. Steve says:

    You have a very inspiring story.  You have a great travel blog with awesome stories and tips to share.  Keep them coming.

  30. markyramonego says:

    It was nice having that front row seat to the evolution of online and in person to, from the first PTB Christmas Party to the talk at the ROX and winning the Best Travel Blog. Amazing ride :)

    Sad to read that Chichi is Singapore bound, but hey that's just a short 3-4 hour promo air ride away :)

  31. blissfulguro says:

    it was nice reading your humble beginnings... i have been reading your blog for quite sometime and just like wawan i'm also a "silent lurker", you girls deserve everything!  wish you all the best!

  32. Mercyferriols says:

    I  am one of your avid reader/follower... I am truly inspired by your courage to explore the world thru your travels, and by following what your heart desires...God Bless and Congrats... 

  33. Lois says:

    Thanks so much Steve! You have been inspiring us along the way!

  34. Lois says:

    Salamat for being part of our journey Marky! We really appreciate you!

  35. Lois says:

    Thanks for taking time to post a comment here. Hope you interact with us even more in he future! 

  36. Lois says:

    We appreciate your kind words Mercy! We wish you the courage to follow your heart and create beautiful adventures as well. 

  37. Jane says:

    I am finding this site very useful, I enjoy reading this post. Thanks for sharing. I will keep come back to this site.

    by Travel Guides | Travel Tips

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