15 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging Now

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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When I was recently invited by the League of Tourism Students of Miriam College to do a talk about "Boosting Tourism by Blogging" I knew it was a topic close to my heart. Travel and Blogging are 2 things that get my heart pumping and eyes sparkling. My boyfriend and all my friends are so tired of hearing me share the joys of blogging.

So I would like to take this opportunity to preach to the choir instead. I asked my friends from the Pinoy Travel Bloggers about the best things they got from blogging besides concrete blades. Here are 15 reasons from 15 travel bloggers as to why you should start blogging now:


Travel Opportunities

I was asking for details in one of the adventure parks in Puerto Princesa. The one I was talking to became curious on why do I need detailed information, I told her that I am a Travel Blogger and I was currently writing about their adventure park. She then told me that the next time I go there I could have access to all of their facilities for free.

Got an email from a reader in California who owns an island resort in Cebu. He said I can get free accommodations at his resort for a few days.And he wants to meet me when he goes back to the Philippines. ~Jeffrey of http://morionworld.blogspot.com/

An all expense paid trip to Boracay. Because on that trip I met some of the famous pinoy travel bloggers and I guess that's where I was baptized to become a traveler.
~Darwin of http://damicaye.blogspot.com/

In one of my trips, I was referred to the Department of Tourism in Region 8. They contacted the local tourism office of Calbayog City. I got a free tour around the city from the tourism officers with transportation and free breakfast!

Sailing into destiny ... closer to the heart ♥
By: pixelmama
Love and Relationships

That's how my hubby and I met.

I found friends who are willing to go as crazy as I am when traveling. It's hard to find travel companions who have no inhibitions when it comes to food, adventure and overall fun!

I found an extended family in the town of Tinglayan in Kalinga Apayao. I spent every morning I was there drinking coffee with the family.

Friends. Priceless.
~Robbie of http://thetravellingdork.com/

When I wrote my post on travelers' tips in going to Bangkok, I never knew it would change my life forever. A Belgian guy who loves Asia (and Thailand in particular) read it and emailed me. That started our online friendship, and when we met in person for the first time last October, we both knew our lives as single people are already numbered.

letter writing sf morning
By: donovanbeeson

Best perk I experienced is when people would e-mail me and say that my blog was helpful on their travels. Personally, this is better than when I receive something for free.
~Josiah of http://lakas.com.ph/

I was able to raise P75,000 for the outreach I organized last year. Super overwhelming support.
~Chyng of http://www.chyngreyes.com/

It's fulfilling when people take time to email back or drop a comment to say that a post helped them. Through blogging, I am able to connect to people outside my circle and encourage them to get off their comfort zone and experience life.

Begin of the winter season 2005
By: sculpture grrrl

Even without an advertising or writing degree, I scored a copywriting job through my blog. The CEO emailed me and pirated me from my previous job.
~Rain of http://rainamantiad.com/

Blogging gave me a chance to write for a magazine for 4 times now. Travel Time has given me 2 assignments just because the associate editor stumbled upon my blog.
You learn so many skills when when you set up a blog. You learn about HTML, CSS, uploading photos, downloading files, creating videos, etc. These skills are valuable especially when you want to find alternative careers that you don't normally learn when you get your degree. Your blog is like your online portfolio because it showcases your personality. Rather than putting as much information in your resume and having to "sell" yourself to prospective employers, they can simply get to know you better through your blog. My current employer hired me because of my blog.
~Ed of http://soloflighted.com/

Our blogging journey at Sole Sisters have given us so much. By sharing our adventures we have inspired others to travel and start their own blog. It has also given us some free adventures like our Quiksilver surf lessons in Bali and kayaking experience in Tarlac. It has allowed us meet so many like minded  travelers from all over the world who share the same passion. We also became part of an awesome community of Pinoy Travel Bloggers.

Start Blogging5

Sole Sisters has become our ultimate classroom of creativity. Chichi and I have learned to love writing. Chichi has picked up on web design, coding, and videography. I have sharpened my photography skills and picked up on social media strategies.

Blogging can serve as a bridge towards opportunities, goals and relationships. Our blog is helping me create a life I want. Upon our homecoming, I got a consultancy job just by  googling a company I wanted to work for. I offered my services as a social media strategist.

I think the best thing that blogging has taught me is this: You have to do good work and put it where people can see it. (Austin Kleon) Whatever talents and skills you have, make sure people can see it. Blogging is a way to get the visibility and exposure you need. It may lead to the job, relationship or even the life of your dreams!

What have YOU achieved through blogging?

This is 2 of a 3 part series. This first one was starting your own blog. Next time, I'll write about how your blog can help boost tourism.

Ready to enjoy the holidays,
Sole Sister Lois 

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  1. Another nice article solesisters..i tried to blog every place i've been to wala lang talagang time and i'm no good in terms of story telling,:p

  2. thanks you for sharing my experience to your readers...

    this will definitely encourage more people to start blogging! can't wait for the next part... :)

  3. I think my FB friends, family, and even my photography buddies are tired of me posting my travel posts!  LOL!  But what the heck! This reminds me of my 2nd job.  They wanted a an assistant training manager.  I did not have any experience in training!  LOL and I got the job because I did our department newsletter back in college.  Apparently, they needed a writer to take care of the company newsletter, too. And this was way back when "stripping" was still the in thing. Hehe.

  4. excellent (not to mention controversial) article Lois! :)

  5. Just goes to show that the perks doesn't come in one form alone. :D thanks for compiling all of these responses and including mine! hehe. :D

  6. Thanks for including my input! Travel Blogging changed my perception towards life. Hoping to travel with you girls soon! :D

  7. I've only gone back to blogging for 2 months now (my old blog died a natural death), but my niche is in food. I would love to travel too and hopefully start a travel blog in the future.. :)

  8. Meeting new friends and of course learned a lot of stuff about blogging were one of the perks that I've ever received because of blogging. Ngayon ko lang napagtanto about adsense and etc. I started blogging back in 2006 but it's only this year that I realized na pwede ka palang kumita through blogging (i.e. adsense). :D Love the collection, Lois!

  9. Well done...
    Since I started blogging, my friends started following my picture uploads especially my travels.
    I've become the person to go to in the office if they are planning on a vacation somewhere..
    I've improve in photography whereas I was just an eternal hopeless picture taker before, 
    now I can say I'm a photographer.
    The joys of blogging is its reward.. and we have lots of it in whatever form we consider. :)

  10. I agree. Blogging definitely has its perks and I'm hoping to use my blogging to further advance in the career I dream of. :)

  11. I got all expense paid trips, made a lot of friends and you get to influence people too and a lot more ..  I love this compilation. Keep it up. 

  12. Hope you can make time soon. Storytelling is a skill you can most definitely develop :-)

  13. Thanks for your contribution Mervz! Sana ganun din ka nice ang DOT samin on our 21 Day Pilipinas Challenge ;-)

  14. Congrats on that job, Ding! Your comment reminds me of why people should hire more great writers: 

  15. Haha.. I did not imagine such an innocent topic can be so controversial Christian. Thanks so much!

  16. Thanks for sharing a very well thought out contribution Ed! We always learn so much from you. You are an example of a blogger who constantly evolves and learns. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  17. Same here, Mica. Travel blogging also changed out lives. It opened doors for us that we couldn't open while we were working in corporate. Hope we can travel with you sometime too sole sis!

  18. Hope you get to start it Sumi. Let us know how we can help you. 

  19. Thanks Renz, I super love your blog. Yeah, you learn something new everyday through blogging. Both online and off. Hope to see you when we go to Davao very soon!

  20. What great rewards Francis! Hope you can also share your website with us. Enjoy blogging and travel!

  21. Glad you have the same experiences Brenna. Keep on blogging!

  22. Thanks Chinchan. Yes, I absolutely agree about the influence part. Blogging is a great way to spread ideas!

  23. I agree it was a harmless topic that was unbelievably twisted into something. I'm still a part of the awesome Pinoy Travel Bloggers community - even outside of facebook, and Its awesome that you and Lois and what you had achieved so far, ur willing to share it to others and help them get a foot on the gas pedal either through traveling or writing. That's why I admire you two so much. Stay humble and sexy hehe

  24. Very kind words Marky. If you know how blessed we've been and how many people have gotten out of their to help us out. You'll realize that what we're doing is simply paying it forward. Gusto ko yung final advice na twist sa stay hungry stay foolish hahaha

  25. Mc Pol Androuse CruzDecember 23, 2011 at 9:11 AM

    Nice! I hope these events will happen to me too:) 
    anyway, I've been blogging for like 2 months now. I just want to share my thoughts, and travel experiences to my reader (they are 2 now. haha!) Can I hear your thought about my blog? pseudobipolar.blogspot.com 

    Thank you!:) 

  26. You have a great collection of cool things that have happened to people through their blogs.  I think the best things that happen to me are when people tweet or email me out of nowhere and tell me how awesome they think my writing is.  That really brightens up my day.

  27. **Whatever talents and skills you have, make sure people can see it.**

    Love this line. Inspirational.

  28. i think you forgot something: you get to have a voice. travel, tourism, what have you, comes with certain issues- environmental, cultural. love of travel translates to love of the places and people and that overwhelming desire to protect them so they don't disappear. there are places greatly modified by mass tourism and there are those that were damaged by neglect/oblivion. when you blog and when your blog does really well, you get to be in a position where your thoughts could actually influence other people (including the government, hopefully, goodness knows if that's even possible). :)

  29. love love love this post :) i also have a sole sister. i was following your blog (and actually love it) and when i told her about ur blog, she told me we better start copying the sole sisters lol.. :-P we are planning to document now our adventures/misadventures of being an expat/traveller :) more power to sole sisters 

  30. Nice one. lalo aq na inspired d2. kakabalik q lng ulet ng pagbblog...  Thanks to this. :)

  31. Lois - wearesolesisters.comJanuary 10, 2012 at 2:43 PM

    Thanks for sharing your link. I'm checking it out now and give you feedback in a bit. 

  32. Lois - wearesolesisters.comJanuary 10, 2012 at 2:44 PM

    I agree with them Steve, your writing is inspiring as it is awesome, keep up the great work!

  33. Lois - wearesolesisters.comJanuary 10, 2012 at 8:58 PM

    Thank you, I believe people should show their awesomeness to the world :-)

  34. Lois - wearesolesisters.comJanuary 10, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    wow, thanks so much for sharing this Farrah. I agree 100%. We've slowly been getting into issues about environment and tourism on sole sisters. but we need more posts on that. thanks for the reminder and the well-thought comment.

  35. Lois - wearesolesisters.comJanuary 10, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    copy away! feel free to steal our ideas and make them even better. do start blogging and share you link once it's up.

  36. Lois - wearesolesisters.comJanuary 10, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    please share your blog next time Riz. Thanks for dropping by.

  37. I was reading through the whole article and gave me goosebumps... Travelling indeed is the best teacher. 

  38. Our blog is only almost three months old but I can relate to some of the reasons listed here. i so agree with the joy of building connections with people from all over the world. Knowing that we touched their lives one way or the other is always a pleasure.

    Now, I can only wish that I would find love through blogging! Oh Cupid, wherefore art thou? d=

  39. Glad this post connected with you Kat. I agree that travel teaches us many things. It's what you do with that knowledge that makes a difference.

  40. Thanks for sharing your blog here! Beautiful imaged to accompany beautiful words. I like it a lot! Who knows? You might just find love through blogging! Happy exploring!

  41. now I'm more inspired to continue blogging! Thank Sole Sisters Your an inspiration :-). My Blog : http://probinsyanaindcity.com

  42. Fan na fan aq ng sole sisters jejeje i am ur blog stalker,,, stay cool and sexy chichi and lois

  43. this article gave me goosebumps! thanks for inspiring us to travel more! and of course blogging and sharing our new experiences! happy travel! :)

  44. I'm really inspired by you, solesisters!

  45. A very inspiring article. Mabuhay tayong mga travel bloggers! cheers :)


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