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Monday, November 28, 2011

in a Prize

We like to celebrate Christmas early here at the Sole Sister's HQ so...

It's time for another Sole Sister contest! (CLOSED)

We've always envied girls with long, thick beautiful lashes. Unforch, both of us were sleeping (or traveling) when the Universe decided to bestow all ladies with cow-like lashes. Darn it!

Sole Sister Confession: In my quest to have those killer lashes, I've turned into a mascara junkie! It's the one thing in my chic backpacking arsenal that I can't live without. After several dozen tubes of masacaras, I've found that there's nothing quite like the natural thing. And I think I've found the solution to my beauty woes...

Magic iLash eyelash Enhancer has been formulated to safely enhance your eyelashes giving you that longer and thicker eyelashes. It says on the Magic Potions' website that it has EPM which is part of human tissue protein. They guarantee that eyelashes can get longer and thicker after using this product for as early as 20 days! I started using the iLash a fews ago but haven't been very good at applying at 2x a day daily because I was too busy jumping off cliffs in Siquijor.
So, guess what? We're giving away 3 Magic iLash eyelash Enhancer to 3 lucky ladies or men (because some dream of having longer lashes, too!).

train ride
Caption ME!
All you need to do:
- Caption the photo above!
- Write your caption on the comment section below or post it on our Facebook page or Tweet it to us!
- Lois and Chichi will choose the 3 best captions for the photo
(Tip: Be creative with your captions! The crazier and funnier they are, the better.)
- Check back on Wednesday to see if you've won your own tube of Magic iLash enhancer!

It's that simple!

Congratulations to the following, we had a good laugh reading your entries:

Boyet Fajardo Jr.In call center terms this what you call 
"AUX Jumping when queuing"
 Renee Rose CantosBURMAbaba? BURMAbaba! 
Kristin - If there's a will, there's a way. 
When you don't want to pay, you know your way out! 

Check out the Magic Potions online beauty shop for more great products!

Hoping for Bambi-like lashes,
Sole Sister Chichi and Lois

* Caption This photo by our good friend Susan Stephanie, who's currently in Palau studying to become dive master.
**Illustration on main photo by Gary Varvel

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18 sole trails

  1. Ooops.. Ooops.. Kaboom!

  2. Thanks for your entry Erna!

  3. "1..2..3... last time jeepney, now train, tomorrow? Airplane baby! in yah face OWNED! *snap snap"
    if i nailed this contest, i ain't giving the price to monette. LOL

  4. NKKLK! Thanks for the entry Ron, who's not giving the prize to Monyat!

  5. Windoor  -  "The entrance and exit of the new generation" Window and door in one. Space saving and can stimulate the body's flexibility.

  6. Loving that new term, it will catch on soon Rica! Thanks for joining, this counts as your entry to the contest ;)

  7. Hurry!!!! Speedy Exit!!! Touchdown!!!

  8. This is your entry Moi, thanks for joining ;)

  9. When God closes a door, He opens a window. 

  10. Pic 1: How did Angelina Jolie went out of the train the Salt movie? I can't remember...

    Pic 2: Yikes, it's muddy! My nails. It's gonna get dirty.

    Pic 3: Hey you ant! Get our of the way!

  11. Good one Iaiza! Thanks for joining the contest, this is your official entry!

  12. Alright, 3 entries for you Alvin! The more, the manyer noh? Thanks for joining the contest!

  13. If there's a will, there's a way. When you don't want to pay, you know your way out! :)

  14. Good one Kristin! Thanks for joining, this is an official entry ;)

  15. WINNERS for the iLash Contest: Congratulations to Boyet Fajardo Jr., Renee Rose Cantos and Kristin!! Please send your complete mailing address to so we can send your items asap ;)

  16. love reading your site.. keep posting.

  17. Yey! Thank you guys! Sent my mailing address just now. Sorry been very busy. hehe :)


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