Pai is Love1

Dear Pai,

It's been months since we parted. But I still think about you all the time. You have left such an indelible mark on me. You have shown me your beauty, your lovely light. You are worth braving the thousand hairpin curves that lead to you. Pai, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... 

Pai is Love3

1. Bikes bikes everywhere! Vintage bikes, decorated rickshaws, even planter box bikes!

Pai is Love5

2. You overwhelm me with your Pai smiles. I see it on your walls, your people and even your banks!

Pai is Love12

Pai is Love4

3. You got me hooked on your delicious cappucinos, bannoffee pies and artsy cafes!

Pai is Love8

4. You are a paradise of art! You corners are filled with pretty little corners just waiting to be discovered. I also adore your beautiful souvenirs like postcards and custom t-shirts.

Pai is Love11

5. You are a photographer's (and a model's) dream setting. There are so many places to visit in this town. The Chinese village, the Japanese WWII bridge, Coffee is Love cafe...

Pai is Love7

Pai is Love6

6. Pai is a truly romantic town. Love is all around!

Pai is Love10

7. Where else could you find an upside down house?

Pai is Love9

8. Pretty, colorful street art! An entire town just came together to create a place that would make you smile.

Pai is Love13

9. For a touristy town, it's impressively clean. There's absolutely no trash in sight. And the air is fresh! How's that for a community effort?

Pai is Love2

10. 3 words: Manual ferris wheel! Wheeeee!

Pai is Love14

Did you fall in love with Pai just like us? Who wouldn't? If you get to Northern Thailand, make sure you drop by this place. When people ask me what I think about Pai, I always answer: Pai is love.

Getting there:
Pai is only 134 km from the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. But the ride takes 3-4 hours because of a steep, winding road. It was so winding that 5 out of 8 people in our van threw up. The only ones who were spared were Chichi, myself and the driver. So make sure you take your car sickness pills and a barf bag!

Forever in love with Pai.
Sole Sister Lois

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45 Responses so far.

  1. wow nice place...hope i can visit that place next year

  2. Lavanya says:

    Looks like a great place to visit. Will definitely check it out when we get to Thailand in a few months.

  3. sold! might just drop by on the way to chiang mai next month. :D

  4. Grasya says:

    i love pai too! *memories*

  5. Rica says:

    I've never heard of Pai. I officially wanna go there because of you guys!!!! Ang sarap gumawa ng ganyan sa Pinas. I wanna live there too! I haven't been seduced by Thailand in years but my golly wow, this seduction is very well in play. Thank you girls! =)

  6. I love Pai's bikes, always wanted to get that vintage bike with a basket in front :)

  7. Lois says:

    Thanks for dropping by Aileen. You should see Pai for yourself. It's even better than the photos.

  8. Lois says:

    Yes, don't miss it Lavanya. The first 2 times I was in Thailand, I missed it. So had to make a third visit. I'm sure there'll be a fourth, and a fifth..

  9. Lois says:

    This post made good timing then. Share your own Pai story with us pls. And if you guys like music, check out Edible Jazz.

  10. Lois says:

    Nag reminisce ka Grace? Beautiful di ba?

  11. Lois says:

    Sana nga may ganito sa Pinas. Gawa tayo! I knew you would fall for this place too since ikaw ang nangunguna sa mga ka-cute-an! 

  12. Lois says:

    I know how you feel Claire! I wanted to steal one for myself :-)

  13. RoamingPinoy says:

    Wow!!! I plan to explore Northern Thailand (Ayuthaya, Chiang Mai) next year... and thank God I saw this blog... will definitely visit Pai ....  Lovely!!! 

  14. Lois says:

    Yay! Another convert! Don't pass up on your chance to visit the most photogenic town in Southeast Asia.

  15. Cute :) How I wish i have known this place before I visit Thailand last July.  I think i'll be giving thailand a second round just to see Pai ! :)

  16. ayan says:

    wow.  ganda ng pictures

  17. Eric Baroy Mahinay says:

    Pai Maehongson is my fave place in Thailand aside BKK. I was there last Christmas till New Year. It is a trendy city up on a hill, with a cool weather at night like Baguio. Your blog reminds me of my travel there...I had drawn to that place easily.

  18. we'll check this out on our visit to Thailand. I LOL'd at the manual ferris wheel! May sumasakay ba talaga dyan?haha

  19. Waaaah! Lovely photos!!! <3

    Make me want to go to this place because it looks so artsy and cute.

  20. Lois says:

    Yes Gwenzy, Pai deserves that 2nd round. Careful, you might never want to leave this place!

  21. Lois says:

    Thanks ayan, that's because this place is truly inspiring! 

  22. Lois says:

    So glad you also experienced Mae Hong Son Eric! It's just the perfect place to relax and take a lot of photos.

  23. Lois says:

    Merong sumasakay jan! Kami! Chichi and I had fun taking turns pushing each other. We felt like 3 year olds again!

  24. Lois says:

    Thanks Rob, you will really fall in love with this place as a photographer and an artist. You may even make it your home!

  25. Steve says:

    I didn't know about this place until now.  And I could have gone too since I stayed several days in Chiang Mai.  It looks like a really beautiful place to relax and have fun in.  Plus, it would be cool to see that upside down house.

  26. super love your photos :)

  27. chyng says:

    ..and then i fell in love too. ♥

  28. Love the photos! Pwede magteleport na ngayon? :P

  29. Lois says:

    Yes Steve, all you need is a motorbike, a map and you're all set. Don't forget the travel buddy!

  30. Lois says:

    Thanks Audrey! This place brings out my artsy side.

  31. Lois says:

    Yay! There's more of us! Dami kasing abubot sa town na to :-)

  32. Lois says:

    Let's go Mica! 

  33. Corinne says:

    You perfectly pictured Pai, very inspiring, wow! It's one of my favorite places in northern Thailand too.

  34. Calvin says:

    Wow I like this place na. Thanks for the photos. Will try to conquer Thailand naman next. Ok kaya sya on December? or maulan?

  35. just booked a minibus to pai for next week. will visit these artsy-fartsy corners you photographed. any hostel recommends? :)

  36. Lois says:

    Thanks Corrine! So glad you enjoyed this pretty place to! 

  37. Lois says:

    We went here in May Calvin. But medyo Baguio yung feel so I think a little cold weather would just make this place more romantic :-)

  38. Carmen says:

    So Sweet, nice place  & nice photo. Thanks for sharing it.. will plan it on coming next trip. can u share your trip itinerary for me?  Thanks.... :)

  39. Lois says:

    Thanks for stopping by Carmen. You have to go to lovely Pai on your next trip to Thailand. No itinerary really. It's a small town and just a few hours from Chiang Mai. Just go to the main town where the hostels are. Rent a motorbike and grab a map and you can go around on your own. Don't miss Coffee in Love coffeehouse, Pai Canyon, Hot Springs, WWII bridge, Chinese village and all the prettiness around!

  40. Apol says:

    ohhh Pai.  Thank you for sharing this.. now I know there's this cute town up north. :) I guess this should be one more dream I should achieve, go to Pai!!

    I've been reading your Thailand posts and a lot of your old posts really... and of course I am more inspired to travel.. I'd like to ask your help for me to win tickets to Bangkok. :) I hope it's ok. :) this I saw in Mr. Richard Barrow's blog.
    I  hope you could like my wishlist too.. thanks so much!! :)

  41. i love Pai as fact, Pai is the reason why I started blogging about my travels...and your site was recommended by my friends Ed and Doi...thanks!

  42. hannah says:

    What kind of public transportation would I take if Id be going from bangkok? And How long would it be? Thank you!!

  43. tine barrogo says:

    Hi Lois, thanks for this! Are all those photos in just one little town? We will be staying in Chiang Mai so we might go there!:)) yihee!

  44. SK says:

    Will def check out Pai! Any accommodation recommendations?

  45. This place looks amazing! I want to visit! :)

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