Why I Loved Trippin' at Belle de Jour Fair

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Belle de Jour Fair 10

Reason #1 The Belle de Jour Fair was a girl's wonderland! They gave away a lot of freebies, had a lot of exciting games and had awesome speakers to liven things up! And how great-looking are those cupcakes?

Belle de Jour Fair 15

Reason #2 What a great turnout! Girls lined up just to attend this awesome event!

Belle de Jour Fair 3

Belle de Jour Fair 9
Reason #3 The audience was so game! They danced the Americano with Issa Litton, the host and I even in the sweltering heat!

Belle de Jour Fair 5

Belle de Jour Fair 12

Reason #4 I enjoyed talking to these Bellas about TRIPPIN' and how we survived on the road across 9 countries, 6 months for less than 100,000PHP. I broke it down for them with pre-trip planning, packing, traveling on a budget and how to have the Ultimate Travel Experience. I'll dish out the details of the talk on the next post.

Belle de Jour Fair 11

Belle de Jour Fair 14

Reason #5 The girls asked some great questions such as:

What countries should a solo female avoid while traveling?
Which is better: traveling with friends or with family?
How can you make sure you get potable drinking water while traveling?

I answered all these questions and a lot more and I'm sharing that next.

Belle de Jour Fair 6

Belle de Jour Fair 13

Speaking at events can be tough. The first few minutes are always nerve-wracking. I'm thankful for the awesome support team I had. My boyfriend Hutch and our great friends Lei and Russel Patalinghog of Lifestyle Creatives. All photographs were taken by Russel CP

Belle de Jour Fair 7

I was prettified by The Prettifier Jem Calungcaguin. And I got the litttle pink dress from Shopelite. I'll be sharing details of the talk and more photos and videos from the event next. Stay tuned for that!

Belle de Jour Fair 1

Looking forward to the next events,
Sole Sister Lois
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6 sole trails

  1. Oooh too bad I missed this. That means I have to buy the planner hehehe. More reason to plan more trips. ^.^

  2. I need a Belle de Jour planner for next year! :P Honestly, kayo naisip ko when I heard na they will launch the 2012 Planner na since you somewhat represent what BDJ embodies. Laking tuwa ko when I saw the events page and your names there :D

  3. Yeah, that was too bad, It was so much fun! Yes, please one of the planners. I went through it last night and it has some cool articles and even comes with an actual discount card! We're gonna do a BDJ promo very soon :-)

  4. Funny mo Micah! Kami talaga naisip mo? Honestly we didn't expect they would ask us to speak. It was a great surprise. Thanks so much for believing in us ;-)

  5. Mitchies SweetpetitesOctober 22, 2011 at 10:30 PM

    Oh wow!  I'm super happy to see pictures of my cake display here.  :) I was checking out your blog before the fair ( being an occasional solo traveler too) and was looking forward to signing up for your talk.  Unfortunately, when i checked, the registration was already closed. :(  So, come event date, i stood by my cake display to get to listen to you.  Worth standing for.  :) And thanks for the pics too.  Hope you don't mind if I share this on my FB business page (https://www.facebook.com/mitchies.sweetpetites.phils).  :)

  6. Thanks so much for being at the Sole Sisters Talk Mitchies! Your cakes were fabulous! Sure, feel free to use the photos. Please credit the photographer Russel Patalinghog at http://russelcp.com/


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