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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

How the Idea Began

On the first run of Travel Talks with the Sole Sisters, we met 2 fearless travelers who were going on epic journeys. Paul of Walk Fly Pinoy and Angge of Angge Turns 26 are 20-something Pinoys who have decided to quit their jobs to travel the world. Familiar story isn't it? After meeting them, we thought about helping Pinoy travelers start funding their travels.

We remembered our pre-trip days and came up with a plan: Let's have a Travelers Garage Sale! We gathered a whole bunch of travelers to let go of some of their prized possessions clutter. Monette of Flip'ntravels even offered their garage for the venue!

Garage Sale 5
Books, magazines and printer ink
Garage Sale
Jona with her collection of totes and bags

Sale Day

The actual sale happened last Saturday, October 1st and we set up shop early in the morning. People started to arrive and we were surprised that most of them were from the village and others were from Couchsurfing. Around noon, the rains started to pour but people still poured in after hearing about the sale. Dong Ho of Escape Islands even dropped by to get a few things and ended up staying the whole afternoon just sharing travel stories and having a good chat.

Garage Sale 3
Paul 'rubbing luck' on his shirts
Garage Sale 6
A cute dog went to the Garage Sale
Garage Sale 4
Kuya haggled well to get these shoes down to 250PHP
Garage Sale 7
The guys sold a lot of clothes and shoes!
Garage Sale 9
Aileen scored these pretty heels and SATC collection
Great Way to Kickstart an Adventure

At the end of the day, we sold stuff and made new friends. The Travelers Garage Sale was not just a venue to raise funds, but we shared travel stories, met new travelers and enjoyed the whole haggling process!

Garage Sale 2
L-R Angge, Karen, Eddie, Lois, Ralf, Jona and Paul with our very first 'real' customer
Garage Sale 8
Angge, Lois and Eddie during the sale

Travelers Garage Sale

We may do a 2nd run for the Garage Sale. We still need to find a place where we don't need to quick step laminate. But in the meantime, check out our Facebook page for updates on which items are still up for grabs.

What are YOUR fundraising ideas to kickstart your adventure?

Can't wait to kickoff another trip,
Sole Sister Lois

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  1. Missed this one! Hindi ako nagising LOL. Hope to join next time :D

  2. Wow how cool! somewhere along the way, i might have to do the same and sell some of my stuff (which will cause me some separation anxiety hehe) for sake of funding future travels too :) 

  3. While it's not a method I've used myself, I briefly dated a girl who paid for a three month epic around Central America solely on yard sale profits. She was lucky enough to have her extended family donate stuff for her to sell though.

    I'll have to consider it sometime. I've accumulated a whole lot of junk over the years...

  4. Good luck on your future travel funding ventures Josephine! I can see you got great talent! I know you can do anything you put your heart into. Happy travels!

  5. Sounds like she has an even better idea! Garage sales are hopefully only a the start to future travel funding ideas.

  6. Thanks again for organizing this event and for introducing us to other travelers. And to Monette for the venue and the super sarap na palabok. :D

    Good luck on your upcoming 21 day challenge! ;)

  7. we couldn't thank you enough! and yeah. go for gold on your 21-day challenge! :)

  8. I came in late, wasn't able to sales pitch my "flash" lol. Looking forward to the next garage sale. *looks around the house for things to sell*

  9. Yay! We're so excited to go on the next adventure!

  10. We are so grateful to you guys for starting this idea! We wish you an awesome, life changing adventure!

  11. Yeah, a lot of people actually looked at your flash. Unfortunately, there were not a lot of photography enthusiasts in the area :-) See you on the next one Marky!

  12. No worries Mica! See you on the next event!


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