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Friday, October 07, 2011

Belle du Jour Launch 2012

We have always been big fans of the Belle de Jour Power Planner. We love the pretty art, the helpful tips and of course, discount coupons! Imagine our excitement when we got an email from them last month asking us to SPEAK at their launch! And the best part was that we could talk our hearts out about our favorite topic- TRAVEL!

This year, Belle de Jour launches the 2012 Power Planner with travel-themed festivities, exciting games and talks from coaching experts, bloggers and celebrities that will surely bring out that magical feeling of wanderlust within all of us. If you missed the Sole Sisters talks, then you're in luck! We're doing it all again- in Belle du Jour style.

Here are the details to make sure you don't miss out on another TRAVELIFIC event:

Date: October 16, 2011 (Sunday)

Time: 2pm – 9pm

Venue: Eastwood Mall Open Park

Entrance: Php 50 (100% of Entrance Proceeds will go to the students of Scuolla dela Guioia (Tondo children) and SKR Program (Romblon scholars)

There will be Free Fortune-Telling, Bungee-Jumping, Glitter Tattoo, Photo booth, drinks and food, prizes and give-aways and the best part- FOR THIS DAY ONLY! You can get 20% off on your BDJ Planner! All BDJ Fair attendees can buy the 2012 BDJ Power Planner for only Php480!

PLUS GET A CHANCE TO WIN Free BDJ 2012 Power Planners and many more special prizes from our lifestyle brands! TO WIN! --- Play an active role in the fair’s festivities. Pre-register in any of the following activities below. Please note each activity is limited to certain number of slots =) First come first served.


SHOP AROUND THE WORLD - by Alyanna Martinez (SLOTS = 200 PAX)

Feel on top of the world and shop in any currency for a bargain! Find out where to buy the most sought after “imported” fashion and beauty finds anywhere in the world. Stylist to the stars and savvy shopper, Alyanna Martinez spills her shopping secrets and destinations. Think global in terms of finding the best deal for your travel mementos.

Belle du Jour Launch 2012


TRIPPIN’ - by Sole Sisters (SLOTS = 200 PAX)

The lessons we learn through experience come with a price. Know how to budget, plan and still make the most out of your trips through ingenious planning, knowing what websites to bookmark, hotel accommodations to crash in, backpackin’ and food-trippin’ tips to maximize whatever destination you choose to go to from the stylish Asian-backpacker bloggers, Sole Sisters Lois and Chichi.


KILOMETER ZERO - by Carelle Mangaliag (SLOTS = 200 PAX)

In life, we seek to go through the road less travelled and find our way through the labyrinth of love, career and friendships with hardly a manual or GPS to guide us through treacherous tracks. Listen and be amazed by neuro-linguistic program certified trainor, Carelle Mangaliag on how she has taken U-turns, made the most out of her pit stops and what tools she used to race through her passion for the journey called life!


GET LOST IN STYLE - by Divine Lee (SLOTS = 200 PAX)

Traveling is stressful. But shopping while traveling makes it all worth it except that your baggage limit might just skyrocket! Know what to pack, wear and how to plan mixing and matching pieces to wear for a 3, 5 or a month-long trip to the beach, the mountains or low-temperature continents! Get tips from the guru of travel, style and practicality, Ms. Divine Lee, as she breezes you through her own hoorays and hooplas and how she conquers the world in style.

wanderBelle du Jour Launch 2012lust12

Not convinced? Here's five more reasons to go:

More details on the pages of the BDJ 2012 Planner will be revealed next week! Keep checking their website and facebook account.

We'll see you there,
Sole Sister Lois & Chichi

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5 sole trails

  1. Looking forward to this event. This time I'm going to make sure that I will definitely be there! Screw my work schedule! LOL.

  2. it's good that they have it limited. this for sure will help the growing number of travelers document their travels.

  3. I can't believe I only discovered your blog today! I have so much back reading to do!

    You have both inspired me to finally start on my dream European one (or two?!) month tour with the hubby :)

  4. I think it's the capacity of the venue Dong :-) But I really hope more Pinays will travel and share their adventures to the world!

  5. Thanks for stumbling on our blog Jill.We're sure to check out yours. Oh yes, please follow your travel dreams! And don't forget to share your adventures.


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