Guess Where Fridays Hoi An, Vietnam

Last Friday, the Sole Sisters posted this photo on their Facebook wall.
First person to guess where in SE Asia this photo was taken gets to stay anywhere in the world!
We know it was tough, it was the Grand Prize and the last run for this promo after all.
We're happy to announce the lucky winner is...

Stephen Janssen Ongkingco

who correctly guessed this photo is from Hoi An, Vietnam 
(That was not so obvious was it?)

Stephen wins $75 worth of Roomorama credit
Roomorama is all about living like a local and enjoying the little things that make a city special.

Don't be disappointed if you did not win!
Check out how Roomorama can still help you on your travels.

How Roomorama Works from Roomorama on Vimeo.

Roomorama is one of our partners for our travel photo exhibit and travel talks titled "From Glampacker to Poorpacker: The Sole Sisters' Story". Join us this coming Saturday, Sept 10 at 5PM for Opening Night and get a chance to win $100 Roomarama Credit!

See you on Saturday!
Sole Sister Lois & Chichi

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Marky says:

    better luck next time for me....*awaits the next Wearesolesisters pa contest*

  2. She says:

    darn it! i should've answered yesterday! i'll join again next time:) 

  3. Aleah says:

    Wow galing! Congrats!

  4. PossiblyPinay says:

    Char! I would have never guessed it! Congrats to the winner...
    See u girls on Saturday! :)

  5. Thetreasuretracker says:

    and because I didnt win, will just attend your event on Sat. hehe! would love to hear your stories.

  6. Sole Sisters says:

    We're going to have more exciting contests in the future Marky. Bago namang pakulo ;-)

  7. Sole Sisters says:

    Sayang She! We'll keep you posted for the next one.

  8. Sole Sisters says:

    Oo nga Aleah, Stephen is one persistent contestant!

  9. Sole Sisters says:

    It would be great to meet you on Saturday. See you then!

  10. Sole Sisters says:

    See you Eileen! We finally get to meet the sexiest blogger momma alive ;-)

  11. Marky says:

    ayun oh. Sagot na ni Eileen drinks on Saturday

  12. Rica says:

    I'm geeky. I loved the photo! Did you use lightroom? What preset? I love the texture and color! =)

  13. Sole Sisters says:

    THanks for noticing that Rica! I didn't edit this photo. I just happened to take it at the perfect time. You should drop by ROX at Bonifacio High Street on Sept 10-18 and see more photos from our travels. 

  14. Rica says:

    OMG, really? Cos I noticed that most of your photos had that type of texture so I thought they were edited. Looove it! =) I've registered for the 15th wwwiiihhh!!! Good luck tom and I'll see you lovely ladies next week. =)

  15. Katie says:

    Do you still have this contests every fridays? T_T I wish to won this time haha

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