What You Missed on The Sole Sisters...Again

Friday, September 16, 2011

Session 2 Main Pic

Ok, this time we're convinced that aliens were involved.

An out-of-the-world aircraft landed on your backyard and just as you went out of the house, a figure who looked a lot like Jar Jar Binks abducted you. You're now somewhere beyond the realm of the Milky Way.

We figured that IS the only logical explanation why YOU weren't with us last night for session 2 of Sole Sister's Travel Photo Exhibit: From Glampacker to Poorpackers.

 We just didn't answer exam tables while you were in outer space. Let's make you jealous and hate your alien abductors even more, shall we?

The stage is ready!

The Sole Sisters with famed travel photographer, Estan Cabigas.


Melo from R.O.X. Philippines

Due to popular demand, we danced the Americano again!

They know how to dance the Americano. You don't because you weren't there!

Journeying James gave us Kuripot Tips on Backpacking (plus lots of freebies!)

Estan shared excellent photoraphy tips

Chichi walks you through how to plan your epic trip.

Guess who came to cover the event?

Guess who chose this moment to cross of #17 of our 30 before 30 list? Yep, Chichi.

Lois tells you how it's possible to travel for 6 months with less than 100,00 PHP.

We spent only 91,026 PHP in 6 months.

Roomarama gives away another $100 credit!

Delish sandwiches by Manna were devoured by the audience.

All that talking has made everyone hungry!

Roomarama global customer service officer, Rishee.

Feelin' the love from fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers

We're ready for Session 3. Are you?

You now have only ONE LAST CHANCE to join us. Session 3 will be on Sunday, September 18 at the 3rd Floor, R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street. Sign up here: Travel Talk with the Sole Sisters (Session 3).

Session 3 promo ad

We've blabbed on and on about our experiences on the road. This time it's all about YOU! We want to hear your travel stories and adventures while on the road. Let's talk, laugh, sing and dance some more on Sunday!

Psst! More pictures from the event over at the Sole Sister Facebook page. All images courtesy of Josiah Sicad of http://lakas.com.ph.

This event is in partnership with Recreational Outdoor Exchange (R.O.X.), Roomarama and South East Asian Backpacker Magazine.

Our sponsors are HeadwareLifestyle Creatives and Paccube.


Can't wait to see everyone,
Sole Sister Lois and Chichi

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15 sole trails

  1. Glad I attended Session 2 may bonus song number pa from Chichi =) I learned a lot, I met new friends and I had fun =) 

    Thanks Lois and Chichi =)

  2. Yay thanks for joining us Katz! We had so much fun, too. We're also happy to know that people didn't go home right after Chichi's song number ;) 

  3. congratulations Chichi and Lois! too bad that the schedules were in conflict with one event and another a long time due meet-up. anyways... ive seen much. ive heard much of the success of the sessions. again kudos to the power two!

  4. Great job girls! Lovin' the energy and activity. What are you guys up to next??

  5. Thanks so much Dong, sayang nga we would have wanted to meet you. But as travelers, we keep moving around. Catch you at another event!

  6. Thanks Grace! Just a small way to get Filipinos to travel more. We are planning a fund raising event soon and also a trip around our beloved Philippines. On top of that, Lois just started working again. Busy busy! 

  7. WOW! Great job ChiChi and Lois! =) What you're doing is very inspiring and commendable. Mabuhay ang Pinoy travellers! <3 x

  8. WOW! Great job ChiChi and Lois! =) What you're doing is very inspiring and commendable. Mabuhay ang Pinoy travellers! <3 x

  9. "We spent only 91,026 PHP in 6 months." We? I'm pretty sure it was just Lois! Peace Chichi! Kudos girls!! 

  10. sana may next Session....like to experience it :) 

  11. This is a nice way of sharing your travel experiences.Congrats

  12. Thanks karla! We're happy to be part of an awesome travel community!

  13. Hahahaha Your guessed it Claire!

  14. We're speaking at the Belle du Jour Power Planner Launch on Oct 16. We'll see you there!

  15. Thanks Betty, we loved every minute of it!


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