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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You probably were stuck inside the elevator in between the 33rd and the 34th floor for 24 hours. There might have been a great flood, the likes of which have never been seen since the time of Noah, just as you were about to leave your house. You saw a burning building on the way to the event... and you couldn't turn your back from the screaming women and children trapped inside.
You might have even incurred a slight concussion causing you to forget that September 10th was the BIGGEST DAY in the Sole Sister world.

Those scenarios are the only ones we could think of to explain why YOU weren't with us on the first day of the Sole Sister's Travel Photo Exhibit: From Glampacker to Poorpackers.

It's ok, we forgive you. We understand that these things happen. As a sign of peace and forgiveness, we'll give you the lowdown on what happened that night:

The stage is set.

The early birds get the best seats.

Our Indonesian friend, Su mans the registration booth.

Our crazy/fab hosts for the night: Karen and Bob.

Before starting the event, guess what the Sole Sisters made everyone do? Yep, we made everyone DANCE the AMERICANO! Watch out for the release of another dance video!

Who Run The World? Girls!

Chichi talked about how travel transformed her from being a self-confessed shopaholic glampacker to a poorpacker. She shared her experiences and the lessons learned on the road.
"I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve gained in the past 6 months for a hundred Carrie Bradshaw closet."
Lois asked the age-old question: Why do people leave their comfort zones for strange cities and exotic lands? She shared that travel makes you see your country in a whole new different light, much like you're outside looking in. Travel sometimes can be travail but it is worth it because of the people you meet along the way.
"I told you I'll share 5 stories but I'll shortchange you. The 5th one would need to be written by you."

Nina of Just Wandering shared how she is the most unlikely traveller: she's paranoid, a worry-wart and not the most social person there is. But she doesn't let these deter her from doing what she loves. She encourages everyone to let them become a challenge and not a road block to following your dreams of wandering.

Monette of Flip Travels shared her experiences of a woman traveling solo. She gave tips on how to pack for a trip - light packing is the way to go, she said. Just like Nina, Monette overcame her fear of solo traveling by stepping out of her comfort zone.

 Anna Cleal, representative for the Southeast Asia Backpacker magazine, also shared her love for the Philippines and the Filipinos, which made her start flipflop tours, an 11-day overland adventure from Bohol to Boracay. She encourages all Pinoys to keep spreading the love of for our country in any way we can.

Freebies, lots of Freebies!

We gave away lots of prizes from Headware, Paccube, and R.O.X. There was even a raffle draw for the grand prize: a $100 credit from Roomarama for accommodations anywhere in the world!

 What is the Tagalog translation of the word 'seatbelt'?

Winners get travel accessories from Paccube.

Bring me an airplane vomit bag. Who would've thought?

Manda Foo of Roomarama came over from Singapore to give away $100!

Cocktails and Chicka

What better way to end the night than by gorging on free food? Delish sandwiches were provided by Manna. The cute cupcakes from The Cupcake Factory were instantly devoured by the hungry audience!

Pinoy Travel Bloggers came over to show their love!

Dripping with jealousy already? Wait until we release the videos! (Watch out for that within the week.) I bet you're muttering to yourself "I should have been there, I should have been there!"  Here's hoping you're already regretting saving those women and children from the burning building!

Seriously though, we're not sure if we'd be so understanding if you still won't be with us on Thursday at 7:00 pm, R.O.X., Bonifacio High Street. We don't think we can survive getting our hearts broken because you went M.I.A. on us. Again.  Sign up for the Sole Sister Travel Talk Session 2 HERE.

Psst! More pictures from the event over at the Sole Sister Facebook page. All images courtesy of Russel Patalinghog.

This event is in partnership with Recreational Outdoor Exchange (R.O.X.), Roomarama and South East Asian Backpacker Magazine.

Our sponsors are HeadwareLifestyle Creatives and Paccube.


Excited for another round of travel talk fun,
Sole Sister Chichi and Lois

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  1. Paccube!

    Congrats Lois and Chichi! I'm sure the next two sessions will be even more awesome as the first one! :D

  2. will be there on sept 15 i missed the first session and im surely wont miss this 2nd session..see you

  3. Congrats again for such a fun and inspiring event! Sobrang natuwa yung mga friends namin. And the hosts made it more fun. 'You already! Really?' haha

    Looking forward to the next talk! :)

  4. Thanks Nina for sharing your inspiring stories with everyone. We're excited for the next 2 sessions. Paccube!

  5. Oh so you had to save a crying child from a burning building right Jackie? It's ok because you'e a hero then. See you on Thursday then, make sure to say hi!

  6. Hi Angge! Thanks for dropping by...and bringing your friends. Bongga! We are absolutely in love with Karen and Bob, our hosts that night. They'll be with us again on Thursday, this time with more jokes and laughs. See you!

  7. yep. i'll force her to attend the thursday event, too. haha. congrats again for the great event, lois and chichi!

  8. congrats too bad I missed the talk of Chi-Chi and Lois, but its okay since I read all your SEA backpacking trip- blog entries here.

  9. Thanks for following our adventures Marky! We hope to see you on the 15th!

  10. Haaay still can't believe I missed this. Would've loved to hear Nina's talk because I'm just like her on being paranoid and all. See you guys tomorrow!

  11. uyy I was here :) Papa Americano dance craze rules!


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