Today is the BIG day!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bali Kuta Beach : May their JOY Embrace U!

You've probably heard the news, the Sole Sisters are back! The Sole Sisters present "From Glampacker to Poorpacker", a travel photography exhibit that chronicles our 6 month backpacking trip in India and across Southeast Asia. On display are 35 photos from all the countries we have visited and videos that recap our journey.

We aim to empower Filipinos by encouraging you to travel and choose your own adventures.

The exhibition opens today! Sept 10, 2011 at 5pm at the R.O.X. Fort Bonifacio High Street (click here for directions) with Travel Talks. The show runs until Sept 18, 2011.

Here's a sneak peek:

and if that's not enough to get you there,
Roomarama will be giving away $100 worth of credit!

See you all there!

The Sole Sisters

Main photo credit: zoompict

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  1. good luck girls! i'll drop by maybe on sept15 or 18.
    btw, i saw your shots (sa camera ni Upper). nice! ^_^

  2. Good luck po. I just want to know till what time the exhibit will run on Sept 18? I think that's the only time I can visit due to school works, but still, I will try to visit also on Sept 10. Thanks..

  3.  The Sept 18th talk will probably run until 8 or 9pm. Hope we see you later Zhian!

  4. See you on the 15th or/and 18th then Chyng! Kwela ung photoshoot na un with Upper ;p

  5. congratulations Lois & Chichi! great talk c",) 

  6. Yey! I'm soooo happy I came and will be attending the other talks, too! I think I only got to say two things tonight: "WOW!" and "OMG-it's-him/her from! I can't wait to travel again. :)

  7. the event was great! funny co"z i saw a friend whom i wasn't expecting to see there...i asked her why she's there and she said that she's a follower! omg! sikat much??? lol let me know if i should bring a photo of us with autograph next time... miss you guys!

  8. same with Chyng ill drop by sometime between Sep15-18. congratulations to the first session!

  9. congrats again chichi & lois! nice meeting you both 

  10. Hi Lois and Chichi! My friends and I enjoyed the talk last Saturday. I was the one who asked how you guys got permission from your parents :) I'll be attending this Thursday's talk too. I hope I get the chance to meet you both :) More power to you two! (showbiz haha!)

  11. I'm the other half of the 1st 2 girls who approached you for a souvenir shot before the event started. Great to finally meet you girls in person. #fangirlmode

    Here's to more adventures for Pinay (and Pinoy) travelers!

  12. Glad you could join us Yeye! see you Thurs for another round of fun?

  13.  We were supr happy you came over and talked to us Laiza, even for just a few minutes. More chicka and hopefully WOW moments on Thurs. See you!

  14.  Didn't we ask you to take a picture of you, Carl and us before the start of the trip? Ready na sana kami mag-sign ng autograph eh! Hahhaha! Sayang you couldn't stay long Leah but let's catch up soon ok?

  15. Great to hear that Dom! See you Thurs then, finally we get to meet you!

  16. Was great finally meeting you, supertikoy este Jerome! Next time, sama na kami sa nomo sesh.

  17. We remember you Sheila! Thanks for asking that question. We know how important that part is to anyone starting their own epic journey. We learned from this experience that our parents will still love us and be proud of us even if sometimes what we want to do with our life is at odds with what they want for us. Lois shares her story on how she told her parents about her decision to quit:

    See yu on the road soon! and more power ;p

  18. Thanks girls for dropping by! Hope you had fun at the event. Hope to see you both again at Thursday's talk. Cheers to itchy soles and the need to scratch it ;)


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