The Great Big Sole Sister Chatuchak Challenge

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Chatuchak Markets

It was Lois who came up with the 'great' plan. The other half of the Sole Sister duo was vehemently opposed to the idea. In fact, it took her quite a while to convince Chichi. It took even longer to settle on the terms and conditions of the challenge; especially, with the amount of bhat we could spend in one of the largest markets in the world, the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand.

Chatuchak (Jatujak) or JJ as it is fondly called by falangs and backpackers, is THE biggest market in Thailand. It covers 1.13 km² and has over 5,000 (seriously) stalls. It's so big that you would need a map to be able to find what you're looking for. The map might also come in handy when looking for that Cha Yen (Thai iced milk a.k.a. Chichi and Lois' addiction) stall to ward off the Thai heat.

200706 chatuchak market
Photo Credit: iambents
How to Get There (or The Shortest Possible Way to Bankruptcy):  Take the BTS Skytrain, Sukhumvit Line and get off at the Mo Chit station. Chatuchak market is just a 5-minute walk from there.

The Sole Sister Chatuchak Challenge

In an effort to prevent Chichi from spending anymore money on 'entertainment' (Evidence#1: Vietnam budget, Evidence#2 and #3: Laos and Cambodia expense), Lois devised a brilliant plan to hit two birds with one stone: Visit JJ Market while helping Chichi avoid bankruptcy spending way too much. (Lois was also secretly afraid that she'll lose her travel buddy half-way through the trip due to her lack of funds to continue the journey.)

The challenge is simple. Each sole sister will only have 150 THB to spend while inside JJ market. Nothing more, nothing less. No if's, no but's. (A lot of no's if you ask Chichi). The person who spends more than the amount specified loses.

Pinkie fingers crossed, we went inside JJ determined to only spend 150 THB. After about 5 minutes, we were wondering what in the hell we got ourselves into. Chichi was overheard muttering: "Lead me not into temptation". Watch the video to see how the challenge went and what other things we were muttering abou:

What did we end up buying with their 150 THB? Did we overcome the challenge or did someone (ahem Chichi) walk right into the path of temptation?


words, words...

more words...

even more words...

wordity wordity wordy word...

la di da la di da da da...

Had enough scrolling already? Didn't want anyone peeking while watching the video! Seriously, are you ready to find out if we owned the challenge or not?

Chatuchak has a lot to offer, even for those who have meager budgets. Sunglasses, sandals, hats, shirts, skirts - anything you can possibly think of. But when you're on the road for 3 months and you're sick of all the clothes inside your backpack, a pretty new dress is like a gift from God, rain after a year-long drought, a banquet - ok, you get the picture. It's no surprise that we chose to buy the same thing.

Chichi's Sheer Printed Green Dress = 180 THB

Chiang Mai

Lois' Orange Ruffled Empire Waist Dress = 160 THB

Myanmar Sun

And just like with Chichi's 7k Extreme Palawan Challenge or Lois' 8k Epic Challenge around Thailand last year, both of us went back to our cheap guesthouse on Khao San Road utterly defeated. Once again, we have reached for the sky and fell...hard. Although, we both have really pretty dresses to show for it.

Doi Suthep Thailalnd

Most importantly, Chichi didn't spend all her bhats while inside Chatuchak market. She lives to see one more country because of Lois' efforts.

Can't resist pretty dresses,
Sole Sister Lois and Chichi

Main photo credit: Matthew Stevens

Psst! We can't wait to meet everyone at R.O.X. for the Sole Sisters' Travel Photo Exhibit and Travel Talk. If you haven't heard about it yet (which is weird because this is the greatest thing since the iPhone), click to read about the details of "From Glampacker to Poorpacker: The Sole Sisters' Story". See you there!
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  1. this is haven to us girls, I can't believe you did it! Hahaha! must be a LOT of self control! :)

  2. I love the challenge girls! gagayahin nga namin yan... sa patpong naman kami. hahaha

  3. Thanks to the power of two, we were able to resist temptation! Woohoo

  4. Gow grow and glow sa challenge. Kahit palpak ang ending, it's ok. Fun naman!

  5. very much enjoyed the video, girls! way to go with the flattery scheme! haha. fab finds, btw. :)

  6. We enjoyed this challenge peppy. You can say it's Chichi's initiation to the poorpacker life. And it almost broke her! We love our dresses, it reminds us of an entire day of haggling with stingy shopkeepers!

  7. Oh. I just love Chatuchak. And Thailand shopping in general.

  8. Chichi feels the same way...especially the shopping part! That explains the need for the 150B challenge...

  9. Thank you very much for sharing your experience in Thailand, I'm pretty sure that you girls had a great time.

  10. i have the same orange dress, also from Chatuchak! :) Funny because while we were on our way to Bangkok, I read about you in the magazine in the plane! :) 

  11. It looks like you guys had a really great time, I hope you'd try some white water rafting in Tennessee. Thank you very much and have a nice day.


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