From Glampackers to Poorpackers, It's A Wrap!

Friday, September 23, 2011

From Glampacker to Poorpacker

Like all great things, the Sole Sister Travel Photo Exhibit and Travel Talk series started out as an idea.

We were in Myanmar and were considering whether we should still go back to the Philippines. What should we  do with tens of thousands of photos and 6 months worth of travel learning? By then,we had completed our transformation from being glam, luxury travelers to being budget conscious, independent poorpackers. Our aim for this project is simple: To share our stories and lessons learned on the road in the hope of encouraging more Filipinos to have itchy soles and travel the world!

On Season 1, Episode 1 of From Glampackers to Poorpackers travel talk, more than a 100 people came to listen to Lois' 5 stories on why she needs to travel. When Chichi told her story about how travel changed her life, from being a shopaholic party-girl to a poorpacker, most of the girls in the audience nodded their heads in understanding. Some could also relate to Nina's unapologetic confessions of why she's the most unlikely traveller but still she overcomes everything for her love of travel. It's a daunting idea to travel alone especially if you're a girl - So everyone, including us, picked up tips from Monette on how it's like to travel in tutus.

More photos can be found here and on our Facebook page.

Sole Sister Travel Talk: From Glampacker to Poorpacker

On Season 1 Episode 2 of From Glampacker to Poorpackers, even more people came to R.O.X.! Some of them came to get kuripot tips from Journeying James on being a backpacker. A number of photography enthusiasts arrived early in order to hear the Master, Estan Cabigas, talk about photograpjhy techniques. Chichi shared how the Sole Sisters planned their epic trip, she broke it down into bite-size pieces for everyone. To answer the hundred-thousand-peso question we've been getting since coming home, Lois tells all our gritty financial details and revealed the total cost of our 6-month trip.
More photos here and here.

On Season 1 Episode 3 of From Glampackers to Poorpackers, it was time to hear your stories. We've been yammering on and on about our trip and experience on the road when YOU have a story to tell!

Sole Sister Story: From Glampacker to Poorpacker Session 3
Soloflighted shares his crazy experience bungee jumping from the Macau Tower.
Sole Sister Story: From Glampacker to Poorpacker Session 3
Jo-anna of KIDS Foundation shares her experience on travolunteering.
Sole Sister Story: From Glampacker to Poorpacker Session 3
Mars shares tells her travel story.
Sole Sister Story: From Glampacker to Poorpacker Session 3
Zhian adds to the scary experience factor with his bus story.
More photos here!

We know how badly you wished your were with us...but sadly aliens were involved. We understand. Now you're back albeit with your memory zapped by that Men in Black thingamajig. To help restore your memory, we'll be posting a series of videos from all the talks on the Sole Sister Facebook page next week. Watch out for that! Don't you just love us?

Here's a sneak peek! By the end of the clip, we bet you're wondering why in the world is Chichi singing.

You know, we would have been happy if our family, friends and close relatives attended the event. But we've met readers who came from all over Metro Manila because of their love for travel. We talked to several people who are about to embark on their own long-term backpacking trip soon (Oh we have another project to help them out, watch out for that!). We even saw some who were taking down notes while the talk was on-going! Talk about serious dedication eh? In short, we've encountered a lot of Sole Sisters and sole-dier boys in the past week. It has been such a thrill to see strangers, friends and family who came, not just to show their support to us, but more importantly because of this all-consuming desire to roam and travel the world.

This event has been the icing to the cake that was our 6-month trip. Our goal for this event has always been to encourage everyone to start your own journey. We hoped to inspire you to explore the backyard that we call the Philippines and our neighbours in Southeast Asia. Travelling is not just for the rich and for those who can afford it. We’re nothing special, we’re just ordinary girls. Anyone can do what we’ve done. All you just need to do is step out of your front door and get on that bus or boat or plane.

If we have at least made you feel a little of the itch on our soles that we are constantly plagued with, if we have made you want to book that next flight out of there. If we have planted the tiniest seed in your mind that YOU could do this too. Well then, we have done our job and that’s more than we could hope for.

We hope to see you again on the next Sole Sister event!

The Sole Sisters

P.S. We'll be posting our adventures in Thailand next. Watch out for more (mis)adventures, hilarious videos from our Mae Hong Son bike trip, crazy Couchsurfers in Chiang Mai and what happens when Lois gives Chichi the ultimate budget challenge!

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  1. Excited for the videos! I was in Singapore during your talks and was really sad to have missed the opportunity to see and listen to you guys! :)

  2. We're also excited to share the talks, the laughter and the dancing with everyone! Watch out for that Astrid ;)

  3. crazy couchsurfers in Chiang Mai? :D hmmm isa ba ako dun? haha! take care dear girls - grasya . com

  4. Definitely Grace! We're itching to write about Cm already ;)

  5. Congratulations, girls! You truly inspired a lot of travelers to go and pursue that trip especially the girls :D Haven't sent my info and pictures pa pala. Hope to see you both soon :D

  6. Thanks for attending Mica. Great to finally meet you. Too bad we didn't get to chat with you so much. We'll catch you on the next event!

  7. whoah! Im there! it was so inspiring and fun talk series girls and it was nice meeting you too :p 

  8. I am really grateful for making the event possible Ate Chichi and Lois. You really inspired me to travel not just for leisure but to experience and learn other's way of living through budget backpacking. It is really nice that I met you personally. (^_^) I'm a big fan. 

  9. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your story Zhian! Now that you've discovered your wanderlust, we bet your soles will start itching. Happy travel!

  10. You gals are becoming my favorite travel blogger to follow!  I need to write about you two on my blog soon!

  11. I would be very interested to attend this activity.

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