The Making of Sole Sisters' Americano Dance

It all started at a train station in Thailand. Then it spread in Myanmar. The craziness continued until Malaysia. This is what the Sole Sisters have been going nuts about. And everywhere we went, everyone caught the Americano Dance Fever. This is just a preview of the song that's been stuck in our head for months. And what it made us do:

Watch out for the full video on Aug 15 
shown exclusively on 
our Facebook Page!

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  1. Ed says:

    hi gals, nice way to invite other folks to join in your craze! thinking of creating my own video too around the world doing headstands. I'll wait for August 15 so I can also update my latest post about traveling around the world doing crazy videos! :D

  2. its really funny! nice to meet harry in person too, hahaha
    i wanna do vids too, sino nag-edit? galing!

  3. Ailene says:

    Looks fun! Can't wait for the final video! :) 

  4.  We want more and more people to join in our craziness Ed! We love the idea of you doing headstands around the world. Unforch, we can't do it so we danced instead ;) Appreciate you waiting for the release of our Americano vid before posting your article. We'll message you once it's out. Thanks!

  5.  We had so much fun! And Harry was so game for the whole craziness, he even choreographed some  parts of it ;) Chichi is the video editor but Lois adds her own ideas to complete the whole thing ;)

  6. Karen Mae Valdez says:

    this is so kewl! can't wait to see it on Aug 15 :) i wana learn the dance steps hehe

  7.  We had so much fun! We're thinking of doing it around the Philippines this time. Want to join us?;)

  8.  Let's meet up one of these days and the Sole Sisters can teach you the steps. it's totally easy ;p

  9. Join us in the PH edition Rob!

  10. Calvin says:

    way to go!!! ang galing and ang saya!

  11. Hahaha! Cool! You really enjoyed doing it kaya it is so nice to watch! :) 

  12. Patikim palang yan Calvin! Watch out for the full video ;p

  13.  It was super fun making the video! We can't wait to release the full dance!

  14. Brilliant idea girls! Enjoy na kaayo ko by watching the "trailer"...hahaha...can hardly wait for August 15!

  15. This is so much fun! Super lingaw! Hehe We had a video with this song too, but that was new year though. We danced like nuts in the balcony. Hahaha I can totally relate. Woooohhhooooo -Jake

  16. Sole Sisters says:

    Hey Krizz, the video is out on our facebook page. Let's dance the Americano!

  17. Sole Sisters says:

    Let's do the Americano at the Fort tomorrow Estan!

  18. Sole Sisters says:

    It's so much fun dancing with a lot of people. It really enriched the whole travel experience. Let's dance Jake!

  19. Harrykawanda says:

    James, I'm in whenever y need a partner in crime! ;)

  20. i can't stop smiling watching this video. good job, girls! this one is surely unforgettable!!!

  21. Sole Sisters says:

    Thanks Jerik! This was one of our highlights during the SEA trip. It's great to document the places we've visited with our friends and by dancing!

  22. JODYxBUFFY says:

    Strange... I have never seen that dance here in America.  Maybe I will have to attend some pinoy parties and watch for the line dancers to bust these moves!

    BTW, love the pics of Bagan and Shwedagon Paya.  So loved Myanmar

  23. Sole Sisters says:

    It's not exactly Pinoy Jody. I think we stumbled on it in Thailand of all places! And it just spread across Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Yeah, Myanmar was definitely a highlight.Going once is not enough. 

  24. flipflopnomad says:

    Did you make the choreography? If yes wow!!! You're so viral! Coz we were dancing it in Siem Reap and I only saw it in this site. And we were dancing the same choreography everytime they played pan americano.

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