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Friday, August 26, 2011


We've seen crickets, frogs and cockroaches on the dining plate instead of being shooed away.  We've come face to face with the horrors that one man could do to an entire nation. We've seen first-hand the suffering and pain that the Khmer Rouge have brought upon their own countrymen. We also bore witness to the resilience and indomitable spirit of the people of Cambodia that made them rise above its gruesome past. We stared in wonder at the ancient Khmer skill that made the majestic Angkor temples.

We've spent the shortest time in this country so far, yet we felt that we have felt and experienced more than we expected. Ah Cambodia! You have smitten the Sole Sisters in such a short time.

And now, here we are again. It's that time of the month. (No, not that time!) It's time we get crunching with numbers!

1. Number of days: 17

2. Number of cities visited: 4

Cambodia SS Route

3. Number of waterfalls: 3

4. Cost of elephant ride in Ban Lung (which we consider as Cambodia's best kept secret): 10 USD


5. Distance walked by said elephant: 100 meters
*Which makes the ride cost 1 USD per 10 meters!( Yeah, we're great with numbers...and calculators.)

6. Number of jumps/dives/flips on Yaek Lom Crater Lake: 20+

Ban Lung, Cambodia

7. Age of one of the best tour guide in Cambodia, Mr Kosal: 20

8. Number of times Chichi said she wouldn't visit the Cheong Ek Genocidal Center (or the Killing Fields as it is commonly called) in Phnom Penh: 10*


9. Entrance fee to the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh: 6.50 USD

That's the reason why this photo was taken from the outside.
10. Number of people grossed out by Chichi's 'tattoo' from Laos, from her crash with her motorbike, Black Mamba, in the mountains of Tha Kaek: 7


11. Days it took for the wound to transfrom from icky scab to pinkish raw skin: 8

12. Number of security regulations imposed on the prisoners of the Tuol Sleng High School turned prison: 10

#6 While getting lashes or electrification, you must not cry at all.

13. Number of times the Sole Sisters almost died biking in the crazy streets of Phnom Penh to reach the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng: 351321*
*Guestimate number. But it was really hard since they don't understand the concept of sticking to your lane.

14. Number of unfortunate events in Angkor: 5

Angkor Wat

15. Number of temples visited around Angkor: 7


16. Things we learned from Angkor (to the point of death) that the famous guidebook doesn't tell you: 5

17.  Number of times the Sole Sister said NO to riding any form of bikes: Countless

18. Number of times we missed the sunset: 2 out of 2 chances

19. Number of items bought from the Siem Reap night market: 4
* 1 scarf-Lois, 1 shirt-Hutch, 1 dress and 1 shorts-Chichi

20. Number of buckets consumed at Angkor What? bar on Pub Street: 5*
*Over the course of 1 week. That's still a lot but...just sayin'. -Chichi

siem reap party

21. Number of margaritas Chichi got us for free just for looking panicky and pretty: 3

22. Number of days in Battambang: 3

23. Number of days it rained while in Battambang: 3

24. Total cost of Chichi's dorm bed (a/c+pool+2 USD all-you-can-eat breakfast+great people) at The Siem Reap Hostel: 56 USD (for 7 days)


25. Total paid for dorm bed: 35 USD
*Total cost reduced because of 1 USD per night discount (for more than a week stay) and some miscomputation (Oops!) on the receptionist's part. 
** In my defense, I found out about the miscomputation halfway to Bangkok - Chichi

Lois Cambodia Expense
Chichi Cambodia Expense

We've made a lot of friends, got into some (mis)adventures, found the courage to come face-to-face with the Khmer Rouge era and marveled at the beauty of Angkor. We've been both horrified and amazed, terrified and spell-bound, repulsed and humbled.

Cambodia is a contradiction of sorts. There's defintely more to the Khmers than what meets the eye.

Onward to Thailand,
Sole Sister Lois and Chichi
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  1. Fanatastic work with the graphics and photos. I think that would've taken me a week to knock up.

  2. does this include the tarnsportation in and out of Cambodia?

  3. Nice! And wow, that is cheap!

  4. Thanks so much. That's what we call teamwork!

  5. Just transportation going to not coming out of Cambodia Ayan. But we did both by land which is relatively cheap.

  6. What? $6.50 for entrance to Royal Palace in Phnom Penh?! That's expensive!

  7. Thanks Lauren, by then we had turned from Glampackers into Poorpackers and were getting a bit better with our budget..

  8. oh yeah! sometimes we just have to skip some places.. 

  9. Perhaps you can further break down the Entertainment wedge of your pie charts; i.e., how much went to site fees and how much went to liquid refreshments!

  10. hahaha... ang galing ni chichi sa free drinks. and im not surprise na mas magastos si chichi, at talagang nagshopping pa. 

  11. Good idea Jody but Chichi wouldn't like that since it will reveal too much ;p

  12. As usual, mas malaki pa rin ang gastos ni Chichi. In fairness, she's consistent!

  13. congrats chichi base from the pie chart you're now a budget traveler! you already!!! lol

  14. Woohoo It's me already! I'm learning, slowly but surely. -Chichi

  15. It looks like you made the most of your time in Cambodia.  I was there several years ago and loved it there.  There's just so much to do and see.  In fact, I went back there the next year to spend more time.  Seeing all your numbers on it makes me miss there.

  16. 17 days in Cambodia simply wasn't enough Steve! The locals were uber friendly out there and you're right, we never ran out of things to do and see. It's felt a bit like a roller coaster ride with so much poverty, devastation, spirituality and peace. We're sure to come back.

  17. You know how sometimes serendipity can wow you...I'm a Filipina exchange student in Singapore and I've recently been toying with the idea of going to Cambodia and then I chanced upon your amazing blog :) Now I am even more convinced to go :)) I have a rather logistical question though. I was planning to divide seven days between Phnom Phen and Siem Reap. I'll fly from SG to Phnom Phen and then ride a bus from there to Siem Reap. How much pocket money should I bring, minus airfare? :) Hope to hear from you!

    And oh, life's too short not to travel :)) so more power to the two of you!

  18. Thank you for sharing this, Bangkok is really a nice place to go to since there are many things to do there.


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