My 7 Links (Plus 1): Because We're Feeling Nostalgic

Monday, July 18, 2011

Isis Y Ra.

We had been relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Bali when we received an email from backpacker mom Gay of Pinay Travel Junkie.

"You have been nominated!"

Nominated? That got our attention. For what exactly? Like the best blog in the whole wide universal blogosphere? Delusions of grandeur, much?

Okay, so it was a bit more trivial that. We had been nominated to join the Tripbase My 7 Links Project. But it felt great to revisit some previous posts to answer the questionnaire. We almost got teary eyed going through our archives from as far back as last year (Yeah, we're still babies in blog years).

Lois at 16So here are our top 7 links plus one more:

1. Most Beautiful Post: Dear Dad, I've Quit My Job to Travel the World

This post was one of the toughest I had to write. It seemed too personal a topic to share to the world (and to show my high school grad pic as well). But the stream of comments made me feel it was a story that was meant to be shared. A lot of people were able to relate to our work-travel predicament.

2. Most popular post: I'm Giving You Everything I Own

When I announced that I would be selling everything, and I mean ev-ery-thing I owned, I received such overwhelming response from friends, readers, other bloggers, colleagues and family. It was ridiculously heart-warming to feel the support of everyone. In the end, total proceeds for the travel fund from the 'I'm Giving Everything I Own' campaign surpassed my wildest imagination! Even a week after everything, again I mean every-thing, I was still getting inquiries about the dresses and shoes. Cuh-razy.~Chichi

Maria Clara to Celdran3. Most controversial post: The Sole Sisters To Pull a Maria Clara?

Almost a year after writing this article, the Philippines is still besieged by the same issue: to pass the RH Bill into law or not. The Catholic church is still adamantly opposing the passage of the bill. This situation has thoroughly frustrated both Sole Sisters so much so that they threatened to pull a Maria Clara and put on a baro't saya, in full support of Carlos Celdran's Damaso. We still maintain the same stand that we made last year. And we will continue to do so until our country takes off the blinders put on her by the church.

coron_busuanga4. Most helpful post: Battle of the Islands: El Nido vs Coron

El Nido or Coron: 2 of Palawan's most beautiful islands.  Being the lucky girl that I am , I managed to visit both islands. I came back with a comprehensive article comparing each island's pros and cons. We had a hunch that most people would have a hard time choosing which Palawan paradise to visit since most travelers only have one chance to visit Palawan (it's not exactly a cheap get-away). Based on the number of google searches for El Nido vs Coron that we've been steadily getting on our site, our hunch was right on the mark.

Jaisalmer, India

5. Post whose success surprised us: Lies from Sex and the City 2 or There's No Such Thing As Desert Glam

Who would have thought this little post from the Thar Desert of India would get so much attention? It was the camels I tell you. A helpful reader just happened to Stumble Upon It and the hits just went off the charts! Thank you reader, whoever you are.

Piggy savings bank
Credit: alancleaver_2000
6. A post we feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: The Sole Sister's Guide to Saving Up for Your Escape Fund

For the entire year that we planned our Big Escape, money was a main issue. How to amass enough moolah to last us 6 months on the road? I wrote down a list of our tried and tested schemes to help you readers save up for their own travel fund. Sadly, it was not the success we hoped it would be. So Chichi had to write a Part2.

Credit: By .krish.Tipirneni.
7. The post that you are most proud of: From Uncareered to Unscared

Bum, jobless, useless. Just a few words to describe someone who's not earning for a living. And we were literally living that life. At first we were afraid to admit we had fears when we made the decision to step off our platform heels and into those hiking boots. It was so heartwarming to hear you had similar stories and apprehensions.

Boracay Night 2
Credit: besighy
8. Most LOLROFLMAO Post: What Happens in Boracay Stays in Boracay

Both Sole Sisters have occassionally found themselves in precarious and funny situations on more than one occassion. But my Boracay revelation wins hands down in making you fall off your chair laughing. Lightbulb!

Of course, we can't take the glory for the nomination all to ourselves. So we're spreading the love. Here are our nominees:

Steve of Do Something Cool
Claire of Lakwatsera de Primera
Brenna of This Battered Suitcase
Ferdz of Ironwulf
James of Journeying James

Good luck to all the nominees! Send us a note when you have completed your little task.

Much Love,
Sole Sisters Lois & Chichi

Main photo: Isis 

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  1. Glad you guys had a great time revisiting your posts, I know I did. Stay safe gurls, enjoy the remaining days of your epic trip. Mwah!

  2. so many awesome posts gals, I love your How-To guide in order to save for your escape fund. It came with a bonus because it had two parts! -- I'm just probably too money conscious nowadays ... err have I always been like this? hehe

  3. Thanks for tagging us Gaye, we had fun going back in time. Happy travels!

  4. Glad you found our Sole Sister Guide to Saving Up for your Escape Fund was really helpful Ed! But more importantly glad that you're making huge progress in your own plans for funding your escape. See you on the road!

  5. Parang kailan lng andito pa kayo ng bebenta ng mga kikay stuff ni Chi-Chi at nagpaplano ng Asian trip  nyo, tas ngayon matagal tagal na kayong nasa paglalakbay. Miss na namen kayo :) ingat. 

  6.  Parang kailang nga lang talaga Marky! Time flies when you're having fun but it moves at extremely warp speed when you're ding exactly what you want to be doing. Miss na din namin ang Pinas!

  7. I could still remember Chi Chi's post about "Don't Tell My Daddy.... and Lois letter to her Dad which were my runaway favorites. Time runs so fast and now you're almost done with your epic trip. Keep safe always! (P.S.Thank you for including me on your list, hala pressure na talaga akong mag 7 links :) 

  8. Wow, I can't believe your trip is almost over! Bonggang PTB Welcome Back party when you're home ha? hehe

  9. Great roundup of old posts.  It's interesting to see a blogger's perspective on their own writing.  I'm glad you included the extra one.  I thought it was a really funny.  And thanks for nominating me.  I'm going to write my 7 links real soon.

  10.  We still chuckle everytime we come across that Boracay article, Steve! Looking forward to your 7 links.

  11. Loving all your posts. I could have nominated you too, along with a few others, but thought many of the other bloggers would have done the same already. If I were in your shoes, I'd have a hard time reviewing and choosing from among those blogs.  They're all good! And i'm writing not just to flatter you. Really. I'm too old to start being that ;-)  Keep going, girls.  You are living my dream!

  12. Thank you for the kind words - They warm our hearts right through the core. As long as there are other travellers and bloggers like you, cheering us on, we won't stop what we're doing. Salamat again and many happy travels!

  13. Those are our favorites too Claire! No pressure with the tag (pero kailangan tapos na in 30 minutes!). Stay safe and happy travels!

  14. A PTB Welcme Back party would be awesome Aleah! Let's plan that ;p


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