3 Features and Sole Sister Makeover

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make Up barbie

After our quasi-absence in June, the Sole Sisters have been so busy trying to make it up to you. We've made you a video, worked harder on our Laos wrap up post and even put together a Best of Sole Sister's list.

And our efforts have been paying off. Thanks to 3 websites who have noticed us and decided to feature us during the last month. First it was Flip of Flipnomad.com who included us in his exclusive Meet the Nomads feature. We enjoyed answering his travel questionnaire specially question number 9:

What’s the funniest and silliest thing you’ve ever done while traveling? You can see the entire post here.


Then came Nina from Justwandering.org who sent us some questions for a post on Long Term Travel. Little did we know that it would be included in the PhilStar's Unblogged entry. We were even featured along with 2 of our favorite bloggers: Flip of Flipnomad.com and Lilliane of Wanderlass!

Featured by PhilStar's unBlogged:

Then we got another email from Hostelbookers saying our 30 Before 30 list's item #3 has been included in their very own Travel Bucket List. We even made it as the first! There are other cool items on here as well and you can read all of it by clicking on the photo below:

Feature by Hostelbookers

Thanks again Flip, Nina and Shing of Hostelbookers! Because of all the blog lovin' going around, you've gotten us all motivated and inspired.

So if you've noticed we gave the site a bit of a makeover. Just a few things we've tinkered around:

-Less Ads. We value your time and we decided to keep a few partners. The only ads we'll be running are travel-related or products we've actually tried and believe in.

-Clean, Uncluttered, Minimalist Design. We've gotten rid of the things that don't interest you. So the only stuff you get are straight travel-related. We want to focus more on what YOU want.

-Keep Things Fresh. Now that we have more time on our hands, we can focus on giving you great content. We want you to be constantly updated. Expect a lot more posts from us. (Hint: Videos!)

Let us know what you think. More importantly, what do want to see on Sole Sisters in the coming weeks? We want to know what YOU want. Send us an email on solesisters dot weare at gmail dot com. Or post on our Facebook Wall.

We really want to hear from you!

Much love,
Lois & Chichi

If you found this post helpful, you might want to Support the Sole Sisters While We're on the Road. If you have any questions about the Sole Sisters and our adventures, post on our Facebook Page and we will compile a massive Q&A post every end of the mont

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  1. so proud of you lois and chichi! more featured to come!

  2. One of the AWESOME things that you do is that you do not put GIGANTIC watermarks on your pics that not only annoys the heck out of me but messes-up the pics itself. Keep-up the GREAT work, please!

  3. our 30 Before 30 list's item #3 has been included in their very own Travel Bucket List.>>> whoa! way to go! nice makeover for the site. neat.

  4. Thanks James! You know you've been part of our journey since the beginning ;) Cheers to more features!

  5.  The watermarks are a bit distracting but some bloggers think it's a necessity to protect their hardwork. We made a conscious choice to give our photos to everyone and the universe ;p

  6. Glad you approve Dom! We just want to keep it simple and uncluttered.

  7. Hi! I've been a fan of your blog for quite some time now. I love Lois's feature on Flipnomad.com (another favorite blog). When will we see a feature on you, Chichi? :) 

  8. Aww shucks, you got us blushing with your kind words Ailene! Thanks for following our cray adventures. Chichi is currently working on her interview questions from Flip (sometimes she puts the pro in procrastinate!). We'll definitely let you know once that feature is out.

  9. I'm glad you're getting featured in so many places.  All that good work is paying off.  Nice makeover for the site too.  It looks great.

  10. With the love and effort you put in each of your post, you girls deserve all the praise and recognition you've been getting. I'm an avid follower of your blog and I always look forward to your new posts :) 

  11.  Thanks Steve! You've always supported us since the start. We really appreciate it!

  12. Tears, blood and sweat. That's what we feel we put in every post that we make. Thank you Claire for the support and kind words. It's bloggers like you who make PTB a really great community!

  13. Hi Ailene,

    Thanks for reminding Chichi about this... LOL :-) I'm excited din to see yung answer ni Chichi sa Meet the Nomads :-) 

  14. i love the videos!!! i think no one is doing travel video blogging except you girls :-) keep 'em coming... 

  15. congrats!!! keep the videos coming!!! can chi chi dance again on one of the videos???lol

  16. Congrats you guys! and we're waiting for those videos:-D

  17. We're so excicted to make more videos Flip! We have a TON of material just waiting to be edited and published ;)

  18.  Watch out for those Tikoy! And you just can't stop Chichi from dancing so you'll definitely see more of that...and some singing too ;)

  19. Everybody loves videos and we love them, too! There is just a lot more that videos capture that photos don't.

  20.  Hahaha! I'll send it soon Flip :)


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