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May 11 to June 15 - Thailand: Bangkok, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Pai, Bangkok, Ko Tao, Ko Pangan, Ko Samui, Krabi, Ko Phiphi, Phuket

June 16 to July 3
- Malaysia: Georgetown, Penang, Langkawi, Perhentian Islands, Cameron Highlands, Kuala Lumpur

According to our Southeast Asian itinerary, around this time, we should still be in the Southern islands of Thailand.

But we're not.

If you've been following our posts on Facebook and our location updates on the blog, you're aware that we're currently scheming in Bangkok. Scheming? You heard it right, we're putting together a BIG trip. 

That means, yes Malaysia. The rumors are true. We're ditching you.

You were so attractive to us in the beginning. We craved for your food and dreamed of your landscapes. We really wanted things to work out between us, even for just one month. But the best laid plans often go astray. And that's exactly what happened. We've gone astray, into the arms of another. It all happened so fast, really. But this is what went on in the last few days:

The Sole Sisters are Going to Myanmar! from Sole Sisters on Vimeo.

So there you have it guys, we've answered your question. Although it isn't as major as birth announcements. Instead of spending a month in Malaysia, we will be flying out to Myanmar instead. We will be traveling from June 4 until July 1. 

We are Out

That means the Sole Sisters will be OUT for 28 days.

We will have no access to the internet, phones or the outside world. But we will definitely have some scheduled posts during this time. While we're gone, please take the time to go through our archives and leave us a comment or 2. 

Here's our plan for the remaining 2 months (unless we change our minds again):

June 4 to July 1 - Myanmar: Rangoon, Mandalay, Inla Lake, Bagan

July 1 to July 3
- Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

July 4 to July 17 - Indonesia: Bali, Lombok, Gili Islands

This is by far, the most scary-awesome adventure we're going to embark on in this trip. But we also know we have to do the thing that freaks us out. We're not out to prove anything, we simply have to experience Myanmar and see things with our own eyes.

It will be hard for us to be away but we know you will support us on this journey.

Much love,
The Sole Sisters

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36 Responses so far.

  1. doi says:

    ang cute ng video! hope to see more dancing sa Sole Sister Productions on your next videos. Have a safe trip guys! =)

  2. nice top hear your EOP voices gals! :D

  3. Mervdmer says:

    there are still few internet shops in yangoon but as you go further finding  internet access becomes rarer and more difficult.

  4. Fliptravels says:

    OOMGEEE! goodluck girls!!! more more kwento!


  5. Mervdmer says:

    are you granted a myanmar visa yet? Visa on arrival was suspended as of September 1 and has not been reinstated. A visa on arrival means that you turn in forms, photos, and money upon arrival at Yangon airport.

    For people from some countries, notably those which do not have Myanmar embassies or consulates, it may be possible to get a pre-arranged visa through a travel agent in Yangon.

  6. I'm really looking forward to your Myanmar posts! I have heard good things about the country, despite its political turmoils. Indonesia is definitely off my list, because of Chyng Reyes' post. You guys always take care, ok! :)

  7. Flipnomad says:

    excited for you guys, let me know about the visa... are you getting it in bangkok?

  8. Claire says:

    haha, and here I thought I'd finally see Lois dance!!! Sabi ko na hindi sasayaw si Lois! hahaha :p Loving the sunkissed look on you girls! Super hot!

  9. Lois says:

    Glad you enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed making it Doi. Expect a lot more video posts in the next few weeks!

  10. Lois says:

    It took me a while to register what EOP meant Ed! We enjoyed doing this so much that we vow to make more videos in the future.

  11. Lois says:

    Yeah, that's what Harry told us through facebook today Mervdmer. It's difficult to find internet access even in Yangon. And it gets worse further on.. But we welcome a refreshing break. We're gonna stop blogging (for the meantime) and concentrate more on traveling!

  12. Lois says:

    I can see you're as excited as we are Ron! More kwento soooon!

  13. Lois says:

    Thanks for the reminder. We were just granted the Myanmar visa yesterday and it's good for 28 days. The process was pretty easy from Bangkok. We're sure to write a guide soon!

  14. Lois says:

    That's one reason we're going Joel. Everyone we've met who have been to Myanmar only have good things to say about the country. 10 people who have the same opinion can't be wrong, eh? It will definitely be more difficult to travel there, but we're getting ourselves ready for it.. We're also still going to Bali in July.

  15. Lois says:

    Thanks for the support Flip. The visa was very easy. it only took us 3 days to secure one. Yung dollar bills yung hassle. But we got it sorted out today. Yes, we got the visa from the embassy here in Bangkok.

  16. Lois says:

    You know me too well Claire! But I promise to dance in the next videos. Mag practice na nga ako hahahah.. Thanks for the compliment. We love the beach too much!

  17. My gad. I just watched the whole video. Harry was HOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!

  18. Inggit. Matinding inggit. 

    Myanmar is amazing, and to get to spend more than one week in the country? Fanfuckingtastic!

    P.S. Love the dancing in the BTS walkway!

  19. Lois says:

    Hahahaha.. A lot of people think so too. I'm sure to let him know. Su and Harry left for Myanmar yesterday. And we will see them tomorrow. Can't wait!

  20. Lois says:

    Isn't that awesome Nina? I'm sure you'll be able to visit again soon. If you have last minute travel tips, please share them. I wasn't sure you posted a guide for Myanmar yet. We love the group that we're with and I'm sure there's more crazy awesomeness in the next 28 days!

  21. GraceY says:

    You should do videos more!! It's great to see you happy, tanned and in one piece! Haha!
    I'm excited to hear about your Myanmar adventure! Have a fantabulous time sole sisters!!! xoxo

  22. Er, if they won't change your dollar bill (because of a teeny tiny crease), buy something. They won't turn it away.

  23. Lois says:

    Thanks Nina! I was a bit nervous about that. Just got the dollars today and I'm so worried I would fold them or something. Are they really that anal about the condition of the money?

  24. Lois says:

    Thanks Boots! We had so much fun making them and we're wondering why we didn't do them earlier in the trip. But yeah, we still got time. We will have many stories in Myanmar for sure. Not just because of the place but because of the zany people we're traveling with! Thanks for following our adventures!

  25. supertikoy says:

    my guess is right! walang prize? hehehe ingat and we'll wait for your stories

  26. Claire says:

    Cge, take tutorials from Chichi! She loves the cam! You should do MTVs again, it's so much fun! Naloka ang mga tao kay Chichi and Carl in Macau.

  27. yeah! cool vid you have there. i guess changes in the IT are awesome. this is the true mark of a backpacker/traveler, not boxed with the IT, continually changing adjusting plans. :)

    go go sole sistahs! super inggit ako.

  28. kim and mj says:

     Looking fab sisters. I'm jealous with those sunkissed happy bronze! Looking forward to your adventures in Myanmar, keep safe!

  29. Parris_ville says:

    Girls you could earn extra bucks in Thailand by simply dancing.  Wheew.  Wish I could do that.  Have two left feet.  The crowd in Bangkok must think your superstars doing an on location video.

  30. tina says:

    Cool video! :)

    Take care gurls! Excited for both of you and super INGGIT! hahaha :)

  31. kyh says:

    Ah it's a pity you're ditching us! LOL am from Malaysia and i found your blog while i'm searching for info on palawan (planning to go in july next yr upon my graduation!). what exciting travel tales u girls r having! you are living a dream that many of us have dreamt about, but havent taken any actions to pursue that dream. cool site and i've bookmarked it! have fun in burma! :D

  32. calai says:

    the announcement vid was cool really...and nice that u gals are going to Myanmar...been reading ur posts since i discovered this months ago...have a safe trip to Myanmar nd keep d spirit of traveling alive...hope i can get to do like what u are gals are doing now soon =)

  33. Steve says:

    Wow, no internet or phones or communication with the outside world.  That's exciting.  I never did make it to Myanmar.  I was at the border crossing, but didn't go through.  I actually went down through Malaysia.  I think you are probably making the right decision.  While I did like Malaysia, it doesn't stick out in my mind as other places.  And I think Myanmar would be interesting to see.

  34. Calvin says:

    Hi Lois. It's Calvin. I'm just wondering why didn't you include Kota for your Malaysia itinerary? 

  35. Lois says:

    Hi Calvin, we couldn't afford to fly out anymore. We just planned to do this itinerary by land. But in the end, we still flew. But to Myanmar. I have to do that leg though. I hear so many great things about Kota. I hope you enjoy your trip. Please keep us posted with your travels!

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