Vietnam by the Numbers

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Now that our Vietnam adventure is over, we've been crunching numbers. We dread this part. But the results are in! Find out the Sole Sisters' Vietnam (mis)adventures in numeral form:

Number of days: 24

Number of hours on a bus: 69*

Cost of open tour bus ticket from Saigon to Hanoi (south to north): 38.95 USD


Number of cities visited: 7

Average cost of a cup of ca phe: 15,000 VND (0.75 USD)

Number of ca phes consumed: 56* (Chichi drank almost 3 cups of coffee/day. It was that addiciting!)


Average cost of a bowl of pho:  30,000 VND (1 USD)

Number of phos sipped: 10*

Hours on a bike: 11

Times we almost died while riding a bike: 2254542*

Times Chichi almost vomitted after a new street food was tried: 2

Times a Sole Sister went inside a wrong hostel room to the amazement of the guy inside it: 1-Lois, 1-Chichi

Number of songs sung at a videoke place in Hoi An: 6


Filipinos we met who are not strangers anymore: 4


Perfect Strangers

Cheapest price paid for accommodations:  2.60 USD/person/night (Dalat)

Most expensive price paid for accommodations: 6 USD/person for dorm bed (Hanoi Backpacker's Hostel)

Bought rechargeable batteries and charger for gadgets: 2

Cost of Lois' Halong Bay day tour: 15 USD

Cost of Chichi's Rock Long Rock Hard Halong Bay tour: 69 USD

Cost of getting pretty in Vietnam (haircut and pedicures): 300,000 VND ( 10 USD)

Lois' total expenses: 292.60 USD
Lois Expense copy

Chichi's total expenses: 456 USD
Chichi Expense copy
*guesstimate amounts

Obviously, someone hasn't been sticking to her budget. How can one person spend more on entertainment than on food? My sole sister Lois is getting worried and she's already hatching a plan for me. Watch out for the full details of Sole Sister Chichi's Backpacker Bootcamp Budget Challenge! This will be more fun for you than it is for me.
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  1. paktay tayo sa budgeting Chichi, kailangan mo na ng rehab..Lois do it! hahaha.

  2. shopping and souvenirs aren't included yet, kasama na ba sa "entertainment" ni ChiChi :)

  3. Entertainment already encompasses everything Claire, including shopping (which I didn't do so much of in Vietnam).

  4. how many days were you in Vietnam? Lois that's really so cheap! Cool! :) I'm really considering to travel to Vietnam! :)

  5. I missed the 1st line! 24 days! Wow really so cheap!! :)

  6. I can't wait for the 'challenge'! Aja Chichi! :D

  7. Ayayay, bigla akong nahiya sa budget namin sa Vietnam for 5 days. Chichi we're going with you to the rehab para you don't feel lonely;-p

  8. i guess for some its more important to be happy... kahit na medyo hungry ayos na din... i end up spending more on beer than food on some of my 

  9. Entertainment can be pretty expensive depending on the type of entertainment.

  10. Lois' was cheap, mine not so much!

  11. Thanks for the boost Vanessa, I need all the help I can get ;(

  12. Thanks girls, that's so sweet of you. It was getting kind of lonely on my side of the room ;(

  13.  I know that yours would be so much worse Archie. Whew, that made me feel so much better ;)

  14. Beer over food? Count me in Ayan!

  15.  I would rather not be specific on the entertainment part Steve. But I have no regrets on those dollars I've spent, I enjoyed every minute of it. And i guess at the end of the day, it's just money right?

  16. Beer over food? I'm with you Ayan!

  17.  I know that you'll be spending way more than 34% Archie! Wow, that made me feel so much better just typing that ;p

  18.  Apparently, I like the ones that are the ones on the expensive side :(

  19. Hey sole sisters! Ive been lurking your blog for quite a while, and I must say you're one of my inspirations. I'm planning on solo backpacking Vietnam next month. Naloloka na ako sa kakagawa ng itinerary at kakabudget. So my question is, do you think backpacking for 20-30 days on a 400-dollar budget is doable? I'm based here in Bangkok and contemplating on taking airasia to Hanoi, then work my way towards the south, then Cambodia, and finally back to Bkk. I'm thinking about the accommodation etc. which will surely eat up my budget, sadly I don't have anyone to share the expenses with. Please advise me on this. Thank you in advance. :D


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