The Sole Sisters' Makeover Challenge: Vietnam Edition

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Beauty Salon
Photo Credit: Jeremy Brooks
Visiting hair and beauty salons in Vietnam is a must for every person that comes to the country.

After all, that's what the Vietnamese are famous for.

Do you think the Sole Sisters would miss the chance to be prettified by the Vietnamese?

We were at the salon faster than you can say 'beauty salon'!

Hair wash, manicures, pedicures, perm, hair name it, they have it. I'm sure they might have done an oxyelite pro review against fat reduction if it were possible!

Pretty Feet in Nha Trang

After that biking indicident in Dalat, Lois and I were in need of some foot therapy. Where better to do it than in the beach town of Nha Trang!

Feeling rich eh?
Can you guess which feet belongs to which Sole Sister?
Maybe my newly pedicured feet was what compelled Bao Jr. to act as my bodyguard!

Hair Story in Hanoi

Right before the Backstreet Boys concert, Lois and I booked an appointment at a hair salon in Hanoi. Of course, I wanted to look my best when it was time to finally meet my teen crush, Nick Carter.

We paid 150,000 VND (7.50 USD) for the haircut. Let me tell you, it was worth every dong!

It started with a 30-minute shampoo. 30 minutes! That was probably the best shampoo I'd ever had in my life!



Our hair stylist came a few minutes later looking like they might have been part of a K-pop boy band. My haircut took almost an hour. He was so meticulous and precise.

After almost an hour, he was still cutting my hair...


While my sole sister's hair was already cut, dried and curled...


Almost done...

The winners of the Vietnam Beauty Contest errr the Sole Sisters after the best haircut anyone of them has ever had.


Currently in need of another haircut,
Sole Sister Chichi

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16 sole trails

  1. wow! 30 minutes shampooing?! that is a must try :)

  2. Wow!!! I didn't recognize you girls.

  3. CarlCustodio.comMay 6, 2011 at 12:55 PM

    OMG!!! Makeover success!!! Well...not really makeover because you guys are already "madeover" to begin with! Feet: Lois on the left and Chichi on the right...I can't be mistaken by Chichi's foot...ang hahaba ng toes eh! Peace Chi! Mmmwah!

  4. Gusto ko din ng 30 minute shampoo! Omigosh, that mustve felt like heaven!

  5. It's still us but with better hair ;p

  6. Thanks Carl! You know our feet err i mean us too well.

  7. That 30 minute was pure heaven on earth, Eileen!

  8. Si lois lang coiffed, I look the same (which is good).

  9. Fab looking sole sisters!

  10. wow!! How i wish salons here in the phils have this 30minute shampooing! for sure ill keep on coming back!

  11. 30-minute shampoos are God's gift to women, methinks!

  12. I know a girlfriend of mine that would looooooooove one of these...

  13. We would definitely recommend Vietnam for some girl pampering!


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