Lies from Sex and the City 2 or There's No Such Thing As Desert Glam

Saturday, March 05, 2011

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This is part 4 of Lois' Misadventures in India series. If you haven't met the Pushy Priest from Pushkar, click here.

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda wearing flowing dresses while walking in the sand dunes.
Charlotte stumbling in high heeled sandals in the desert.
The girls looking all glammed up and fabulous while riding a camel.

Lies, all lies.
We've all seen the movie and even replayed the DVD. After I watched Sex and the City 2, I had fantasies of going on a desert safari in a belly dancer's ensemble. I wished to go on a camel ride to the beat of  Groove Armada: If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air, Quaint little villages here and there..

Swanky Heels and Sand
Photo Credit: clive_reedman
Before I got on a plane to Delhi, I already had an India to-do list in mind. It included a visit to the Taj Mahal and a walk along the pink avenues of Jaipur. Number 5 on the list was to sleep in the Thar desert in Jaisalmer under a blanket of stars. I finally had a chance to realize that dream. Only to find out that those Sex and the City girls were lying when they showed the desert safari scenes. Here's why:

It's impossible to wear 6 inch Manolo Blahniks in the desert.

Have you ever tried walking on sand in stilettos? Your heel would sink immediately! Not just that, it would be unbearable in the desert heat. Sweat and sand just don't mix.

Riding a camel in hot weather and still looking sexy at the same time is quite a feat!

Jaisalmer, India
Meet my camel Lally

If I had worn fabulous long dresses, silk scarves and a beach hat I would most definitely get laughed at. I had to make a decision: look glamorous or get comfortable. My fashionista sole sister Chichi would frown at my wardrobe decision: Thick jacket, cargo pants and hiking boots. But I knew I made the right choice when we slept in the desert that evening sans billowing tent. Which brings me to my next point:

It gets effin' cold in the desert at night.

I still wonder how those SATC girls were able to wear halter tops and skimpy clothing during those desert night scenes. It can get really hot in the desert during the day. But trust me, it gets really cold at night. I had already worn 5 layers of clothes, a bonnet and gloves. I even slept inside a sleeping bag and under 3 layers of thick blankets. And I still froze the next morning!

Jaisalmer, India
Ouch is right!
Your toilet will be behind a shrub or a cactus.

Not so convenient when you have to go every 5 minutes like me. It gets worse when you're wearing layers of clothing and have to pee in the middle of the night in freezing temperature!

Camels can run as fast as horses and leave you with a sore tush the morning after.

I learned this the hard way. Our ride to get to the sand dunes was leisurely and scenic. The guides took their time to show us the desert landscapes and we walked at camel's pace. Or so I thought. On the way back, they wanted to speed up the journey in time to get to the next group. They whipped the camels and they ran faster than Seabiscuit on Speed!

You gotta admit, desert safaris are not as glamorous as the Sex and the City girls have lead us to believe.

 Let me show you the real picture by taking you on a quick ride on a camel's back:
Jaisalmer, India
Desert kids asking for rupees, chocolate and school pens

Jaisalmer, India
I found her the prettiest of all

Jaisalmer, India
How to tie a turban

Jaisalmer, India
I don't think the camel liked that

Jaisalmer, India
Onwards to the sand dunes

Jaisalmer, India
Our safari guide who was also a cook and a comic

Jaisalmer, India
A family we saw in a village in the desert. I wonder if the mom knew we were coming.

Jaisalmer, India
Grandfather sitting on a house made of mud and cow dung

Jaisalmer, India
Our safari group (L-R) Dorota and Machek from Poland, Zoey, Venus and Echo from China, Rebecca from the UK

Jaisalmer, India
Hutch and Lois from the Philippines. Represent!

Jaisalmer, India
Our footprints on the sand

Jaisalmer, India
Our motley crew of Europeans and Asians

Jaisalmer, India
Lone photographer on the dunes

Jaisalmer, India
Our guides/cooks making chai and chapatti

Even camels do it

Even though our desert safari adventure did not meet SATC standards, we all had a fabulous time. I ended up cold and sleepless with a sore tush. It was reminiscent of my Survivor Galera episode. But the experience of going to the Thar desert to ride a camel and see the sand dunes, meeting people from different parts of the world and seeing the sky all lit up with stars was truly priceless.

What's your fantasy travel adventure? Have you been able to realize it? Was it exactly as you hoped it would be?

Getting ready for our upcoming SE Asian jaunt,
Sole Sister Lois

This is part 4 of Lois' Misadventures in India. Next stop, the bluest city in the world: Jodhpur!

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  1. Wow!!! Gorgeous dessert pictures! I never imagined the dessert to be easy or glamorous, it's truly a landscape for super troopers. Congrats on surviving your dessert adventures! ;)

  2. Thanks Michi! Super troopers indeed. I almost didn't make it. I wasn't sure I would last a cold night in the desert. But, what an experience. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is the common misconception when it comes to TV shows. They tend to glamorize the scene too much.

  4. Thanks mighty mau. Appreciate the feedback. I should really learn how to properly create a watermark.. Or maybe just leave it as is...

  5. This adventure is fun fun fun with great pics to boot :)


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