Sagada By The Numbers

Friday, February 04, 2011

Photo Credit: Carl Custodio
1. Hours to overcome 'tampo' with favorite travel buddies/partners-in-crime for not including you in their Sagada plans: 1

2. Hours it took to decide to spend the weekend in Sagada: 2

3. Number of times Lois said 'Chichi, the amount of money spent in the Philippines will be less money you'll spend on our 6-month Southeast Asian backpacking trip' while debating whether to go or not to go: 2

4. Number of times Lois' advice was ignored: 2

5. Items on this weekend's to-do list that does NOT involve Sagada: 5

6. Minutes it took to research and plan a 3-day Sagada itinerary (Shout-out to Benj of for your wonderful all-in-one site!): 20

7. Minutes it took to grab and stuff pack for Sagada trip: 45

8. Times 'katinko' was used during the long bus rides and the cold days and nights in Sagada: 8

9. Lowest temperature while in Sagada: 10 degrees Celcius

10. Bottles of 'liquid heat' consumed to combat the Sagada cold: 16

Sagada 1011. Koreans spotted in and around Sagada and Baguio (i.e. Chichi's proof that they are slowly taking over the Philippines): 55

12. Danced to 'Like a G6' because Chichi's new camera was named after the song (switch lyrics from G6 to G12): 8

13. Days without shower (It was cold!): 1.5

14. Maximum layers of clothing worn at a single time: 5

15. Number of people on the bus asked whether to sit on the right or left to see the most stunning landscapes of the Mountain Province: 3

16. Number of people who didn't know answer to question above: 2
Sagada 13
Answer: It doesn't matter if you sit on the left or right, either will give you stunnig views.
Photo Credit: Carl Custodio

17. Thoughts on the bus on how easy it is to crash in these mountains...while deciding whether to sit on the right or left: 15

18. Number of actual deaths during bus ride to Sagada: 0

19. Attempt at hiding chuckles because of Jeffry's, our wonderful SAGGAS tour guide, slang conyo-tic Ateneo-like Tagalog-English accent which made baril sound like berl, meron sound like mern and parang sound like per-ng: 15

20. Surprised faces when realization struck that it wasn't just Jeff who had this accent but all of the Igorots (the people of Sagada): 4

21. Number of hanging coffins seen in Sagada: 115++

nging_coffin 13
Photo Credit: Carl Custodio
22. Number of times left alone in Bamboo Grill bar, without any other customers, waiters or even the owner: 1

Sagada 11
We could've robbed the place and ran. That's genuine Igorot hospitality!

23. Friends made over 2 bottles of San Miguel and a GSM gin 'kwatro kantos' at Bamboo Grill Bar, Sagada: 8

Sagada 8

24. Local Mountain Province celebrity met during said drinking session: 1

25. Songs sung by Jun Utleg during the impromptu jam session/private post-concert gig: 12

Sagada 9

26. Curfew at Residential Lodge Inn: 9:00 p.m.
Sagada 7

27. Time of arrival at the lodge from Bamboo Grill Bar: 2:00 a.m.

28. Calls to Carl to open back door of lodge since front door to the inn was closed (see #26): 3

29. Alarm set for Bomod-ok Falls tour for that day: 7:00 a.m.

30. Snoozed the alarm: 4

31. Steps taken to get to Bomod-ok Falls: 2,800++

Sagada 6

32. Thought of dying if one more step would be taken: 2,000++

32. Kankan-ey (local dialect of Sagada) words learned while on the way to Bomod-ok Falls: 7

33. Amount paid to Jay, the 10-year-old tour-guide-wannabe who followed us from the village to the falls and who gives all his massage earnings to his mother (in case they won't have enough money for food on the table), for the wonderful stick foot massage : 150 pesos

Sagada 15
Photo Credit: Carl Custodio
34. Hours trekked to reach Bomod-ok Falls: 2

bomodok falls 5

35. Hours spent traversing Sumaging Cave: 4.5

36. Maximum depth below ground level while inside Sumaging Cave: 300 meters

sumaguing_cave 4

37. Proof that Sumaging Cave is also known as 'porn cave': 3

38. Number of people from the group who quit during the spelunking adventure: 0

sumaguing_cave 3

39. Times Chichi was mistaken for a Korean tourist: 2

Sagada 240. Total hours spent inside bus (Manila to Baguio to Sagada and v.v.): 24

41. Advil/Alaxan tablets taken after Sagada adventures: 3

42. Kids with Dora/He-man/Chichi hair around Sagada: 15

*43. Risque, crazy, out-of-this-world, Don't-tell-my-Daddy things done in Sagada: 5

44. Total amount spent for impromptu Sagada weekend adventure: 3,478 pesos

45. Thanked the universe for creating another amazing, sacred and breath-taking wonder in the Philippines: Countless

bomodok falls 1

 Until the next number-crunching adventure,
Sole Sister Chichi

Read part 2 of my Sagada travelogue:  5 things I did in Sagada that you should never ever ever tell my Daddy.

Pssst - More pictures of our Sagada adventure over on our Facebook page.

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  1. see? it wasn't only me who thought you were Korean. hahaha.

    thanks for posting this ladies! so it's ok to go to Sagada on a weekend. :D we have a flight on feb and march and we needed a new place to visit. either we go for Sagada or Calaguas. will need this post for reference! :D

  2. Cute nung kids with Dora hair :) great post Chi ( I can't wait though for the 5 things you did which I might tell your Dad :)

  3. Ok fine, you're not the only one Ed. I get it all the time. Either that or they say I'm Chinese or Japanese.

    We had no problems going to Sagada on a weekend. We left on early Saturday morning. I have a great idea, why not visit both Sagada and Calaguas when you come over? Mas sadya!

  4. I think I may have found my cult in Sagada Claire! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with us always, we appreciate it ;)

    Oh no, NOT going to post that if you're telling my papa bear!

  5. nice post, very creative! kudos sa Advil and Alaxan, the deadly bus ride, and the # of wrong step you thought would kill you.. Haha Sagadfa tourists share the same sentiments afterall! ^_^

  6. i so hate you for not inviting my porcelain skin in this trip!!im jealous and so jealous and oh im jealous!!!

  7. as usual, a very entertaining blog post from a sole sister. Did you chew "Nga-nga"? (or maybe its more commonly chewed in Batad).

    I've been to Sagada twice but twice something happened that had me missing out on Bomod-ok Falls...cant wait to go back.

  8. "Number of times Lois said 'Chichi, the amount of money spent in the Philippines will be less money you'll spend on our 6-month Southeast Asian backpacking trip' while debating whether to go or not to go: 2" Makes a whole lotta sense. Hehe. Never been to Sagada, but been meaning too for the longest time. Sana makapunta na rin ako dyan this year. :)

  9. i know some of the things that you can tell your papa bear!!!!

    pot pot pot pot pot .....hell-o

    what do people like us do in sagada ? PRAY? hahahahha

    miss you doll

  10. Pinaka nakarelate din ako sa hindi paliligo. Hahaha. Showers are optional in Sagada. I only take showers after I go caving. Hahahaha.

  11. Dude, you have to go to Sagada! :D If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. :D

  12. It needs to be a combo of the two, otherwise the pain will linger ;( But the pain was oh so worth-it, right Chyng?

  13. We're so sorry doll! It was a last-minute thing, I didn't even know I was coming. Let's go back before I leave eh?

  14. Unfortunately, I didn't get to chew nga-nga. Saw some folks chweing it in Sagada but yes it's more common in Batad.

    You shouldn't miss Bomod-ok falls the next time you visit. It's painful and draining but it's oh so worth-it in the end.

  15. My sole sisters' words were true but I just couldn't miss NOT seeing Sagada before I leave the Philippines. This maybe my last trip before going on the SEA trip. If it is, it was one hell of a trip. Woudln't you say?

    Benj is right, gow na Ced! now ;)

  16. Brrr ang lamig. Kahit may heater still doesn't do anything AFTER you've had the hot shower. Brrrr

  17. SSsssssh Mikeymaws ;) Just wait for my next Sagada'll love it.

  18. bongang bonggang post about sagada! : 1

    you amaze me, kahit malapit na ang isang major trip, nkakapag lakwatsa ka pa, kung kami yan naka hermit mode na kami. wooohooo!

    (palakpakan!!!) love it!

  19. Okay lang sakin ang lamig. NAKAKATAMAD LANG MALIGO. hahahaha

  20. I ♥ Sagada, I can't wait to go back. 'EYaman' for spending a weekend with us. xoxo

  21. Maglaro tayo ng ubusan ng yaman, shall we? I just couldn't resist the pull of Sagada Ron plus my soles felt a little itchy. Although I was just in your country of SG and Sinulog prior to that. Makati talaga paa noh?

  22. Eyaman Jusin for taking us with you on your journey! Entako to Sagada again before I leave?

  23. Game!!! Sole Sistah despedida party in Sagada why not...

  24. Sagada or Calaguas, i'm still torn which one favorite place do I want to visit before I leave the country!

  25. BOTH...north to south touchdown...

  26. PAK! So wala na talaga akong money nito for my Southeast Asia trip noh?


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