I'm Giving You Everything I Own

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

By now, you've heard the rumors right? Yes, we quit our jobs to go on a 6 month backpacking trip that will take us around Asia.

Ballsy eh? You might have also guessed that it's expensive, too. Like Php100,000 ($2,272) expensive, give or take a few pesos.

How in the hell do I get that money? Where in the world could I find a trust fund baby (preferrably with abs like David Beckham) who will love me enough to hand over this much dough? Is there a Dummy's Guide to Robbing a Bank somewhere?

No such luck for the sole sisters. We saved, scrimped, ate nothing but crackers and basically lived like hermits within the past 6 months in order to reach our financial travel goal. (We're writing a guide on how we saved up for our escape fund, watch out for that!)

With about a month to go before I leave for Singapore and meet my sole sister Lois, I'm saving up money like a junkie saves, erm, let's stop that analogy right there. Suffice to say, I saved as much as I could to meet our financial goal of Php100,000.

As of this writing, I'm almost near that goal. 

UPDATE: I'm way past the 100k mark, I may as well be on a different race altogether. Thank YOU to everyone who supported my garage sale! Total sales = P54,600.00. Un-freakin-believable.

In order to bring me over the edge, I would need your help. No, I'm not asking for donations. I'm not going to beg nor grovel. I'm not even going to shed a crocodile tear or two. No more batting of eyelashes to get you to hand your hard-earned peso to me.


Funding My Need to Travel

Instead, I will be selling everything I have to fund my 6-month long Southeast Asian backpacking adventure.

You read it right, I'm letting go of every little material thing I own. I'm embracing the art of minimalism. I'm adapting my Sole Sister Lois' so-called 2 suitcase life and doing a 180 from being a shopaholic fashionista to a backpacker (chic, of course). I'm trimming my life down to the bare essentials...and a few just-can't-bear-to-let-go items (like my Zara boyfie blazer which took me so long to find) that I will keep in storage.

1 45-litre backpack and 2 suitcases. That's what I will be left with by the end of this month.

Which leaves you, my dear friend, with a lot of items to choose from. A veritable treasure trove of fabulous items from a self-confessed former shopaholic. Everything your heart desires, I have in my closet or on the floor of my room (due to lack of real estate).

Yours for the taking...for a minimal fee of course.

Every Dress Counts in Vietnam

I will be putting everything up for sale. Everything meaning what's left of my worldly goods. (And believe me, I've accumulated a lot of them.) So, make that every dress, shoe, bag and other miscellaneous household item count in Vietnam.

All proceeds from this garage sale will fund the Vietnam leg of my Asian backpacking adventure. Every item you purchase will hopefully take me on a 3-week journey to the land of the pho, Ha Long Bay, motorbikes and cheap counterfeit everything.

Here are the items (my beloved, the heart of my heart) for sale and how far your purchase(s) will take me in Vietnam:








If those low low low prices aren't enough to convince you to buy that cute outfit, I'm even throwing in a pretty picturesque postcard of Vietnam, an original photograph by my sole sister, Lois. Of course, credit will also be given to the sponsors (i.e. buyers) of the Vietnam leg on all related articles published on this site.

Bitin? Dying to see more? Check out my Every Dress Counts album on Facebook for more items on sale.


So, which items do you have your little heart set on? Which part do you want to sponsor on my trip?

Great! Just send an email to solesisters(dot)weare(at)gmail(dot)com. Or better yet, just leave a comment below or on our Facebook page to reserve the item. With just a click, it will be yours.

Waiting for you to press the buy button,
Sole Sister Chichi

1. All shoe sizes are 6.5-7 unless otherwise specified.
2. Chichi stats: 5'5" 30-27-32. Dresses are small to medium in size.
3. Shipping costs will NOT be covered by seller. Lowest shipping cost will be used for shipping. However, if meet-up is possible I'd gladly grab the chance to make a sale and meet YOU in person at the same time!
4. Once shipped, item is considered sold.
5. Vietnam postcards will be sent when we return from our BIG trip.

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  1. love the photos Cherry err Chichi! (as usual)
    and yes, I'm spreading the wurrdd! i'll pm you if there are orders...
    this is sooo Isla Fisher in Shopaholic except its for another pricier addiction - travelling! love it!
    please keep the basics! you know the saying, once a fashionista, always a fashionista! charot!

  2. i heard somebody here saying he's gonna buy the model instead. hahahaha...

  3. Spread the wurrdd Archer! I need to sell everything before the end of this month.

    Are you a mind-reader? Watch out fo my next article that has everything to do with being a shopaholic! And yes, I'm keeping my fave basics. Like I said above, I won't let go of my Zara bf blazer and some other fashionista essentials.

  4. Uhmmm bentahan lang po ng damit. Liki kaayo ka, Diva!

  5. lurve lurve luve!!! I want your vest babe... that is MINE!!! :D

  6. Oh that vest would look on you girl! I'll PM you for details ok? Thank you for doing business with Chichi Inc.

  7. All my clothes were terrible and hence easy to sell, I can see how this could be tough for you.

  8. let me repost this on my FB. the shoot happened all in a day? hanep ang wardrobe change. haha.

  9. I hope you get a lot of money for your travels. If I run into anyone whose looking for some good clothes, I'll pass them over to this site.

  10. such a bold move chi.. ill repost this too... goodluck :-)

  11. I read about this through JourneyJames and although I have more than enough clothes I am SUPER interested. I will actually be heading to the Philippines next month, so I will contact you via email regarding the items ^_^

  12. I found it not so hard to let go of my cute dresses when i realized that by selling them, I would be able to do something I love even more. Traveling.

  13. Hey Ed, thanks for the repost. Appreciate it! Let me know if someone has an order ok?

    Yep, the shoot happened all in one day. I was the model, stylist, wardrobe and hair&make-up. Haggard!

  14. I hope I really reach my goal of funding my Vietnam leg with the sale from my clothes! Thanks for sharing my project Steve, appreciate it.

  15. I just figured they're material things and material things hold you down. Not to mention, I can't fit them all in my backpack and 2 suitcases. What better way to let them go than by at least earning some dough for my travel right? Thanks for the repost Flip!

  16. Hey Coco, thanks for dropping by! Let me know which ones you want so I can reserve them for you ok? Thanks for supporting my project ;)

  17. great idea for a great trip!

  18. had fun reading...so gurl kip me posted in your trips...kint wait to hear. i love the good-for-glossy-mag pics ha...excited for u!

  19. Thanks for stopping by Odille!

  20. I will keep you posted Willie, you can bet on it! Achive ang good-for-glossy-magazine effect that we wanted based on your comment!

  21. Wow, nice decision........I'll post your blogsite at my Twitter and FB ok lang ba? hope to see more of ur travel pics....

  22. B&W Gladiator sandals - P250 can i buy this? ^^ do you accept gcash payment? :]

  23. oh by the way.. artsytoutlet@yahoo.com- my ym n facebook

  24. Will post a lot more within this week, Chyng!

  25. Hey Eric, pls feel free to post and share with everyone. Spread the word. We appreciate it!

  26. He Shugah, it's still available. Reserving it for you. Will figure out the whole Gcash payment set-up thing, but i think it's doable. Will email you.

  27. You have such nice dresses! If ever I get rid of my stuff, it will be hundreds of books, which won't earn me much. *sigh*

  28. You can say I was a collector, I love my dresses! A portion of my salary also goes to buying books, too! Got a few to sell..

  29. likî muleng! hahaha... nalingaw ko's word likî.

  30. what a freakin beyond BRILLIANT IDEA!!!!

    it takes a lot of COURAGE and STREGHT to do the right thing - minimalism is the KEY - less is more when you travel - more places to visit!!!hahahaha

    i so hope i can do the same thing

    \but remember YOU SHOULD always spare a LITTLE BLACK DRESS>

  31. Wow, Im a bit late reading this but think it's a fantastic idea. I think I will have to take a leaf from your book before my next big trip back to Africa and sell the entire contents of my bedroom! Thanks for posting!

  32. That's exactly what I thought Mikey: minimalism is the key. Of course, I have a fab LBD (with fab shoes to match) that I didn't sell ;p

  33. Feel free to take the whole branch Janet! Africa is also one of my dream destinations and I would sell everything once more (Although at this point, I have nothing to sell!) if I could have the chance. So excited about your garage sale, please share with us how it will go.

  34. Oh too bad... I see this super late! I like the jacket and all the other dresses...


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