3 Weeks 'Til the Big Trip (or See Chichi Panic!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't Panic Badge
PhotoCredit: Jim Linwood

If you see me running around like a headless chicken, it's probably because I leave in 3 weeks and 12 hours (who's counting?) for our 6-month Southeast Asian trip. Yet...I still have a gazillion things to do.

Therein lies the problem.  

You see, I am not the most organized person in the world. 

I mean I can whip out a travel itinerary like a Lonely Planet writer but I am totally a mess when it comes to other stuff. Like pre-trip planning,packing and paper works for long-term travel. I also told you before that I put the pro in pro-crastinate right? Well, somethings never change.

In order to keep me sane and make sure that I've covered everything, I'm following my sole sister Lois' technique so as NOT to press the panic button even before I get on that plane (which I'm so tempted to do just about now).

I'm creating a weekly list of things to accomplish, breaking up the tasks in bite-size chunks. This will help keep me on track. Hopefully, I'd have completed everything before I get on that plane to Singapore on March 8.

Here's hoping I get everything done before the end of the week!

One finger on the panic button,
Sole Sister Chichi

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8 sole trails

  1. so excited for both of you solesistahs!

    buy the cheapest snorkle at scuba world, makati
    # 1181 Pablo Ocampo St (formerly Vito Cruz Extension), Makati City
    # Tel: (632) 895-3551, (632) 890-7805, (632) 890-7807
    take the Tusa brand :)

  2. been following your blog ever since i came across lois' post about quitting her job. ^^

    i can't help but be amused with "buy chic travel sandals" in your list. ka.relate man gud ko. :D anyway, best of luck!

  3. my snorkeling buddies said mares is a good, affordable brand. :)

  4. Don't stress out on buying clothes. You can always buy them locally en situ. Also, it will prevent you from buying clothes that aren't needed. You really want to haul a laptop computer around?

  5. Hey thanks James! Wll check those out over the weekend..

  6. Check out my travel sandals Yhun, posted it on our Facebook page. Finally found THE one and I couldn't be happier.

    Thanks for following our journey so far!

  7. Lois' boyfriend tippd me on those snorkel brand by Mares. Although I can't seem to find where to buy them in Manila...

  8. Hey Jody! Not stressing out on buying clothes, just the basics that I need. Unfortunately, a laptop is essential for us since we will be constantly working on the blog while on the go. Also, I read fom Adventure Kate that most of the backpackers she met while on her own SEA trip haven't regretted bringing their laptops. Those who didn't wished they brought their laptops with them :)


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