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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Travel Robbie of Thecreativedork.com?

I've stumbled upon The Creative Dork by checking out which Pinoy blogs had won the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards. Robbie Bautista's blog had won the Best Lifestyle Blog Award and I just had to take a peek. That peek turned into a daily browse and eventually lead to cyber stalking. This guy is brilliant! I love the minimalist, fun design. I love the wit and well thought out posts. I was blown away by his art!

You just have to see for yourself. Having sang all those praises, I asked Robbie why he travels and this is what he has to say on the topic:

I've been sheltered pretty much my entire life and it was only recently that I decided to change that. Since college, I felt like I've been wanting to be more adventurous but I was afraid of a lot of things. So the moment I graduated, I started to plan my trips one at a time.

This year, blogging helped me go out more and start meeting new people. Offline, I would probably just shy away from them even appearing suplado to some. Because I was able to establish budding relationships online, I was more confident to travel with people I haven't met in real life. I may still not have enough travelling experience but I am looking forward to making the most out of 2011 and go to as many places as I can. Travelling means more to me now than just going to the beach and relaxing. It's about trying something new and having enough balls to do something that you might not get the chance to ever again.

Also, I am planning to work in Singapore next year so I am trying to make it a point to explore the Philippines first before I leave. I want to make sure that I experience our native culture, go to lots of festivals, try out lots of different food, and just have fun touring the country!

To see the sights and start making new memories.

More about TheCreativeDork.com:

Robbie is the dork you need if you want Photoshop tips, need some inspiration, want to visit some places in the Philippines or simply want to be entertained. He doesn't really look like Johnny Depp. But I'm beginning to see the resemblance...

Why Travel Wednesdays is a weekly series we're running. We're featuring fellow travelers and asking them the question: Why do you travel? Perhaps it will encourage more of us to walk the road less travelled and wrap our arms around the world one trip at a time! Next week, we're excited to feature South American traveler and inspiration blogger Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic.

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3 sole trails

  1. Wahahaha thanks for featuring me. =)
    The whole Johnny Depp thing is just an inside joke, really.

  2. nakanaman Robbie--ikaw na. featured.hahaha. tama. travel the Philippines more so you have stronger roots. that way.dimo madaling makalimutan at ipagpalit ang Pinas pag sa ibang bansa kana.hehehe

  3. Love the "Johnny Depp Joke" makes me laugh everytime I think about it! Congrats! :)


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