We're Gonna Party Like It's 2011

Saturday, January 01, 2011

We're saying bye bye to 2010. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted. But like most things, we find that it just keeps getting better and better.

Still we can't say goodbye without a few flashbacks and highlights from the year that started it all:

- We've finally decided to move our lazy asses and start building this website. This was our first post.

Familiar? Look up!

- Lois traveled solo for the first time. Well, not quite. Maybe half the time she traveled alone in Thailand.

- We finally came up with a list of things we want to do before the big 3-0. From skydiving to hitchhiking, what have we set ourselves up for?

- Chichi got to compare El Nido and Coron in Palawan.

el_nido_palawan coron_palawan
How do you choose?

- Lois went to her first Full Moon Party and danced the whole night. And she rarely does this in public in her own country.

 Full Moon Party7

- We started Why Travel Wednesdays series to promote addiction passion for travel. Dave was the very first ever featured blogger.
    Travel Heals

    - We started another series to share our Travel With-it items (Shameless plug,  watch out for this every Thursday). We rocked your world with these fab shoes, this hilarious planner and the BEST travel cream. Didja know we're still giving the BB Cream for FREE? (The contest is close. Winners announced here.)

      Lois Travel Essentials

      - We joined our very first blogger's contest. If we win, we get to go to Batanes and wear a vacul. Which means you still have a chance to help up by liking this post on facebook.

        basco batanes coast

        - During this year's AirAsia seat sale, we booked our first trip out of the country together. Lois wants to go surfing and Chichi wants to practice yoga.

        - Decision decisions. Our facebook page was launched 3 months after the site was created.

        Sole Sisters' Guide to Surfing in the Philippines

        - The first of many Sole Sisters' Guides was created. The Sole Sister's Surfing Guide is still hot off the press!

          2010, you've been great. 2011, baby, you'll be EPIC!
          What's next for the Sole Sisters? Join us, share our journey and let's wrap our arms around the world one trip at a time!

          Still deaf from the fireworks,
          Sole Sister Lois and Chichi

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          1. Congratulations on a very fruitful year Sole sisters, I do hope to meet both of the sole sisters in a more decent fashion where I'm not in a hurry to go. (that was like a meet and run kinda thing)

            I hope you girls will have more travels to come and hopefully I'll see you gals in the crazy crowds in Sinulog.

          2. Happy New Year Sole Sisters, hope to join one of your trips this year :)

          3. Thanks EJ, it's been a fun rollercoaster ride! Will be here on Sinulog (but not w/o Lois though) so hope we can sit down and really talk huh? Happy New Year!

          4. Happy new year Girls...

            Hope to get to travel with you this year.

            Ron and Monette

          5. Happy New Year to another cool duo (apart from yours truly)! Will definitely need to travel soon, we think it would be so freakin' awesome!;)

          6. Happy new year, Sole Sisters. It sounds like it was a good year for you. I'm jealous about the full moon party since I missed going to one when I was in Thailand. I hope you have more crazy travels coming up in the new year. I can't wait to read about them.

          7. Definitely a good to decision to start your blog last year. It adds a travel blog with a touch of flair from the sole sisters. :)

            Have a great travel year for the both of you in 2011. I'll watch out for it

          8. Happy New Year Claire! We hope to travel with another Sole Sister like you really soon. We're sure it would a blast!

          9. That was a great 2010 we all had, wouldn't you agree Robbie? But you know what's more awesome? This year, 2011, will just be EPIC for both our sites. We tell ya!

          10. A happy new year to you too, Steve! It was an awesome, life-changing year. Especially when we started this site, everything has just been one amazing ride to another. We never thought that starting a website could be this life-altering. We've learned so many new stuff that our mind sometimes can't handle it. We've met some really amazing people, both online and offline.

            You can bet that we'll have more fun, crazy travels this year. In fact, we're brewing something really huge. Like all-caps HUGE!

            Thank you for following us on ou journey, Steve. Seriously.

            Cheers to more happy travels in 2011!

          11. Happy New Year, Ferdz! We feel that startng this blog was the BEST decision we both made in recent years. A touch of flair, we like the sound of that. We'll do our best to keep the pizzazz going ;)

            We are constantly inspired by bloggers like you, Ferdz! We feel ridiculously giddy (picture us jumping up and down!) because people are following our journey. Thank you!

            Happy Travels to all of us in 2011!

          12. 2011's gonna be a blast fo sho! Maybe I'll see you guys in one of your stops this coming epic trip of yours *wink*

          13. Yay for more girl travel bloggers! :D I'm so excited for your grand Southeast Asian (and India!) adventure!

          14. It was nice reading your blog and meeting both of you in person. :)

          15. It has been pretty epic so far Gaye!


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