Travel With-it Thursday: Oiliness is Next to Poverty

Thursday, January 13, 2011

And so the old saying goes.

Well, that won't be true for these 4 Sole Sisters who joined the Sole Sisters' Holiday Freebie Contest. These lovely ladies just won a tube of God's greatest miracle to womankind Magic Potion's famous Summer BB Cream!!!

You remember THE miracle oil-control face cream we've been raving about since last year, right? Do not tell us you missed that? BIG mistake. You're now doomed to a life of living in poverty and begging for money. Tsk tsk tsk (just like the old ladies' reactions after I told them I'm gonna marry an axe murderer).

For those who missed it, here's a summary of what the Sole Sisters think about the Summer BB creams:

  • Gives you that au natural, no make-up look. None of that cakey-Morticia Adams effect.
  • None of us have perfect skin (unless you're like Angelina freakin' Jolie). The cream conceals imperfections like discoloration, marks, redness, etc.
  • Moisturizes and does NOT clog pores (e.g. no pimples!)
  • Contains SPF protection. Perfect for beach bums like the Sole Sisters.
  • Anti-wrinkle. (Summer Trio B.B.) We can now do without our trusted Olay cream.
  • Oil-control. (Summer Teen B.B.) I swear it's like someone cork-plugged my oil glands, coated it with epoxy and then sealed it with Mighty Bond, for good measure.
  • Specially formulated for tropical (read: hot and humid) countries.

Who are the lucky winners, you ask? We won't blabber anymore then (y'know how we love to blabber).

Summer Trio BB Cream

Akira Valencia
Mel Gregorio


Summer Teen BB Cream
Chyng Reyes
Carmelli Flores

Congratulations girls! If we were to believe that adage above, you're now on your way to toppling Oprah's $2.5 Billion empire with your Summer BB Cream. That's how NOT oily (and how far from poverty) you will be once you start using this oil-control cream. We sh kid you not.

If you missed the contest or you wanted to enter but couldn't seem to find a song lyric for the life you (bless your heart), don't panic.  

You can still get your own tube by ordering it online at the Magic Potions website. They'll deliver this fabulous tube of anti-oil cream right to your doorstep, wherever you are in the world. Get your tube now and you just might be the World's Richest Woman in this race against oiliness.

Gorgeous and oil-free. Then, of course, there's Brad.
 'Til the next round of games and singing,
Sole Sister Chichi and Lois

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8 sole trails

  1. congrats inom ka sa MOA....nice contest Sole Sisters...sana next time boxing gears naman :)

  2. weehee, im a TEEN! haha
    thanks Lois and Chi. hope this proudct can do magic on me too ^_^

  3. Kongraachuleyshooons Chyng! You will love this cream til the very last drop. We swear on our backpacks ;)

  4. Parang di namin keri ng powers namin ang boxing gears...

  5. is this available sa mga local stores nten? oily face is my problem for years! xoxo

  6. Magic Potions has a store in St Francis Square, behind SM Megamall. Or you can order from their website:

  7. im from davao.Im not sure kng merong branch ang magic potion d2.If ever can i order?

  8. You can order it online, they ship anywhere.


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