Traveling often makes me wish that some nifty things were invented just to make things easier. Like Hermione's 'bottomless' handbag that could hold books, camping supplies, and even a tent! Or Perkin's tent that looks cramped from the outside but is as lavish and roomy as a mansion inside.

What about a small piece of cloth that transforms into a bandana, tube top, skirt, dust mask, eye shade and scarf in just a few seconds? Why hasn't anyone thought of that?

Wait... they have? No way!
Sole Sisters Headware
Photo Credit: Carl Custodio
Introducing HeadWare:

It's a handy all-purpose, stretchable, breathable and tubular yet seamless accessory that can be used not just for travel but for many different activities like water sports or working out. It fits as small as a hanky and yet it can keep your head cool on hot days and protect it from the elements. 


L-R:  Moab Folk, Electric Zigzag

But the Sole Sisters think they can make any backpacker's uniform look chic and fabulous!

Sole Sisters Headware
Photo Credit: Carl Custodio
HeadWare can be worn as a scarf, headband, hairband, wristband, dustmask, balaclava, scrunchie, pirate cap, beanie, classic bandana, tube top and even a skirt! And it's up to you to find a new use for it. It can even be customized!

Photo Credit: Carl Custodio
This is a product that I've always wanted because I have long curly hair and not enough rubber bands to tie it with.

Lois Bandanna
Photo Credit: Carl Custodio
It would definitely come in handy for those long, dusty chicken bus rides as a face mask. I'll even use it as an eye mask  when I want to fall asleep on long trips.

Lois headware dustmask
Photo Credit: Carl Custodio
Chichi would surely appreciate the 2 in 1 addition to her backpacker outfit: a skirt and a tube top! Plus a scarf and a bandana to make her look like the chic packer that she is. 

Chichi headware
Photo Credit: Carl Custodio
When I dropped by R.O.X. a few weeks back, I was delighted to find that they sold the HeadWare and just for the price of a frapuccino! We couldn't help ourselves from checking out the colorful designs and buying not just for ourselves but for our friends as well.

What about you? Wouldn't you want your head to stay happy too?

Happy with her new purchase,
Sole Sister Lois

NOTE: As always, this is not a paid post, we'd tell you if it were. We just find this product really useful and fabulous and couldn't keep it to ourselves.  The Sole Sisters also support young, creative Filipino entreprenuers and have previously featured Proudly Pinoy made products here, here and here. So if you know of any other products that we might find useful for travel and would like us to feature it, feel free to shoot us email.

Travel With-it Thursdays is a weekly series that features miracle products and travel essentials that every sole sister needs in her backpack. Last time, we showed you a kick-ass 2011 planner to help you organize your travels and your life.

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Chichi says:

    Andami pang pwdng gawin sa kanya Claire! It's so versatile. Bloggers definitely think a like and have the same great taste huh?;)

  2. they should pay you for the media mileage ha... bibili na ako

  3. Chichi says:

    It's ok, no payment necessary. We love the product so much that we're doing it pro bono.

  4. Flipnomad says:

    also got one... looks very useful...

  5. i just bought one last night, black! parang di ata pwedeng isuot like how chichi did it. di kasya sa utol ko as tube.

  6. Chichi says:

    I-pilit mo pa James, magkakasya yan eventually! Although, that style would look a little bit weird on you ;p

  7. Chichi says:

    Isn't it amazing Flip? We now can't travel without them!

  8. I'm gonna get 2 more, perhaps after this I can already pack light, tube top for a week, :)

  9. chyng says:

    ah sa ROX. and P150 lang! lovely!

  10. Ed says:

    ey chichi and lois. Pwede pacopy ng isa sa mga photos dito? yung 4th one. I'm writing an article about this one kasi sobrang na inspire ako. hehe. when doi and I bought one, I didn't realize that we also influenced PTB Carla and her husband. hehe. we're passing on the headware love. I'll link you guys to this article. :D kung pwede.

  11. Chichi says:

    Feel free to use the photo Ed and send us some link luvin'!

  12. Ed says:

    Published it already! Here's my article about it.

    Two of my friends already contacted me where they could get one! haha.

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