Getting Ready (To Press the Panic Button)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Panic Button
Photo Credit: RyAwesome
1 more week to go.

The thought makes me feel ecstatic and nauseous.
That means I'm constantly thinking of jumping for joy and puking. At the same time.
Not a good mental picture I know.

As you may already know, Chichi and I have done the unimaginable: we quit our jobs to go on a big trip! I'm going one month ahead to meet Hutch in India. Then Chichi and I will meet and start our South East Asian jaunt in Singapore come March. With 1 more week to go, I still haven't packed or moved out of my old place.

I'm not usually obsessive compulsive. But I blame it on last minute jitters and haphazard planning. So I've decided to share with you my pre-travel checklist in case you want to add to it or remind me of things I may have overlooked.

If you're planning a long term trip of a similar nature, feel free to use this as a guide or a checklist. But please note that I am a novice at long-term backpacking and will be doing this for the first time. So help me God.

Eight Weeks (or even earlier)

SE Asia on a shoestring-Buy copy of Lonely Planet's SEA on a shoestring budget.
- Open savings account.
- Plan itinerary.
- Buy a notebook that is small enough to lug around for 6 months. I finally settled on the HP mini which is perfect for surfing the web and blogging but not for editing photos or watching videos. Guess you can't have everything.
-Book plane tickets.
-Create budget and list of expenses.
-Inform parents and loved ones.

Four Weeks
Photo Credit: blipfis

-Notice of resignation. Chichi and I were very anxious about having to quit our jobs. What was worse was having to tell our colleagues who have also become good friends. But in the end, they wished us well and even gave us a farewell dinner.
-Secure India Visa. I had the option of trying out the new Visa on Arrival process for Filipinos but I didn't want to risk it.
-Purchase travel insurance from Bluecross. Because you never know what's gonna happen.
-Purchase dollars and traveler's checks.
-Set up online and ATM account that can be accessed abroad for a minimal fee.

Two Weeks

-Get backpacks. We should have done this sooner. But we had been waiting for a company to sponsor so we held out longer. The wait paid off after R.O.X (Recreational Outdoor Exchange). agreed to sponsor our North Face Terra backpacks. Yay!
-Create a packing list. I'm posting a comprehensive list of the stuff I'll be bringing on the trip so stay tuned for that.
-Medical check up and teeth cleaning.
-Scavenge or borrow woolies, fleece jackets and other winter stuff after realizing it will be cold in India in February (Who knew?)

One Week

-Move stuff from condo to sister's house for safekeeping.
-Haircut, hair treatment and pedicure.
-Shop for toiletries and medical kit.
-Check and upgrade photography gear. Have them cleaned and purchase
some new lenses. I also need to get additional memory for the camera.

With one week to go and a few more errands to run, I'm keeping myself calm and organized. In just one week, I will be sitting on a plane, reading Inheritance of Loss en route to New Delhi.  

This is going to be awesome!

Now excuse me while I run to the bathroom.

Sole Sister Lois

*This post was inspired by Ayngelina's 'The 8 Weeks and Counting'..

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  1. I'm really happy for you that you're able to undertake this adventure! So exciting!

    Bring lots of ziplock bags, some extra plastic bags you can squish in some pockets, a small bag of first-aid kit (w/ paracetamol, salonpas strips), a small sewing kit (you might need it to mend something incl. small scissors if you don't have a swiss knife), a bottle of handsanitizer and at least 2 chapstick! Put all your small paraphernalia (ie. chargers, adaptors, spare earphone) in one place preferably a pouch so it'd be easier to locate when you need them.


  2. We're with you all the way!
    keep us posted!


  3. so uber excited for you dolls and i know that i'll bump into one of your trips..

  4. Thanks Gracey, I'll make sure I bring those but maybe not the swiss knife hehe. Thanks for the tips and hope to see you, Mike and little Maya on your own little adventures as well!

  5. Can't wait to meet you guys! We will definitely see each other on the road. There's no stopping it! ;-)

  6. Oh that would be uber fun Mikey! I'm Chichi and I would love that!

  7. Bring a silk sleep sack if you plan to stay in the cheapest hostels or guiesthouses in India. If you take the sleeper trains, be sure you can secure your backpacks and rucksacks with a chain or lock, or a Pacsafe mesh.

  8. cant wait to hear your stories :-) im excited for you Lois!!!

  9. Good catch Jody! Got the sleeping bag but bo locks yet. Better run to the hardware store for that tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Awww thanks Flip. It doesn't feel real yet..I wonder what the first impression's gonna be like. Delhi can't be THAT bad, right?


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